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Chapter1.4 alghonors


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Chapter1.4 alghonors

  1. 1. Lesson 1.3: Equations – Solutions & Words The two sides The two sidesThe two sides
  2. 2. Example 2: Write an equation for each word sentence.
  3. 3. With real-world situations, always choose a variable to represent the unknown quantity, then translate the words into an equation. Example 3: A gardener needs 78 meters of fence to enclose a rectangular garden. The length of the garden is 9 m more than the width. a)Choose a variable for width (in meters) and use it to write an expression for the length b)Write an equation that represents the facts given.
  4. 4. Example 4: Use the following facts to state an equation the represents the sentence shown in color Fran rode her bike from her home to school and back. The return trip took two minutes less than the trip to school. Fran’s total round-trip time was 23 minutes. a)Identify a variable b)Write the equation.