Cycle 4 change


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Cycle 4 change

  1. 1.   The project is implemented by Challenges, a national magazine focusing on disability advocacy and community empowerment. It is supported under the Sport for All programme in collaboration with Youth Sport Trust UK implemented by British Council Malaysia.  Pilot project period is September 2013 to December 2013, and to be reviewed and continued in 2014  This project will start with children with learning disability and visual impairment
  2. 2.  Empower youth participants to support and mentor children with disabilities to learn how to cycle  Build a bicycle for special need children Enable them to gain proficiency in cycling so they can eventually cycle independently   Improve cognitive functioning,(inc. left-right coordination) in safe environment with supportive mentor and buddies
  3. 3.  The target participants are centre-based children with disabilities, centre operators, their family members and volunteers from colleges and community
  4. 4.  We will use tandem bicycles, two seater bicycles, to enable the children who may not have the opportunity to cycle or know how to pedal and steer the bicycles; learn to do that.  Tandem bicycle enable a youth to mentor a child.  Both of them will control the bicycle and pedal along but the mentor will control the braking.
  5. 5.  Implementation of this project : Manpower  All the youth leaders will go for a sports leadership training (Disability Equality Training and Sportability leadership training)..  They will also undergo technical training to assemble, design and learn the safety measure to build the bicycle.  4 youth participants each team.  In collaboration with college students and community clubs.
  6. 6. Implementation of the programme: Equipment  For the bicycles; to start a recycling drive for used bicycles  We will combine two bicycle into one tandem bicycle.  For safety gear: safety helmet and knee pads 
  7. 7. We Need: A Bicycles or bicycle parts that we can tandem bicycles. assemble into B Youth leaders / centre-based volunteers participate 1 to learn how to assemble the bikes 2 to ‘test –cycle’ the bikes; 3 to mentor a child with disability in cycling 4 to teach other volunteers above steps 1-3 keen to
  8. 8. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO VOLUNTEER call ZAINAL at E-mail : Tel : 0197244836 Challenges Media Room 7 Level 1 Bangunan SECITA, 4A Jalan SS5D/6, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya Selangor Tel/Fax : 603-78875747 E-mail :