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IEEE 2012 CSE & IT java_2012-13_titles


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IEEE 2012 CSE & IT java_2012-13_titles

  1. 1. JAVA Email: Sl. No Topics FieldPSJAV 1 Load Rebalancing for Distributed File Systems in CloudsPSJAV 2 Android City Tour Guide System Based on Web ServicePSJAV 3 Mobile Medical Visual Information Retrieval Android | Cloud /Grid/Mobile Computing | Parallel & Distributed System | Knowledge & Data Engineering | Software EngineeringPSJAV 4 A Query Formulation Language for the Data WebPSJAV 5 Characterizing the Security Implications of Third-Party Emergency Alert Systems Over Cellular Text Messaging Services Services Computing | Networking | Image Processing | Web Service | Steganography | Cryptography | AIPSJAV 6 Density-Based Multifeature Background Subtraction with Support Vector MachinePSJAV 7 Document Clustering in Correlation Similarity Measure SpacePSJAV 8 Ensuring Distributed Accountability for Data Sharing in the CloudPSJAV 9 FoCUS: Learning to Crawl Web ForumsPSJAV 10 Improving Aggregate Recommendation Diversity Using Ranking-Based TechniquesPSJAV 11 Iris Recognition Using Possibilistic Fuzzy Matching on Local FeaturesPSJAV 12 M-Score: A Misuseability Weight MeasurePSJAV 13 New Channel Selection Rule for JPEG SteganographyPSJAV 14 oPass: A User Authentication Protocol Resistant to Password Stealing and Password Reuse Attacks IEEE 2012PSJAV 15 Optimization of Resource Provisioning Cost in Cloud ComputingPSJAV 16 Organizing User Search HistoriesPSJAV 17 Prototype-Based Image Search RerankingPSJAV 18 Publishing Search Logs—A Comparative Study of Privacy GuaranteesPSJAV 19 Secure Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor NetworksPSJAV 20 Separable Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted ImagePSJAV 21 Statistical Analysis of False Positives and False Negatives from Real Traffic with Intrusion Detection/Prevention SystemsPSJAV 22 CellSense: An Accurate Energy-Efficient GSM Positioning SystemPSJAV 23 Persuasive Cued Click-Points: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Knowledge- Based Authentication MechanismPSJAV 24 Detecting Targeted Malicious EmailPSJAV 25 Enhancing Project-Based Learning in Software Engineering Lab Teaching Through an E- Portfolio ApproachPSJAV 26 Malwise – An Effective and Efficient Classification System for Packed and Polymorphic MalwarePSJAV 27 Self-Protection in a Clustered Distributed SystemPSJAV 28 SMS Spam Detection Using Non-Content FeaturesPSJAV 29 Quality of Experience for HTTP Adaptive Streaming Services I I ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd 19
  2. 2. JAVA Email: java@pantechmail.comPSJAV 30 Secure Wireless Monitoring and Control Systems For Smart Grid And Smart HomePSJAV 31 DoubleGuard: Detecting Intrusions in Multitier Web ApplicationsPSJAV 32 Network Traffic Classification Using Correlation InformationPSJAV 33 Collaborative Testing of Web ServicesPSJAV 34 Towards Secure and Dependable Storage Services in Cloud Computing Bio-Medical | Healthcare | Wireless | MultimediaPSJAV 35 An Autoadaptive Edge-Detection Algorithm for Flame and Fire Image Processing Dependable & Secure ComputingPSJAV 36 Fault Localization for Dynamic Web ApplicationsPSJAV 37 A Robust Approach to Prevent Software PiracyPSJAV 38 Advance mining of temporal high utility Itemset IEEE 2012PSJAV 39 Analysis on the Characteristics of URL SpamPSJAV 40 Integrating Blogging and Microblogging to Foster Learning and Social Interaction in Online Learning CommunitiesPSJAV 41 Predictive Data Mining to Support Clinical Decisions:An Overview of Heart Disease Prediction SystemsPSJAV 42 Low Cost Computing Using Virtualization For Remote DesktopPSJAV 43 A Spelling Based CAPTCHA System By Using ClickPSJAV 44 J2EE-based Online Video Retrieving System Design and ImplementationPSJAV 45 Real time Background Subtraction Techniques for Detection of Moving Objects in Video Surveillance SystemPSJAV 46 Security Analysis and Implementation of 3-Level Security System Using Image Based AuthenticationPSJAV 47 Cloud Computing: A New Business Paradigm For E-LearningPSJAV 48 A Web-Based Image Transmission System Using Digital WatermarkPSJAV 49 Harvesting Image Databases From The Web GSM | GPS | GPRS | Framework | Bio-MetricPSJAV 50 Micro-Blogging In Classroom: Classifying Students’ Relevant And Irrelevant Questions In A Micro-Blogging Supported Classroom Authentication SystemPSJAV 51 A Business Model For Cloud Computing Based On A Separate Encryption And Decryption Service IEEE 2011PSJAV 52 Remote Display Solutions For Mobile Cloud ComputingPSJAV 53 Hybrid Approach To Transmit A Secrete ImagePSJAV 54 Application Development With J2ME For Mobile PhonePSJAV 55 TEXT: Automatic Template Extraction From Heterogeneous Web PagesPSJAV 56 Security Using Colors And Armstrong NumbersPSJAV 57 Improving Web Image Search By Bag-Based Re-RankingPSJAV 58 A Proposal Of Four-Panel Cartoon CAPTCHA I I ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd 20
