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ANIS2011_Keynote Address_Frank mc guire_global learning village


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ANIS2011_Keynote Address_Frank mc guire_global learning village

  1. 1. Global Learning Village Frank McGuire
  2. 2. Strategy• Harness technology• Co-ordinate partnerships• Connect the disconnected through lifelong learning, jobs & opportunity
  3. 3. ValuesWhat defines whereyou end up in life:- attitude- education- opportunity
  4. 4. Noble Vision Ford Motor Company & textile manufacturers turn Victoria into an economic engine room.
  5. 5. Biggest FailureLack of co-ordination between Government, business and community.
  6. 6. Practical IdealismThe focus was onpositive life-changingopportunities insteadof the traditionalcriminal justiceresponse to neglect.
  7. 7. Insight• Silo mentality• Turf war• Institutional ego• Bureaucratic inertia
  8. 8. Philosophy“If in the past it has taken a village toraise a child, in the 21st Century eachchild must be globally connected.”-1999.
  9. 9. One Stop HubsCentres tailored to local needs to influence thelife shaping attitudes, education andopportunities that define generations.
  10. 10. Hume Global Learning CentreStage 1:Theinternationallyacclaimed HumeGlobal LearningCentre.
  11. 11. Prosperity & GrowthInternet and high-speed broadbandimperative toprosperity, growthand socialinclusion in thedigital age.
  12. 12. Childcare & Business SkillsStage 2: Combined childcare, computer training, skills shops, small business ventures and even belly dancing.
  13. 13. DiversityUN in oneneighbourhood.Families frommore than 140countries. Idealtest case.
  14. 14. International Support• Stage 3:Ideas Lab develops world’s best use of technology for teaching & learning.
  15. 15. “Rudd can followBroadmeadows’ lead” The Age 18 April 2008
  16. 16. Connecting DisconnectedPrime Minister KevinRudd and successor,Julia Gillard launchedAustralia’s SocialInclusion Board at theHume GlobalLearning Centre.
  17. 17. Schools RegenerationStage 4: The Victorian Governmentcommits $60 million to rebuild schools inBroadmeadows as part of a $2 billionstate-wide program.
  18. 18. Next Steps• Australia’s first Multiversity using high speed broadband to provide tertiary programs in local communities.• Connect National Broadband Network.• Deliver skills for emerging jobs & industries.• Local jobs for local communities.
  19. 19. 21st Century CommunitiesGlobal Learning Village communities canbe established in libraries, childcarecentres, schools or any other buildingsproviding infrastructure necessary forconnected communities.
  20. 20. Imperatives• Established on economic & social imperatives.• Smart plan for prosperity.• Not simply the right thing to do.
  21. 21. Leadership• From end of the line to world leader.• Nominated for prestigious Metropolis Award.• Presented to 150 international cities.
  22. 22. ContactFrank McGuireEmail:© Global Learning Village Pty. Ltd.All ideas and concepts expressed in this presentation belong to Global Learning Village Pty. Ltd.None of them can be used, reproduced, stored or communicated without the company’s consent.