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The difference between a real estate salesperson and


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Real Estate Brokers and real estate salespeople will have taken formal real estate courses and appropriate real estate exams or real estate brokers exams. Real estate salespeople work for real estate brokers.

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The difference between a real estate salesperson and

  1. 1. The Differencebetween a Real EstateSalesperson and aBroker
  2. 2. Both brokers and salespeople are realestate agents.• A real estate agent isanyone who is licensedto advise the public onreal estate issues.• Real Estate Brokers andreal estate salespeoplewill have taken formalreal estate courses andappropriate real estateexams or real estatebrokers exams.
  3. 3. • In California, real estateagents must be at least 18years old and they mustpass a minimum of threecollege level real estatecourses.• In Connecticut, in orderto get a real estate licenseyou must take 60 hours ofreal estate principles andpractices courses at anapproved school.
  4. 4. There are three main paths tobecoming a real estate broker:• A degree in real estate (fouryears) and passing a brokersexam.• Two years’ experience as anagent, plus eight college-levelcourses at an approved realestate school, plus thebrokers exam.• Membership to the legal barand passing the brokersexam. The brokers exam isusually longer and moredifficult than the agent’sexam.
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