  3. 3. JAVA Email: java@pantechmail.comPSJAV 59 Online Voting System Powered By Biometric Security Using SteganographyPSJAV 60 Integration Of Sound Signature In Graphical Password Authentication SystemPSJAV 61 Internet Geo-location And Location-Based Services Web TechnologyPSJAV 62 Service-Centric Framework For A Digital Government Application Search Engine IEEE 2011PSJAV 63 Data Leakage DetectionPSJAV 64 Friend Mapper On Mobiles - Friend LocatorPSJAV 65 Mobile Electronic Program GuidePSJAV 66 Customer Relationship Management Based On Data Mining TechniquePSJAV 67 Efficient Relevance Feedback For Content-Based Image Retrieval By Mining User Navigation PatternsPSJAV 68 Deriving Concept-Based User Profiles From Search Engine LogsPSJAV 69 Multi-Pixel Visual Cryptography For Color Images With Meaningful Shares System Security | FirewallPSJAV 70 Accurate Image Search Using Contextual Dissimilarity Measure Artificial IntelligencePSJAV 71 Classifying Ethernet Data Packets Based On Raw Bit Patterns IEEE 2010PSJAV 72 Credit Fraud Detection In The Banking SectorPSJAV 73 Detection Of Spyware By Mining Executable FilesPSJAV 74 Mobile Web Services In Health Care.PSJAV 75 The Use Of Location Based Services For Very Fast And Precise Accidents’ Reporting And LocatingPSJAV 76 A Free-Form Database Query Language For Mobile PhonesPSJAV 77 Design Of Mobile Electronic Commerce System Based On J2MEPSJAV 78 Efficient Capturing Of Environment Data With Mobile RFID ReadersPSJAV 79 Mobile Forensics In Healthcare MVC | Protocols | J2EE | WAP | EJB | RMI J2ME | CloudSim | Security SystemPSJAV 80 On GPS Tracking Of Mobile DevicesPSJAV 81 Wireless-LAN Based Distributed Digital Lighting System For Digital Home IEEE 2009PSJAV 82 Business Processes Solution With Apache Struts FrameworkPSJAV 83 A New Data-Mining Based Approach For Network Intrusion DetectionPSJAV 84 Improved Bayesian Anti-Spam Filter – Implementation And Analysis On Independent Spam CorpusesPSJAV 85 Two Factor Authentication Using Mobile PhonesPSJAV 86 Task Based Automatic Examination System For Sequenced TestPSJAV 87 The Construction Of E-Business Portal Based On Struts, Spring And HibernatePSJAV 88 Using Web Technologies Based On College – Graduate Web Contact Management System Form System I I ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd 21
  4. 4. JAVA Email: java@pantechmail.comPSJAV 89 A Mobile Phone Based Intelligent Scoring Approach For Assessment Of Critical IllnessPSJAV 90 Bluetooth Mobile Advertising System Using Pull-Based ApproachPSJAV 91 Mobile Blogging SystemPSJAV 92 Intelligent Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining TechniquesPSJAV 93 A Fuzzy Similarity Approach For Automated Spam FilteringPSJAV 94 Personal Authentication Based On Iris Texture Analysis Web Application | Window Application | Mobile Application | Bluetooth ApplicationPSJAV 95 Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phone Remote Control For PCPSJAV 96 Improving Mobile Banking Security Using SteganographyPSJAV 97 Steganography In SMSPSJAV 98 Wireless Content Management (WICOM) For Mobile DevicePSJAV 99 A Mobile Phone-Enhanced Remote Surveillance System With Electric Power Appliance Control And Network Camera Homing Real time Hardware & ApplicationPSJAV 100 Robot Tele Operation System Based On GPRS Application ProjectsPSJAV 101 Design Of A New Security ProtocolPSJAV 102 A Web-Based And Integrated Hospital Information SystemPSJAV 103 Design Of Examination System In Digital Campus Based On J2EE TechnologyPSJAV 104 An Algorithm To Improve The Effectiveness Of APRIORIPSJAV 105 A Software Tool For Network Traffic AnalysisPSJAV 106 Packet Score: A Statistics-Based Packet Filtering Scheme Against Distributed Denial-Of- Service AttacksPSJAV 107 A Parallel APRIORI Algorithm For Frequent Item Sets MiningPSJAV 108 A Real-Time Control System For Home/Office Appliances Automation, From Mobile Device Through GPRS NetworkPSJAV 109 A Remotely Controlled Bluetooth Enabled EnvironmentPSJAV 110 Network Traffic GoverningPSJAV 111 Online Police Information System Based On Apache Struts MVC FrameworkPSJAV 112 Security Integrated System Based On WAP For Remote Monitoring And Control Of Industrial ProcessPSJAV 113 VNC based Access to Remote Computers from Cellular PhonesPSJAV 114 Using RFID tags tracking a patientsPSJAV 115 AES Algorithm Implemented for Secure Communication with Java I I ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd 22