2010 koneps brochure


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2010 koneps brochure

  1. 1. 139, Govt Complex-Daejeon, Seonsa-ro, Seo-gu, Daejeon, 302-701, South Korea Tel_042) 481-7146 Fax_042) 472-2281 www.pps.go.kr || www.koneps.go.krKKOONNEEPPSS makes Korea more transparentthrough a convenient and crystal-clearprocurement administration.Your Best Service Providerwww.g2b.go.krwww.koneps.go.krPPS will be the leader in boosting domestic economyby executing the budget early and supporting small & medium businesses.
  2. 2. ContentsOne stopService4ConceptDiagram6KONEPSofToday8WorldsBestCyberMarket10TotallyReshapedProcurementAdministration12WorldNoticedKONEPS14AGlobalLeader16Epilogue18KKOONNEEPPSS isKoreas e-Procurement system that dramaticallyreduces time and costs needed for both public andprivate businesses and significantly increasesbusiness effectiveness.Korea ON-line E-Procurement System
  3. 3. World’s Best e-Procurement System·Digitalization of the whole procurement process fromregistration to payment.KONEPS for allprocurement businesses!!!Single Window for Public Procurement·Integrated provision of all public bidding information·Participation in all bidding with a one-time registratione-Procurement Hub·Provision of a one-stop service through linkage with90 external systemsOne-stopPPrrooccuurreemmeennttServiceKorea ON-line E-Procurement Systemwww.koneps.go.krwww.g2b.go.krwww.g2b.go.kr www.g2b.go.krwww.koneps.go.kr04 05
  4. 4. KONEPS CCoonncceepptt DDiiaaggrraammEasy & SafeYourBestServiceProviderThe brand representing economic efficiency, efficacy, and transparency.KKOONNEEPPSS is the English name of the government-wide marketplace.06 07
  5. 5. Initiation of PPS in e-Procurement innovation■ EDI for customers and suppliers (1997)■ e-Shopping Mall (1998)■ e-Bidding (2000)■ e-Guarantee and e-Payment (2001)Evolution as a u-Procurement available anytime andanywhere■ Customer-oriented service based on CRM andWeb-Call Center (2004)■ Wireless e-Bidding service through PDA (2005)■ Online Shopping Mall and ITSM (2006)■ e-Bidding service through cellular phones (2008)TheWWayWeAAreKorea ON-line E-Procurement System establishedfor all public organizations (2002)■ KONEPS was developed as an accessible system for allpublic parties, therefore relevant organizations have no needto establish their own system.History ofKKOONNEEPPSSMobilee-BiddingService2008e-Bidding2000e-Guarantee,e-Payment2001KONEPS2002Back-upCenter2003CRM2004UbiquitousService2005On-lineShoppingMall2006EDI199708 09
  6. 6. The Worlds Best Cyber Marketplace!GovernmentttooBusiness!OtherTransactionsUS$ 12Be-BiddingUS$ 42Be-ShoppingMallUS$ 9B■ KONEPS is used by about 39,000 organizations and150,000 businesses.■ 200,000 users visit KONEPS per day.■ 200,000 documents are exchanged online per day.10 11Procurement transactionsworth around US$ 63Bwere conducted viaKONEPS.
  7. 7. KONEPS,atopbrandineconomicefficiency,efficacyandtransparency.KONEPS has ddrraassttiiccaallllyy cchhaannggeeddprocurement administration.Your Best Service Provider For Customer SatisfactionKONEPS enables customers :■ to obtain all bidding information via KONEPS■ to participate in all bidding with a one-time registration■ to participate in bidding anytime and anywhere■ to drastically reduce paper documents through simplifiedand standardized processes■ to obtain all procurement information on a real-time basisand to no longer visit organizations■ KONEPS has enhanced efficiency and transparencyin doing business with the government.■ It has enabled the savings of US$ 4.5B worth of transactioncosts by the reduction of visits, contract-related papersand time, etc.12 13
  8. 8. Worldwide Attention on KKOONNEEPPSSKONEPS has been evaluated as one of the Best e-Government Models internationally■ UN presented PPS with the "Public Service Award" (2003)■ OECD praised KONEPS by stating, "No further actions arerequired." (2004)■ UN selected KONEPS as the Best Practice Model fore-Procurement. (2004)■ UN/CEFACT reflected the KONEPS bidding procedures in theglobal standard. (2005)■ WITSA praised PPS with the "Global IT Excellence Award" (2006)■ AFACT bestowed the "e-Asia Award" to PPS (2007)Your Best Service Provider Best Practice Model @ e-Procurement■ KONEPS has been benchmarked by many foreigncountries and has become one of the representativeKorean e-Government services.■ KONEPS : a top brand in economic efficiency, efficacyand transparency.e-ProcurementBestPracticeModelProvidedbyKorea14 15
  9. 9. PPS will provide convenient e-Procurementservice.PPS will further develop high value-added contentsin terms of e-Procurement service.PPS will enhance the stability of KONEPS as thekey infrastructure of e-Government.PPS will share its experiences and in-depth know-how with other countries.Your Best Service Provider Global Leader @ e-ProcurementAA GGlloobbaallLLeeaaddeerr16 17PPS has been the target for benchmarking visits byabout 60 countries, and is currently promoting theexport of the KONEPS system worldwide.
  10. 10. GoodtoGreatKONEPS!!KONEPS is anOcean ofOpportunities!Make Your BusinessDreams a Reality!Guarantees aCredibleandCrystal-ClearProcurementKKOONNEEPPSS