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NGSM Development English CV in Sweden


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NGSM Development English CV in Sweden

  2. 2. NGSM O’BrienNGSM DevelopmentEmail: enquiries@ngsm.seTwitter: @ngsmeurope
  3. 3. NGSM for today10-11.30 : Focus on CV development11.30-11.45 : Coffee Break11.45-12.30 : Tips on a winningapplication letter12.30-13.00 : Questions
  4. 4. NGSM for todayBy the end of the seminar you will bemore confident in producingprofessional English language jobapplications, using a winningformula
  5. 5. NGSM will you learn today? CV or Resume – Understand thedifference Writing and format tips How to make your CV stand out How to write a cover letter
  6. 6. NGSM English CV is a marketing tool! Presents you as you want to be seen Sell yourself, but you must feelcomfortable with it An English language CV is a key to theinternational business the world
  7. 7. NGSM have one? To get an interview at a multi-national To get an English speaking recruiterinterested in you To act as a discussion document duringthe interview
  8. 8. NGSM CV or a Resume?What’s the difference?1 page or 2?
  9. 9. NGSM before you type... Analyse your career and personalexperience Choose key words you want to include Do not simply, translate your SwedishCV
  10. 10. NGSM your own 30 secondcommercial Your name Your key strengths Your most recent position or role
  11. 11. NGSM A recent achievement you are proud of Your key responsibilities andaccountabilities What do you want to do next Why you are suitable for the role
  12. 12. NGSM English CV basics An opening statement Reverse chronological order Points about your key skills andachievements
  13. 13. NGSM Ten years work history is enough Do not use the terms I, Me, We Do not use coloured paper Write numbers in word form unlessfinancial
  14. 14. NGSM mistakes on a CV Not tailoring it to the job Too much detail Spelling errors Bad formatting
  15. 15. NGSM of errors‘My interests include cooking dogs andinteresting people’Highly skilled at multi-tasting.I was responsible for dissatisfiedcustomers.
  16. 16. NGSM that there are noabsolutes, 100% perfect, no lose CVformats. BUT there are acceptedprinciples and best practices.Stick to those principles and you havea great chance.
  17. 17. NGSM exciting application or coveringletter A bonus opportunity to sell yourself Highlight your special features Gain a competitive advantage
  18. 18. NGSM things to include Where you saw the job Why you are interested What experience you have thatmatches their needs
  19. 19. NGSM What additional skills you can offer Something interesting you know aboutthe company and their market Why you are looking for a new role An insight into your personal life (Nomushrooms!)
  20. 20. NGSM covering letter format First paragraph — lead with whyyoure interested in the job Second / third paragraphs — whatmakes you a strong candidate(personal characteristics, relevantexperience, achievements and skills)
  21. 21. NGSM Fourth paragraph — address anyissues such as career change,employment gaps, personal sabbaticals In closing — Ask for an interview. Giveyour contact details, email address andphone number and thank your readerfor their consideration.
  22. 22. NGSM final quote from a modernrecruitment manager –‘’Avoid employing unlucky people - throwhalf of the pile of CVs in the bin withoutreading them. ‘’