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  1. 1. Top 9 unique structuresTop 9 Unique Building Structures InThe World Being Built Now.
  2. 2. Top 9 unique structures should be built soonObviously, construction technologies areadvancing extremely quickly. couple that withmulti-billionaires / deep-pocketed companies tryingto outdo each other in the quest for the nextstandout design and you have a near-future filledwith mile-high skyscrapers and buildings that nolonger look like buildings.Below are 9 strange and unique structures whichhave either been approved or are in the finalstages of approval. some have already beenpartially constructed.Welcome to the future landscape.
  3. 3. 1. AQUA, USA
  4. 4. From a distance thisskyscraper, to becompleted in 2009 inChicago , will seem quitetraditional. Itll only bewhen you get close andlook up that you canappreciate the ripple/jellyeffect created by variouslysized balconies from top tobottom.
  6. 6. The phenomenalChicago spire, whencompleted in 2010, willbe the worlds tallestresidential building andthe tallest building ofany kind in the westernworld. Seeminglymodeled on the imageof a giant drill pokingthrough the ground, the609m structure willdominate the Chicago’sskyline.
  7. 7. 3. CCTV Headquarters, CHINA
  8. 8. At a modest 234m the CCTVbuilding isnt going to standout from a distance, howeverthe design and shape is acrowd stopper to say the leastand will be another incredibleaddition to Beijing s skyline intime for the 2008 Olympics.The shape, described as a zcriss-cross results in a veryhigh, seemingly unsupportedcorner at the front. lets hopetheres a glass floor up there.
  9. 9. 4. REGATTA Hotel, JAKARTA
  10. 10. Taking on a nauticaltheme, the developerssay the 10 smallertowers represent sailingboats whilst the largerbuilding is thelighthouse. Its thelighthouse that stealsthe show for me,possibly the mostincredible lookingstructure Ive seen for along time. If it ends uplooking anything closeto these pictures Ill beimpressed.
  11. 11. 5. RESIDENCE ANTILIA, INDIAConstruction has begun onResidence Antilia despiteopposition from those who see itas an excessive design in a citywhere more than 65% of thepopulation live in slums. Politicsaside and after you recover fromthe initial shock of seeing askyscraper that resembles anIkea cd rack, the buildingactually looks like it maysucceed as a stunning, unique,green piece of architecture.
  13. 13. Topped with anObservation Deck over thecity of Moscow , RussiaTower will become thetallest building in Europewhen completed in 2012and twice the height of theEiffel tower. Constructionhas already started on thisangular beast which wasdesigned by Foster &Partners, also responsiblefor the Gherkin andSpaceport America ,
  14. 14. 7. Penang Global City Centre, Malaysia
  15. 15. Following months ofspeculation and sturdyopposition, this humungousproject is in the final stagesof approval and apparentlyconstruction will start verysoon. Even so, due to thesize of the plan it will takeat least 15 years tocomplete. resembling a sci-fi city, the area will becrowned by 2 x 200mtowers and completelytransform the small islandof Penang
  16. 16. 8. Gazprom Headquarters, Russia
  17. 17. This gigantic, 300m tallglass flame of a building willhouse the GazpromHeadquarters in St.Petersburg , dwarfing allstructures in its vicinity. it willapparently change color upto 10 times per daydepending on the position ofthe sun. The building hasalready been nicknamedcorn on the cob by unhappylocals.
  18. 18. 9. Burj Dubai, Dubai
  19. 19. This is the big one. whencompleted next year it will bethe tallest man-madestructure in the world and thetallest building by a long shotwith a predicted height of818m. Note: currently thetallest building on earth,excluding an antenna, isTaipei 101 in Taiwan whichstands at 509m. The photobelow is the buildings currentstate: the skyscrapers belowthe Burj Dubai used to looktall.