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Alvn Profile

  1. 1. LOGISTICS VIET NAM 04 Dang Tat street, district 1 Hochiminh city, Vietnam Tel: 84-8)8484882 Fax: 84-8)8484885 Email: Website: Please visit for information about Viet Nam Shipping Services Corporation.
  2. 2. BRIEF INFORMATION Who we are “LOGISTICS SYSTEM VIET NAM LTD” is a division of Viet Nam Shipping Services Corporation who specializes in providing logistics services to its customers in Vietnam What we vision - Vietnam market is getting more and more competitive and will be an important hub for high value products which demands professional logistics provider who can offer solution for the conflicting concept of “lower cost - higher satisfaction” to customer. Can it be true ? - In the vanguard of this new trend and concept, We will build up a “logistics home” for customer and together with logistics partner we can make it happen! - We aim to offer a value-added service of differentiation to ensure that we are the company you can be proud to support
  3. 3. O logistics house ur
  4. 4. What we commit - Companies are increasingly focusing on their core business. That is why there are more and more companies who are outsourcing their logistics services. - As a non-asset based logistics provider and together with customer, we create and manage tailor-made logistics solutions for the most effective & efficiency movement of materials from supplier to consumer. We strive for leanness, agility, and integration to keep our customer’s logistics system improving. That is our contribution to their success. SCO O SERVICES: PE F We, as independent non-asset based logistical service provider, has developed a logistics system model which covers all logistic services and activities from country of origin (supplier/manufacturer) up to final delivery in country of destination (wholesaler, retailer, consumer) as described in below diagram:
  5. 5. Total logistics system Procurement logistics Distribution logistics Suppliers Operations Customers • Transportation( by sea, land, air…) • Transportation( by sea, land, air…) • Inventory • Inventory • Order processing • Order processing • Purchasing • Distribution • Packaging • Packaging • Warehousing • Warehousing/ DC • Materials handling • Materials handling • Information system • Information system “Right goods/services, in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time and with the right price”
  6. 6. Procurement Logistics We provide the purchasing order management; cargo consolidation from different suppliers in Vietnam and stored into our local warehouse including value added services (price tagging, bar-coding…), quality control Inventory management, customs clearance…and shipping to customers nominated destinations Our integrated logistics management SUPPLIERS CUSTOMERS CONSUMERS
  7. 7. Distribution Logistics We provide the services of cargo consolidation from different countries into Vietnam, customs clearance, stored into our local warehouse including value added services (price tagging, bar-coding…), quality control inventory management and national-wide distributing to nominated retailers… consumers SUPPLIERS CUSTOMERS CONSUMERS Our integrated logistics management
  8. 8. Fair & Exhibition -Show planning/Freight arrangement -Temporary import/re-export Documentation & Customs Clearance - Pick & Pack/Storage -Positioning/Installation/dismantling services - On-site assistance Customs Brokerage/CBW - Customs Bonded Warehouse, CFS - EXW,DDP, DDU… - Import tax consultancy - Customs clearance import/export
  9. 9. Project forwarding: - Foreign investment consultancy in Vietnam -Turnkey projects - Heavy cranes - Project management - Heavy transport of abnormal loads over land, sea, river… - Load-out and load-in of offshore and onshore structures - Removal and installation of roadway and railway bridges - Installation of heavy equipment using skidding and lifting systems - Modular tower and gantry systems - Computer controlled strand jack systems for lifting and pulling - Jacking and weighing - Feasibility studies and engineering consultancy - Ballasting and mooring operations - CAD based design and logistics planning
  10. 10. Project Facilities: - Heavy equipments are considered as the important part in the tender for petrochemical, power generation, offshore, shipbuilding, civil, ports and mining industries worldwide. - We are in good connection with local sub- contractors and ALE (Abnormal Load Engineering) to outsource extensive equipment portfolio including heavy cranes, specialized - Brand : HYUNDAI – Freightliner. transporters, lifting systems, weighing systems - Pulling capacity : 54tonne. and ballasting equipment…operated by highly - Year of production : 2004. experienced and motivated staff with a - Quantity : 10 units commitment to health, safety and the - Quantity can be mobilized from sub- environment. contractors: 20 units.
