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Network Simulator -NS2                                                       Email: SI.No             ...
Network Simulator -NS2                                                      Email: ns2@pantechmail.comPSNS 29     Suitabil...
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IEEE 2012 & Non IEEE ns2_2012-13_titles.doc


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IEEE 2012 & Non IEEE ns2_2012-13_titles.doc

  1. 1. Network Simulator -NS2 Email: SI.No Topics FieldPSNS 1 A Neighbor Coverage Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast For Reducing Routing Overhead In Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksPSNS 2 USOR: An Unobservable Secure On-Demand Routing Protocol For Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksPSNS 3 Bandwidth And Latency Requirements For Smart Transmission Grid ApplicationsPSNS 4 ProSpect: A Proactive Spectrum Handoff Framework for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks WSN |HHWN| VANET | MANET | WiMAX | VHO | MAC / S-MAC |CR|WFRP / USOR / AOMDV / AODV / DSR / DSDV without Common Control ChannelPSNS 5 Improving Energy Saving And Reliability In Wireless Sensor Networks Using A Simple CRT- Based Packet-Forwarding SolutionPSNS 6 A QoS Oriented Vertical Handoff Scheme For WiMAX/WLAN Overlay NetworksPSNS 7 A Rendezvous-Based Approach Enabling Energy-Efficient Sensory Data Collection With Mobile SinksPSNS 8 Fast And Secure Data Transmission In MANETPSNS 9 Performance Comparison Of Pro-Active And Reactive Routing Protocols For MANETPSNS 10 Toward Reliable Data Delivery for Highly Dynamic Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksPSNS 11 Fast Data Collection In Tree-Based Wireless Sensor NetworksPSNS 12 Handling Selfishness In Replica Allocation Over A Mobile Ad Hoc NetworkPSNS 13 Spectrum-Aware Mobility Management In Cognitive Radio Cellular Networks IEEE 2012PSNS 14 Understanding Node Localizability Of Wireless Ad Hoc And Sensor NetworksPSNS 15 Fast Release/Capture Sampling In Large-Scale Sensor NetworksPSNS 16 A Novel MAC Scheme For Multichannel Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc NetworksPSNS 17 Acknowledgment-Based Broadcast Protocol For Reliable And Efficient Data Dissemination In Vehicular Ad Hoc NetworksPSNS 18 Wireless Mesh Networks Design — A SurveyPSNS 19 Give2Get: Forwarding In Social Mobile Wireless Networks Of Selfish IndividualsPSNS 20 Secure Data Aggregation In Wireless Sensor NetworksPSNS 21 Bounded Relay Hop Mobile Data Gathering In Wireless Sensor NetworksPSNS 22 Design And Analysis Of The Gateway Relocation And Admission Control Algorithm In Mobile WiMAX NetworksPSNS 23 Improving The Reliability Of Wireless Networks Using Cognitive RadiosPSNS 24 An Efficient Prediction-Based Routing In Disruption-Tolerant NetworksPSNS 25 Cross-Layer Analysis Of The End-To-End Delay Distribution In Wireless Sensor NetworksPSNS 26 Modeling And Performance Evaluation Of Back Off Misbehaving Nodes In CSMA/CA NetworksPSNS 27 Hierarchical Trust Management For Wireless Sensor Networks And Its Applications To Trust-Based Routing And Intrusion DetectionPSNS 28 A New Scalable Hybrid Routing Protocol For VANETs I I 1 ©2012 Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. Network Simulator -NS2 Email: ns2@pantechmail.comPSNS 29 Suitability Of MANET Routing Protocols For Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks 2012 IEEEPSNS 30 Nature-Inspired Self-Organization, Control, And Optimization In Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksPSNS 31 Self-Reconfigurable Wireless Mesh NetworksPSNS 32 Transient Analysis Of IEEE 802.15.4 Sensor NetworksPSNS 33 Dynamic Clustering-Based Adaptive Mobile Gateway Management In Integrated VANET – 3G | 4G | WMN | CWN | GNDA | ARS | CRT | ENERGY MODEL 3G Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksPSNS 34 Influence Of Routing Protocols In Performance Of Wireless Mobile ADHOC NetworkPSNS 35 Schedulability Analysis For Hard Network Lifetime Wireless Sensor Networks With High Energy First ClusteringPSNS 36 Optimal Route Selection Method With Satellite System For Cognitive Wireless Network In Disaster Information NetworkPSNS 37 DBET: Demand Based Energy Efficient Topology For MANETS IEEE 2011PSNS 38 Adaptive, Cluster Based, Sensor Network Routing ProtocolPSNS 39 Survey Of Recent Position Based Routing Mobile Ad-Hoc Network ProtocolsPSNS 40 GNDA: Detecting Good Neighbor Nodes In ADHOC Routing ProtocolPSNS 41 Secured Communication For MANETS In MilitaryPSNS 42 Efficient Target Tracking Through Binary-Detection In Sparsely Deployed WSNPSNS 43 Comparative Study And Analysis Of Different Types Of Buffering In Go- Back-2 Network In NS2PSNS 44 An Improved AODV Protocol With Lower Route Cost And Smaller Delay –PWAODVPSNS 45 Channel-Aware Routing In MANETS With Route HandoffPSNS 46 Bidirectional Communications For Damage Monitoring Using Sensor Networks In Emergency ConditionsPSNS 47 QOS Based Network Selection Scheme For 4G Systems WLAN| IEEE 802.15.4/ ZIGBEEPSNS 48 Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication: Fair Transmit Power Control For Safety-Critical InformationPSNS 49 Design And Implementation Of A Hybrid Channel-Assignment Protocol For A Multi- IEEE 2010 Interface Wireless Mesh NetworkPSNS 50 Wireless Sensor Network Design For Tactical Military Applications : Remote Large-Scale EnvironmentsPSNS 51 Prediction-Based Topology Control And Routing In Cognitive Radio Mobile ADHOC NetworksPSNS 52 An Energy-Efficient Ant-Based Routing Algorithm For Wireless Sensor NetworksPSNS 53 Energy Efficient Scheduling For Cluster-Tree Wireless Sensor Networks With Time- Bounded Data Flows: Application To IEEE 802.15.4 / ZIGBEE I I 2 ©2012 Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd