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IEEE 2012 CSE,IT,.Net & dotnet_2012-13.doc


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IEEE 2012 CSE,IT,.Net & dotnet_2012-13.doc

  1. 1. DOT NET Email: SI.No Topics FieldPSDOT 1 Optimization Of Resource Provisioning Cost In Cloud ComputingPSDOT 2 Persuasive Cued Click-Points: Design, Implementation, And Evaluation Of A Knowledge- Cloud Computing| Pervasive Computing | Data Mining | Networking | Image Processing| Grid Computing | Bio-Medical | Web Services Based Authentication MechanismPSDOT 3 Building And Maintaining Trust In Internet VotingPSDOT 4 Scalable And Secure Sharing Of Personal Health Records In Cloud Computing Using Attribute-Based EncryptionPSDOT 5 Ensuring Distributed Accountability For Data Sharing In The CloudPSDOT 6 OPASS: A User Authentication Protocol Resistant To Password Stealing And Password Reuse AttacksPSDOT 7 A New Change Detection Algorithm For Visual Surveillance SystemPSDOT 8 A Weak Security Notion For Visual Secret Sharing SchemesPSDOT 9 Facial Expression Recognition In Perceptual Color SpacePSDOT 10 Advanced Security Based Smart Car System Based On Bio-Metric Technique.PSDOT 11 Highly Secured Net Banking System Using Fingerprint Recognition Technique.PSDOT 12 A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System With Secure Data ForwardingPSDOT 13 Robust Data Leakage And Email Filtering System IEEE 2012PSDOT 14 Using Data Mining Techniques In Heart Disease Diagnosis And TreatmentPSDOT 15 Performance Analysis Of Cloud ComputingPSDOT 16 A New Framework For Credit Card Transactions Involving Mutual Authentication Between Cardholder And MerchantPSDOT 17 New Channel Selection Rule For JPEG SteganographyPSDOT 18 Performance Analysis Of Cloud ComputingServices For Many-Tasks Scientific ComputingPSDOT 19 Security Using Four Factor AuthenticationPSDOT 20 A Framework For Analyzing Template Security And Privacy In Biometric Authentication SystemsPSDOT 21 Es-Mpich2: A Message PassingInterface With Enhanced SecurityPSDOT 22 Separable Reversible Data Hiding In Encrypted ImagePSDOT 23 Data Center At The Airport: Reasoning AboutTime-Dependent Parking Lot OccupancyPSDOT 24 GIS In Management Of Landscape Trees:Determining, Monitoring And Implementing Safety Measures On Potentially Hazardous Trees.PSDOT 25 Cryptanalysis Of Two Identity-BasedAuthenticated Key Agreement ProtocolsPSDOT 26 Assessing The E-Services Of International Airport Websites:Implications For Innovative E- Tourism ApplicationsPSDOT 27 Optimizing Medical Data Quality Based OnMulti Agent Web Service Framework I I 23 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. DOT NET Email: dotnet@pantechmail.comPSDOT 28 Application Ad Development Of RFID Technique Mobile Computing | Wireless Network Parallel & Distributed ComputingPSDOT 29 An Effective RFID Authentication ProtocolPSDOT 30 A Knowledge-Driven Approach To ActivityRecognition In Smart HomesPSDOT 31 The Design Of Exam System On The Basis Of .Net Technology.PSDOT 32 Analysis Of And Development Countermeasures For Tourism E-Commerce Websites In Shandong ProvincePSDOT 33 Security Analysis And Implementation Of 3-Level Security System Using Image Based Authentication IEEE 2012PSDOT 34 Smart Metering Of Cloud ServicesPSDOT 35 Research And Development Of The Long DistanceCoach Management System Based On Asp.NetTechnologyPSDOT 36 Remote Energy Monitoring, Profiling And ControlThrough GSM NetworkPSDOT 37 Sharing In Social News Websites: Examining TheInfluence Of News Attributes And News SharersPSDOT 38 Themis: A Mutually