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CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (PLC&SCADA)                                               SI.No       ...
CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (PLC&SCADA)                                                       plc@pantechmail.comPSPLC 24   Sun...
CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (PLC&SCADA)                                                       plc@pantechmail.comPSPLC 49   Des...
CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (PLC&SCADA)                                                        plc@pantechmail.comPSPLC 74   Mo...
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IEEE 2012 EEE,E&I & plc_2012-13_titles


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IEEE 2012 EEE,E&I & plc_2012-13_titles

  1. 1. CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (PLC&SCADA) SI.No Topics FieldPSPLC 01 Evaluating the Efficiency of hot Water Boiler Under various Operating Conditions POWER PLANT| POWER SYSTEM |GSM| CONTROL SYSTEM | INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONPSPLC 02 A control based on PLC of new air and return air valves in air conditioning unit PLC: DELTA, ALLEN BRADLEY| SCADA: RSVIEW32, WONDERWARE INTOUCHPSPLC 03 Application of PLC for Arranging Bottle in Beer Filling Production LinePSPLC 04 Experimental validation of PID based cascade control system through SCADA-PLC-OPC interfacePSPLC 05 Complete low cost SCADA system of the intelligent housePSPLC 06 Water hammer protection in water supply system: A new approach with practical implementationPSPLC 07 Modeling, Control, and Monitoring of -Based Hydrogen Cooling System in Thermal Power Plant IEEE2012PSPLC 08 Drilling of circuit boards using CNC controlled by Programmable Logic ControllerPSPLC 09 Assessing the health of sensors using data historiansPSPLC 10 Development of a Batch Control SystemPSPLC 11 Automatic Measurement and Reporting System of Water Quality Based on GSMPSPLC 12 Realization of Intelligence Monitoring System Based on Remote Sensor TechnologyPSPLC 13 Design of Concealed Alarm System Based on GSMPSPLC 14 Building automation for increased energy efficiency in buildingsPSPLC 15 An Architecture for Safe and Secure Automation System Devices and Maintenance ProcessPSPLC 16 Heat exchange model for a power station boilerPSPLC 17 A new method for monitoring of distribution transformersPSPLC 18 A design of single axis sun tracking system POWER SYSTEM | DRIVES RENEWABLE ENERGYPSPLC 19 Model of a hybrid renewable energy system: Control, supervision and energy CONTROL SYSTEM distribution IEEE2011PSPLC 20 Automatic Control of Boiler Operation using PLC and SCADAPSPLC 21 Automated urban drinking water supply control and water theft identification systemPSPLC 22 The research on the register control system of multi color web offset press based on computerPSPLC 23 A novel approach for modeling and simulation of Hybrid Power Systems using PLCs and SCADA for hardware in the loop test I I 34 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (PLC&SCADA) plc@pantechmail.comPSPLC 24 Sun Smart Tracking Methods Based on Image ProcessingPSPLC 25 Research of railway coach electric safety monitoring systemPSPLC 26 Development of a real time monitoring and control system for PLC based elevatorPSPLC 27 A Novel Low Cost Automatic Solar Tracking SystemPSPLC 28 Power plant coal conveyor coal link PLC control systemPSPLC 29 Motor condition monitoring of induction motor with programmable logic controller PLC: DELTA, ALLEN BRADLEY | SCADA: RSVIEW32, WONDERWARE INTOUCH and industrial network RENEWABLE ENERGY | POWER SYSTEM | DRIVES |CONTROL SYSTEMPSPLC 30 Development of Building Automation and Control SystemsPSPLC 31 Implementation of Heating Tank in Mini Automation Plant Using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)PSPLC 32 Low-Cost Solar Water HeaterPSPLC 33 Integrated SCADA-based approach for pipeline security and operationPSPLC 34 Automatic temperature monitoring and constant current driving high power led supplied by PV/wind/grid hybrid systemPSPLC 35 IEEE2011 Application of PLC in Hospital Emergency Calling DevicePSPLC 36 Programmable Logic Controllers Used in Electric Drives of an Intelligent BuildingPSPLC 37 Model predictive control implementation on a programmable logic