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PETE&C: Using Rich Digital Media


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Presentation by Norton Gusky and Kevin Conner at PETE&C Conference on February 11, 2009.

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PETE&C: Using Rich Digital Media

  1. 1. Using Rich Digital Media Norton Gusky, Fox Chapel Area SD Kevin Conner, Allegheny Intermediate Unit
  2. 2. Why?
  3. 3. Engaging Students  quot;It's really important that teachers incorporate twenty-first-century skills into their lessons, and for me to be able to assist them is quite an honor.” - Mike Boylan (FCASD student from online Edutopia article)
  4. 4. Networking: The New Literacy “Our students must be nomadic, flexible, mobile learners who depend on their ability to connect with people and resources.” - Will Richardson (Educational Leadership, November 2008)
  5. 5. Culture of Sharing Student to Student Classroom to classroom  School to School  Teacher to Student School to State  Student to Teacher School to World  User to the World
  6. 6. What? Which of these resources would you use for  a presentation on weather? A. Lesson from Thinkfinity B. Song from Google Search C. Stormy Weather clip from YouTube D. Graphic from National Gallery E. None of the above F. All of the above
  7. 7. How?
  8. 8. How?
  9. 9. Where?
  10. 10. Where?
  11. 11. iTunes U  AIU as umbrella organization  Fox Chapel Area School District • Student and Teacher Showcase • District Information • Resources to Share How To’s Guest Lectures Course Materials
  12. 12. iTunes U  Step 1: Creating Your Plan CATEGORIES CONTENT Are there existing rich media projects/products available? RESPONSIBILITIES How often will products Who will “vet” the work? be uploaded? Who will “tag”and upload Copyright? Fair use? the work?
  13. 13. iTunes U  Step 2: Designing your “album” covers for EACH CATEGORY 300x300 jpg Graphic Elements
  14. 14. iTunes U  Step 3: Uploading media documents to iTunes .jpg .mp4 .mov .m4a .mp3
  15. 15. iTunes U  Step 3: Uploading media documents to iTunes with metatags
  16. 16. iTunes U  Step 4: Share with the World
  17. 17. Why iTunes U? quot;We believe high-quality content is available everywhere on the net, and iTunes U collects all of that in one interface….quot; - Kathleen Webb, principal of Utah's Electronic High School and educational-technology coordinator for the state's Department of Education.(Edutopia online)
  18. 18. More iTunes U Resources
  19. 19. Issues: Publishing  Copyright of materials  Selection process  Appropriateness  Amount of time involved in process  Access from school or home
  20. 20. Penn State Experience
  21. 21. Other Ways to Publish  District web site  Your ideas  More ideas  Teacher Tube  Even more (
  22. 22. Thinkfinity Lesson
  23. 23. Web Resource
  24. 24. Winslow Homer Painting
  25. 25. Stormy Weather
  26. 26. District Information