Verifiable Billing SystemFor The Cloud Computing EnvironmentPSDOT 39 Consumer Perspectives On Quality Attributes In Evaluating Health WebsitesPSDOT 40 Secured Mobile MessagingPSDOT 41 Online Voting System Powered By Biometric Security Using SteganographyPSDOT 42 A Graphical Password Authentication System Cloud Computing| Data Mining | Networking | Image ProcessingPSDOT 43 Security Using Colors And Armstrong NumbersPSDOT 44 Integration Of Sound Signature In Graphical Password Authentication SystemPSDOT 45 Data Integrity Proofs In Cloud StoragePSDOT 46 E-Assessment As A ServicePSDOT 47 Anatomical Structure Segmentation In MRI Brain Images IEEE 2011PSDOT 48 Motion Human Detection Based On Background SubtractionPSDOT 49 A Self-Organizing Approach To Background Subtraction For Visual Surveillance ApplicationsPSDOT 50 Harvesting Image Databases From The WebPSDOT 51 Personalize Search EnginePSDOT 52 Efficient Resource Allocation For Wireless MulticastPSDOT 53 Fuzzy Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data In Cloud ComputingPSDOT 54 Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation For Efficient Parallel Data Processing In The CloudPSDOT 55 Exploiting WSRF And Wsrf.Net For Remote Job Execution In Grid EnvironmentsPSDOT 56 Information Transmission In Crime Branch Using Steganography And RSA Algorithm I I 24 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. DOT NET Email: dotnet@pantechmail.comPSDOT 57 Interactive Multimedia For Adaptive Online Education Web Services | Cloud Computing | Mobile Computing | Security SystemPSDOT 58 Security Analysis Of Two Password Authentication SchemesPSDOT 59 Developing GIS Software With Component TechniquePSDOT 60 RFID Based Shopping CartPSDOT 61 Intelligent Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining TechniquesPSDOT 62 An Improved Method Of Content Based Image WatermarkingPSDOT 63 A PDA Phone That Will Take Care Of Your HealthPSDOT 64 Military E-Mailing System With Cryptography Security Using Web ServicesPSDOT 65 Alert Application Using Web Services IEEE 2011PSDOT 66 Network Traffic MonitoringPSDOT 67 Enforcing Security Using RSA Algorithm In Net BankingPSDOT 68 One Size Does Not Fit All Towards User- And Query-Dependent Ranking For Web DatabasesPSDOT 69 Cloud Computing: A New Business Paradigm For E-LearningPSDOT 70 Customer Relationship Management Based On DataPSDOT 71 Optimal Service Pricing For A Cloud CachePSDOT 72 Research And Design On ERP System Supply Chain ManagementPSDOT 73 Role Based Reengineering Of Web ApplicationsPSDOT 74 Smart Phone & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution For Shopping MallPSDOT 75 A Comparative Analysis Of Accounting SoftwarePSDOT 76 Intranet Mail ServerPSDOT 77 SMS Transmission Management PortalPSDOT 78 Patient Monitoring System Using Web Services Networking | Image Processing| Data MiningPSDOT 79 Smart Parking Applications Using RFID TechnologyPSDOT 80 Auto Garage Management Using OLAPPSDOT 81 Hotel Management SystemPSDOT 82 Ajax Enabled Performance Counter Web Control IEEE 2010PSDOT 83 Online ExamPSDOT 84 Finger Print Based Authentication And Controlling System Of DevicesPSDOT 85 Polling System With Biometrics Authentication (Finger Print)PSDOT 86 Polling System With RFID AuthenticationPSDOT 87 Virtual Interview & Recruitment System Using VB .NetPSDOT 88 Intelligent Student Mark System Using Asp.Net With SQL ServerPSDOT 89 Consultancy Management SystemPSDOT 90 A New Security Model Based On Fingerprint Recognition For Distributed Systems I I 25 ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd