The empower network | Why I said No


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A review of the Empower Network and Why I Said No to Joining When it First Launched in 2011.

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The empower network | Why I said No

  1. 1. The Empower Network | Why I Said NO!If you are researching the Empower Network you cannot fail to see the stories ofsuccess littered all over the internet, but if you look closer you will also see a few lesscomplimentary versions of how people followed the 90 day blog plan and got noresults at all.So what I want to share with you in this empower network review is a bit about thecompany, the compensation plan and why I made the decision NOT to join when itlaunched last year.So firstly a little bit about this rather extraordinary company The Empower Network.The Empower Network Review – Is it a Scam?Well it certainly created a few shockwaves in the industry when it launched in theAutumn of 2011.As a marketer, I am always interested when someone “breaks the mould” a bit andso I took time to investigate it as it didn’t seem like any MLM model but it wasn’tquite a one off affiliate programme either. It was different and new.It would appear that the Empower Network “product” was a ready made, optimized(for the search engines) blog that you could just start blogging on straight away.The blog had highly converting opt-ins and capture pages attached so that anyonevisiting your blog and liking your content could opt in and be taken to a sales videoand follow up.It ‘branded’ Dave Woods and David Sharpe as the creators of the system.But the biggest selling point about the Empower Network system was that as anaffiliate of the company you were then able to promote the system and earn 100%commissions.
  2. 2. 100% commissions I thought?? NOT possible!! How would the Empower Networkmake any money?So I investigated further and found that there is a $19 “back office merchant” fee sothat you don’t have to process the financial transactions yourself. This fee also paysfor the capture pages, hosting, customer service and all the transactions.Hmmm – I still couldn’t quite believe it.The blog would cost $25 a month to get going and then as soon as you wanted topromote it to earn the 100 % commissions you would pay the $19 monthly adminfee.There are then the upgrades of course……….To get inside the “Inner Circle” you had to pay an additional $100 a month (on top ofthe $25 and the $19) to get access to the training.Well as I was already a member of a top MLM Marketing system that covers justabout everything you ever need to know about marketing your business online, Iknew then that I was not going to pay out $144 for a blog that I didn’t need andsome training that I could probably find in my back office marketing system.So here’s why I didn’t join the Empower Network1) I had my own blog already that branded me and not a half naked David Wood!2) In the early days there did not seem to be any way of changing the picture ortailoring the blog in any way3) There didn’t appear to be any training for new people4) Their claim of 100% commissions didn’t sound quite right when you realize thatyou get to keep the 1st, 3rd and 5th people that you first sponsor and your upline getsto keep the 2nd, 4th and 6th plus every 5th after that.I didn’t like the sound of it.So I decided to make my own marketing decision ……. And ignore it.I then stood and watched in amazement as every single facebook advert on myprofile and pages were filled up with people promoting the heck out of it. Masses ofpeople on my friends list then proceeded to “tell” me all about the EmpowerNetwork by messaging me at all times of the day about it.
  3. 3. I could see very well then that it was only the BIG marketers who were making thereal money and the ones that had bought in at the beginning. The people thathadn’t joined the Empower Network with one of the top marketers just didn’t standa chance of advertising like the big guys were.I felt I had made the right decision and waited for all the hype to die down!Then followed the chaos as the servers were crashing, the payments didn’t gothrough and I just stood back and got on with my own business.The Empower Network Review – The Biggest U Turn!So why did I change my mind and jump on board with the Empower Network just amonth ago?Okay here’s why.In my business I have a considerable web presence and one of the first things we aretaught if we want to promote an MLM or our own business is that we must bring itonline and start to brand ourselves.But some of the less technical members of my team were really struggling with thatand even ‘though it is fully laid out for them exactly how to set up a blog from startto finish in MLSP (my marketing system) – they just didn’t want to do it.So I found myself building blogs when this is really NOT best use of my time. (I liketo leverage the internet to work for me, rather than get paid once for my time –which is a whole other topic for another blog post !;-))And then a couple of them said that they had heard of the Empower Network andwanted to join.I realized there and then that I was leaving “money on the table” by not offering thisas a service or a tool to some of my team.So I signed up just to be able to give this to my team as an option. (But hey I’m notdaft – I decided to join a millionaire in the UK who went from starting up just 5months ago, to being one of the top 10 affiliates in the whole of the EmpowerNetwork.)I wanted to see what he was doing.And then something strange happened.I listened to Dave Woods and David Sharpe (and WOW these guys talk a LOT) but Ialready knew Dave Woods as one of the top earners in two companies as well as themarketing system I am using. So I knew he knew his stuff.
  4. 4. Within a week of showing it to a couple of people who had approached me foradvice on how to build their MLM (but they had lost the passion for it) they decidedto join the Empower Network because they had heard so much about the 100%commissions!So I upgraded to the $100 package because my costs were already covered.And the training inside the inner circle of the Empower Network blew me away! Thiswas stuff that just isn’t being taught out there ANYWHERE!Trust me! – I know!And more people joined.Then I realized something else. Dave and Dave are a product of their ownbusiness. They are only making their money by building their business by being thetop distributors in their own company – so they are ‘on the ground’ doing exactlywhat I am doing.I loved that.So recognizing that my new team members are all at different stages of marketingknowledge – I partnered up with a good friend of mine to build my own EmpowerNetwork training website to show you exactly how you can start to get leads andcash flow right out of the gate. Even if you are a complete newbie!Step-by-stepThis really IS duplicable and this really does give 100% commissions because ofcourse if you plug your team into my training site, my webinars and my millionairecoach’s trainings and webinars, then you will find your team grows and then yourcommissions come from YOUR passups.Make sense?Now I make multiple steams of income on the Internet and have been doing so forover a year now. But guess what?The Empower Network has fast become my favourite.BUT…..please don’t be fooled that high incomes in any business are easily achieved –it takes time and effort to build a powerful residual income, but Empower Network isone of the only Companies that I know that is proud to display it’s IncomeDisclaimer, so please go ahead and read it if you want to.
  5. 5. AND the training inside the $15k formula is…..well exactly that – the EXACT formulayou need for $15k per month (it’s truly mindblowing!!). You see David Woods andDavid Sharpe learned so much in their first year of being affiliates with the EmpowerNetwork (as well as the owners) that they decided to update the all new $15k permonth training from scratch again. And it’s happening right now, so you will not findfresher, more up to date content than you will see here.Trust me when I say I have NEVER seen training like this before anywhere online(and I have spent thousands on my marketing education) – it is truly the best andwhat has made me 100% committed to this Company.So if you’re sick of making tiny MLM checks or failing to make any sort of incomeonline from affiliate programs – come and take a peak at what we’re doing.Here’s what you get if you join Nicky Price’s Empower Network team:1) Membership to a private Facebook group packed full of people who are achievingexactly what YOU want to (do you know how much it increases your chances ofsuccess by simply surrounding yourself with people who are focused and takingaction? ) and who are there to help you every step of the way.2) Access to my private training vault to help even complete newbies get startedstraight away where my colleague Ruth and I and some of our team leaders in ourgroup share exactly what strategies are working for us right NOW, plus step by stepblogging training to ensure you get your blog on the front page of Google ( – which isexactly where you want it to be by the way)3) Access to my millionaire sponsor who in just 5 months is one of the top earnersinside the Empower Network – he puts all of his tips and strategies on a privatewebsite just for me, you and the rest of our team only.
  6. 6. 4) Weekly team training webinars where we answer all your questions and help youwith anything at all that you might not understand.I’ve never been more committed as I am right now to helping YOU to achieve what Iam in such a short space of time. All you have to do is to come and join this team ofinspired entrepreneurs who are going to help YOU every step of the way.Would you like to wake up to emails like this less than 6 weeks after joining?We are currently running a 90 day challenge within the team which is why I have anextremely active and successful team because I am showing them everything I’vedone that got me to the top 125 affiliates (out of over 85,000) in just 90 days – whichis not too shabby do you think?It meant I got to go to Austin in Texas to the Empower conference and sit right at thefront in privileged seats. I was also able to have drinks and cocktails with them at theVIP registration and get to chat to both Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood about theiramazing system.(Oh and if you have already joined the Empower Network – here’s how you get intoan advertising co-op where all you have to do is sit back and let someone else writethe ads and find the best sources – Click Here ==> )
  7. 7. I hope this Empower Network review helped you understand more aboutthis amazing opportunity that I so nearly missed out on completely – ClickHere to find out more.Skype: NickyVitalityTel: (+44) (0)7587 176155Facebook: - Sick of Tiny MLM Pay Cheques? Its Probably Not Your FaultMaking Real Money