controller for DC motor speed controlPSPLC 38 Wind power plant SCADA and controlsPSPLC 39 PLC and configuration software based supervisory and control system for oil tanks areaPSPLC 40 Development of Automatic Control System for Supplying Cold Water Based on PLC and Configuration SoftwarePSPLC 41 Augmentation to water supply scheme using PLC & SCADAPSPLC 42 Design of coal blending automation control system for coke-makingPSPLC 43 Progress in PLC Programming for Distributed Automation Systems ControlPSPLC 44 Design of Coal Mine Underground Drainage Pump Monitoring and Controlling System Based on PLCPSPLC 45 Application of TCP/IP protocol to solar heat pump hot water unitsPSPLC 46 Design of new intelligent street light control systemPSPLC 47 Research on Driving Circuits of PV Hybrid LED Street Lighting SystemPSPLC 48 Research on Power Quality Monitoring System based on low-voltage PLC Technology I I 35 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (PLC&SCADA) plc@pantechmail.comPSPLC 49 Design of Performance Testing System for Train Air Conditioning System POWER SYSTEM | CONTROL SYSTEMPSPLC 50 New Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) based fault isolation system for low voltage distribution systemsPSPLC 51 Development of supervisory control for distributed drives system IEEE2010PSPLC 52 Remote monitoring and diagnostic system of PLC controlled an elevator using SCADAPSPLC 53 Three-layer PLC/SCADA system Architecture in process automation and data monitoringPSPLC 54 Automatic Control of a Headstock Gear Based on PLC for Water ConservancyPSPLC 55 A Web-Based Remote Access Laboratory Using SCADAPSPLC 56 PLC-based SCADA system for oil storage and applicationPSPLC 57 Unmanned automated car parking for parking area using sensors with PLCPSPLC 58 Solar Based Water Heating Monitoring and Control System in Power Plant Using PLC ROBOTICS | RENEWABLE ENERGY | POWER SYSTEM | DRIVES |CONTROL SYSTEM| GSM and SCADA PLC: DELTA, ALLEN BRADLEY | SCADA: RSVIEW32, WONDERWARE INTOUCHPSPLC 59 Power theft identification and automatic circuit breaker using PLCPSPLC 60 Substation alarm monitoring systemPSPLC 61 Automation and control of MV substation using SCADAPSPLC 62 Application of PLC for on-line monitoring of power transformersPSPLC 63 Design and Implementation of the PLC Control Lab Using GSM System APPLICATIONPSPLC 64 Mobile Controlled Smart PLC with Integrated SMS Troubleshooting TechniquePSPLC 65 Programmable Logic Controller System for Controlling and Monitoring Home Application Using Mobile NetworkPSPLC 66 Development of data acquisition and load control system by programmable logic controller for high voltage load customerPSPLC 67 Interfacing programmable logic controllers to electrical distribution monitoring systemsPSPLC 68 Supervisory control implementation into Programmable Logic ControllersPSPLC 69 Avoiding pitfalls in applying programmable logic controllers in substation applicationsPSPLC 70 Real time connection of programmable logic controllers to Excel spreadsheetsPSPLC 71 Application of programmable logic controllers to substation control and protectionPSPLC 72 Industrial monitoring and control system Using PLC & SCADAPSPLC 73 Design and Application of Auto-constant Water Supply System I I 36 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  4. 4. CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (PLC&SCADA) plc@pantechmail.comPSPLC 74 Monitoring, control, and automation of large wind plants ROBOTICS | RENEWABLE ENERGY | POWERPSPLC 75 SCADA system for a central heating and power plantPSPLC 76 Automatic Active Phase Selector for Single Phase Load from Three Phase Supply SYSTEM | CONTROL SYSTEMPSPLC 77 Solar Based automatic Mobile charger with pay system using SCADA APPLICATIONPSPLC 78 SCADA System for Substation and Distribution AutomationPSPLC 79 PLC-Based Measurement of Electrical Data in Photovoltaic Energy SystemsPSPLC 80 Design and Implementation of PLC-Based Monitoring And Control System for Induction MotorPSPLC 81 Protection and control of low voltage motors used in industrial applicationsPSPLC 82 Hybrid Renewable Uninterruptible Power Supply using PLCPSPLC 83 Fault Detection and Protection of Induction Motors Using PLCPSPLC 84 A Solar Panels Automatic Tracking System Based on DELTA PLC I I 37 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd