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Socio Scientific Issues Introduction 2014

Level 3 Internal Assessment

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Socio Scientific Issues Introduction 2014

  2. 2. INTERNAL • integrate biological knowledge to present a Google slide or Powerpoint presentation and podcast • discuss your response to a contemporary socio-scientific issue. • present a personal position and propose action(s) at a personal and/or societal level. • justify your response by analysing and evaluating relevant biological knowledge. • You will work independently and have 4 weeks to complete the assessment. • You will need to hand in your research notes with references in a portfolio to show the sources of your information.
  3. 3. INTERNAL CONTENT Introduction: • biological concepts and processes that relate to your chosen issue • Why its an issue Main: • biological implications (e.g. effect of 1080 on other organisms) and social implications (e.g. economic, ethical, cultural or environmental) involved in the application of your issue. • different opinions or viewpoints (for and against) that named individuals, groups or organisations have about the application of your issue, in New Zealand if possible (consider how bias may influence these opinions). Make sure your opinions or viewpoints are from a reputable, scientific, and referenced source. Your Opinion: • personal position on the issue • proposed action(s) by you personally and/or by society on the issue. • give reasons (with supporting evidence) to explain why you chose this position and proposed action(s) • analyse and evaluate the biological knowledge related to the issue to justify your position and proposed action(s) by: • comparing the significance of the biological and social implications of the issue • considering the likely effectiveness of your and/or society’s proposed action(s) Resources: • commenting on your sources and information by considering ideas such as: • validity (date/currency, scientific acceptance), • bias (attitudes, values, beliefs), i.e. weighing up how science ideas are used by different groups. •
  4. 4. CONTENTS • Fact or Fiction • Fact or Opinion • Bias • Ethics and Values • Justifying your opinion • Evaluating Resources • Concepts Vs Process • Biological Vs Social Implications • Choosing a Topic
  5. 5. FACT OR FICTION • Not everything you read/see/hear is true…. • Move around the room and circle True/False/Mixed/Unsure on each of the cards displayed • Take one completed card – summarise the findings, present to the class
  6. 6. LEMMINGS
  7. 7. TARANTULAS ARE POISONOUS, AND THEIR BITES CAN KILL HUMANS. FALSE. See numerous websites and science books for further information. Tarantulas comprise a group of often hairy and very large arachnids belonging to the Theraphosidae family of spiders, of which approximately 900 species have been identified. This article only describes members of Theraphosidae, although some other members of the same suborder are commonly referred to as "tarantulas". Most species of tarantulas are not dangerous to humans, and some species have become popular in the exotic pet trade.
  8. 8. SEX
  10. 10. COCA COLA
  11. 11. POPPY SEEDS
  12. 12. DOG FOOD
  13. 13. RICE AND BIRDS
  14. 14. SPACE
  15. 15. FINGER NAILS
  17. 17. FACT OR OPINION Facts are statements that can be proven. • Facts may be true or false. • But facts can be proven. • . Examples 1. Statistically, women live longer than men. 2. Most buses weigh more than most cars. 3. There are ten inches in a foot (false).
  18. 18. FACT OR OPINION Opinions are statements that cannot be proven. • Opinions can be argued. • Opinions may be supported with facts. • Opinions cannot be proven. Examples 1. Golf is boring. 2. Pizza is delicious. 3. Math is the hardest subject
  19. 19. FACT OR FICTION – YOU DECIDE 1. The Family Guy is not appropriate to watch during school. 2. There are fewer panda bears in the world than grizzly bears. 3. Drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth tastes bad. 4. Justin Bieber deserved to win the Grammy for best new artist. 5. Chicken that has not been properly prepared and cooked may cause salmonella. 6. Cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend is wrong. 7. The Xbox came out before the Wii. 8. Super Mario is one of the greatest video game characters of all time. 9. Chocolate milk tastes better than regular milk. 10.Charter school students are scheduled to attend school more often than students who attend neighborhood schools.
  20. 20. FACT OR OPINION ANSWERS 1. Opinion 2. Fact 3. Opinion 4. Opinion 5. Fact 6. Opinion 7. Fact 8. Opinion 9. Opinion 10. Fact
  21. 21. BIAS What is a bias? • a preference • a way of seeing something • a belief Why is it important to identify bias? .
  22. 22. WHAT ARE YOUR BIAS? • All athletes are… • People on welfare are all… • Drugs are used by virtually … • All politicians are … • All people who sleep on grates are.. • All Christian Fundamentalists are.. • Students who attend Nayland college are.. • All diabetics are… • People who are vegaterians are.. • People who are against GMO are.. • All people who vote for the Green party are.. • All people who agree with Stem Cell research are.. • All Otago University graduates are… • All construction workers are… • He's so dumb, he must be … • He's so smart, he must be … • He's quick-tempered, so he must be … • He drinks like a fish, so he must be … • He likes watermelon, and so does every …
  23. 23. BIAS IN THE MEDIA Look at the articles/posters/flyers around the room • Who are the sources? • Is there a lack of diversity? • From whose point of view is the news reported? • Is the language loaded? • Is there a lack of context? • Decide if they are biased or not • What makes it bias? • Is the whole article bias or just some of it? • Why are there bias?
  24. 24. ETHICS AND VALUES • • To have an ethical viewpoint, you have to be able to give some reason for it. • So you might feel morally it is wrong to eat animals, for example, but if you have an ethical viewpoint on it, you have to have some sort of analysis, some set of arguments about why it would be wrong to eat animals, or whether it might be wrong to eat certain animals, but acceptable to eat others.
  25. 25. ETHICS VIDEOS • thics_in_teaching_v0156 • ligion_v0157 • cal_consensus_v0159
  26. 26. IMPLICATIONS • Biological Implications • scientific effects (positive and negative) of both sides of the issue (eg using 1080 and not using 1080) • Long term effects • Short term effects • Social Implications • economic – financial for both the public and private organisations, long and short term costs • ethical – is it right or wrong, can it be justified, how will it effect future generations? • Cultural – does it impact on peoples beliefs or way of life? • Environmental – what long and short term effects will it have on the environment, both natural and man made?
  27. 27. JUSTIFYING YOUR OPINION Justify • why you have the opinion you do • give evidence from research to back up your ideas, • evaluate the pros and cons as you see them and the ethics Homework: • Complete worksheet Thinking About Cloning • Remember you need to be able to justify your opinion based on factual evidence
  28. 28. EVALUATING RESOURCES • Accuracy. If your page lists the author and institution that published the page and provides a way of contacting him/her and . . . • Authority. If your page lists the author credentials and its domain is preferred (.edu, .gov, .org, or .net), and, . . • Objectivity. If your page provides accurate information with limited advertising and it is objective in presenting the information, and . . . • Currency. If your page is current and updated regularly (as stated on the page) and the links (if any) are also up-to-date, and . . . • Coverage. If you can view the information properly--not limited to fees, browser technology, or software requirement, then . . . • See worksheets
  29. 29. BIOLOGICAL CONCEPTS AND PROCESS • Biological Concepts – biological ideas and facts that relate to the issue • Biological Process – techniques or procedures carried out or the things done
  30. 30. BIOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL IMPLICATIONS • Implications • flow on effects from carrying out the biological procedures • Biological Implications • environmental, ecological, genetic, evolutionary effects • Remember to look at both sides – implications if not done and if carried out • Social Implications • Economic, ethical, cultural effects • Remember to look at both sides – implications if not done and if carried out • NIMBY – not in my back yard – people may support an idea (eg sewage treatment station) but not near their home
  31. 31. WHAT TOPIC?
  32. 32. ISLE OF SKYE – INFORMATION INTERVIEWS – CLICK ON THE CHARACTERS TO READ THEIR INTERVIEWS. Name: Sandra McKennon Occupation: Holiday advisor Scottish Tourist Board Location: Edinburgh Name: Brian Malone Occupation: Welder Location: Isle of Lewis Name: Carole Wright Occupation: Insurance Advisor Location: Yorkshire Name: Angus Maculloch Occupation: Fisherman Location: Isle of Skye Name: Flo Robertson Occupation: Owns Hotel Location: Isle of Skye
  33. 33. NAME: SANDRA MCKENNON OCCUPATION: HOLIDAY ADVISOR SCOTTISH TOURIST BOARD LOCATION: EDINBURGH The Isle of Sky is a beautiful place to take a holiday. The scenery is amazing and there are lots of amazing walks around the island to tourist places such as the old lighthouse and the castle. I would definitely recommend a visit to the island and I would also be able to help you book your holiday! Back to Character Selection
  34. 34. NAME: BRIAN MALONE OCCUPATION: WELDER LOCATION: ISLE OF LEWIS I have been the Isle of Skye many a times and do not really like it. It is full of flying ants in the summer months which make it difficult to be outdoors. Its scenery is OK but other places in Scotland such as the Isle of Lewis have much better views. The people are not very friendly unlike the Isle of Lewis where we welcome everybody! Back to Character Selection
  35. 35. NAME: CAROLE WRIGHT OCCUPATION: INSURANCE ADVISOR LOCATION: YORKSHIRE I go to the Island at least once a year. It is an amazing place. It is quite far away but well worth the trip. There are loads of gorgeous restaurants and the scenery is outstanding. There is so much to do for adults and children. I have been to lots of places in Scotland but this is definitely my favourite! Back to Character Selection
  36. 36. NAME: ANGUS MACULLOCH OCCUPATION: FARMER LOCATION: ISLE OF SKYE The island used to be a wonderful place to live but now it is overrun by tourists. All the houses have been turned into hotels or bought by people who do not live on the island for their holidays – its disgraceful. I would urge tourists to go somewhere else instead. Back to Character Selection
  37. 37. NAME: FLO ROBERTSON OCCUPATION: OWNS HOTEL LOCATION: ISLE OF SKYE I have lived on the island all of my life and I would recommend everyone to come and visit. Its particularly famous for the mountain scenery and there is lots to do including windsurfing, canoeing, golf and also many shops and a museum. Back to Character Selection