  11. 11. Project Facilities: NICOLAS CONVENTION TRAILER: Including modules 3 axles, 4 axles, 6 axles, 4 x ½ axles and 6 x ½ axles, 3 x 2 axles, 4 x 2 axles, 6 x 2 axles. These modules can be rigged/combined side by side or longitudinally as dimensions and weight of cargo required, load per axle 30tonne/axle. This is the special trailer for transport of heavy and over dimension cargo with hydraulic suspension for jacking up/down, left tilting or right tilting for balance when moving on unsmooth road and moving up/down slope. The steering system is controlled when accessing narrow area or small turning radius.
  12. 12. Project Facilities: - Brand of crane : LIEBHERR - Lifting capacity : 120 tones + Brand of crane : KRUPP + Lifting capacity : 100 tones * Forklift : TCM * Lifting capacity : 9.5 tonne
  14. 14. Project Facilities: Barge 350 DWT (dead weight ton): - Measurement: L x W x H – 30.0m x 10.0m x 2.4m - Quantity: 06 -10 units - Year of build: 2004 Barge 800 DWT: - Measurement: L x W x H – 38.0m x 12.0m x 2.7m - Quantity: 2 – 4 units - Year of build: 2004. Barge 1500 DWT: - Measurement: D X R X C: 75 x 13 x 2.8 m. - Quantity: 2 units. - Year of build: 2004. LCU barge, 100 DWT: Measurement D x R x C : 32 x 9,5 x 1 ,5m. Quantity: 1 unit. - Year of build:2001. 1.2. River tug boat: - Engine capacity: 125 - 450CV - Quantity: 16units. - Year of build: 2004.
  15. 15. Project experiences We are more familiar with project in Mekong Delta such as : * Camau Fertilizer Project ( 2010 – bidding ) * Lee & Man (2008- Hau giang province) * Camau CCPP project (2005- Camau province) * Sugar factory ( Soc Trang province) Laos/Cambodia/China Trans-shipment via Vietnam - Laos(Den Savan,Thongkham,Namphao,Banloi…) to/from Vietnam through gateways of centre of Vietnam (Laobao,Chalo,Cautreo,Nameo…) by truck on road# 9,12,8,217… + From Road no.217: Nameo (Vietnam) – Ban Loi (Laos), by trucks + Road no. 7: Namcan (Vietnam) – Namcan (Laos), by trucks + Road no. 8: Cautreo (Vietnam) - Namphao (Laos), by trucks + Road no.12: Chalo (Vietnam) – Thongkham (Naphao, Laos), by trucks + Road no.9: Laobao (Vietnam) – Den Savan (Laos), by trucks - Vietnam to/from Cambodia via border of Moc-bai and Xa-mat - China(Pingxiang, Dongxing) to/from Vietnam via gateways of Langson, Mongcai
  16. 16. O global partner ur - We have been working closely with several strategic logistics alliances around the world. The core business of the alliance is the execution of complete integrated end-to-end solutions from supplier to consumer.
  17. 17. Working opportunity -Thanks to the trust and increasing support from our customers, we are stably keeping expanding and open to discuss with partner around the world who want : - To be successfully with a dynamic and reputable company with excellent working environment of company culture. - To look for the long-term cooperation of honesty, strategy sharing. - To work and improve our company services even better thanks for your great knowledge of logistics
  18. 18. HA NOI LOGISTICS VIET NAM Add: Rm 705- 7Fl, Ocean Park Bldg, 1A Giai Phong Rd, Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: 84-4-5770738 Fax: 84-4-5770739 E-mail: HAI PHONG LOGISTICS VIET NAM 25 Dien Bien Phu, Haiphong, Vietnam Tel: 84-31-3551501 Fax: 84-31-3551502 Email: DA NANG LOGISTICS VIET NAM 3 Quang Trung Str., Danang City, Vietnam. Tel : (84-511)891941 / 891445 Fax : (84-511) 892899 / 822426 E-mail : QUI NHON LOGISTICS VIET NAM 147 Tran Hung Dao, Quinhon City, Vietnam. Tel : (84-056) 892396 / 892801 Fax : (84-056) 911266 E-mail : HOCHIMINH City - Head office LOGISTICS VIET NAM Add: 04A Dang Tat Str., Tan Dinh Ward, Dist. 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam Nationalwide distribution network Tel: 84-8-8484882 Fax : 84-8-8484885 E-mail: LOG-VN@LOGISTICS-VIETNAM.COM