Glow Plastics Injection Molding 2011


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New 2011, Plastic Injection Molding Services from Glow

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Glow Plastics Injection Molding 2011

  2. 2. Quality and Reliability Guaranteed Glow Plastics and Partners the first choice for injection molding from Vietnam Glow Group is a US/Vietnam family owned business with a reputation for quality and reliability. Based in the Texas and Vietnam, for more than 10 years we have worked in partnership with customers and partners across a diverse range of industries to provide innovative and effective design, manufacturing and delivery of solutions Leading the Field Together with our partners we are now one of the leading experts in plastics molding in Vietnam we have not been afraid to push the boundaries to find new and exciting ways to tap the potential of the injection molding process. We are renowned for our expertise in large and thick section molding and for our creative Injection Molding skills. Free Advice Our no obligation advice and quotations demonstrate our high quality, value for money service. Whether you are a new or an existing user of the plastics injection molding process we would like to hear from you. Our advice is free and our service is, quite simply, excellent.To find out how Glow Plastics & Partners can help you call +1 8324263845 or visit
  3. 3. Design for Success Experienced Partners Developing a successful plastic product and a precise molding tool requires skill, imagination and a thorough understanding of the materials. Glow Plastics & Partners have solid industry experience and offer a collaborative working environment with a design and engineering team ready to work alongside our customers, carefully listening to what they need.Tooling In-house Expertise Focus on Quality Our tooling facilities and expertise are all in- New and modified mould house and our flexible mould-making options tools are all tested under are highly cost effective. With our technicians production conditions and on hand to give advice there will be minimum are only approved for use disruption to the production process if your when we are confident of mould tool requires emergency attention. We optimum performance. Our can also carry out tooling modifications focus on quality and reliability quickly and economically should they be ensures a long-life tool that required. always produces exceptional results. Adapting Tools We can adapt your existing mould tools for use on Glow Plastics & Partners molding machines and will produce sample moldings free of charge. Our tool room can handle any refurbishments quickly and efficiently. Tool Servicing Routine maintenance is free of charge for the entire working life of all moulds manufactured by us or one of our partners. You can be confident that your initial investment is protected and downtime is minimized. This applies while Glow Plastics & Partners are the appointed molder.To find out how Glow Plastics & Partners can help you call +1 8324263845 or visit
  4. 4. Plastic Injection Molding Cost Effective Production At Glow Plastics & Partners we have extensive experience since 2002 in producing a vast range of products and components in a wide variety of thermoplastic materials. Our plant is equipped 22 with modern molding systems utilizing the latest computer technology and automation and press capabilities from 99 to 1550Ton. Whatever your injection molding requirements, you can be sure our skilled technicians and operators will use the most cost effective production methods Flexibility We can manufacture to order or work to your schedules. To help you achieve maximum cost efficiency we can also manufacture in larger quantities and hold the balance in stock for you to call off as required. Solutions Glow Plastics & Partners has opened up new horizons for the plastic injection molding process. We have made it possible to produce items traditionally made by more costly methods. Small or large, thin or thick, component molding or whole assemblies – we can offer a solution. We manufacture products weighing just a few grams right up to 48kg and have particular expertise in producing moldings in excess of 500mmTo find out how Glow Plastics & Partners can help you call +1 8324263845 or visit
  5. 5. Additional Services Finishing & Assembly Glow Plastics & Partners offers a range of secondary operations to help you get your finished product to the marketplace swiftly and economically. Our secondary operations group simplifies the production process for you and eliminates the need to source sub- contractors. Printing/Painting/Plating We can arrange printing, specialized painting or plating of molded parts. Assembly We can supply complete sub- assemblies and can also provide complete products ready for onward shipment direct to your customers. Packaging Your products can be packaged ready for you to deliver on to your customer without any further work Warehouse Our on-site warehouse facility provides secure storage. Transport Glow Plastics & Partners ensure safe delivery of your products to your chosen destination using the most cost effective methodsTo find out how Glow Plastics & Partners can help you call +1 8324263845 or visit
  6. 6. Why Choose Glow Plastics & PartnersOur reputation for value, quality and reliabilitySolid experience, expertise and excellence in customerserviceOur proven ability to deliver cost effective and innovativesolutionsOffering Flexible Tooling Cost ProgramsContinual investment in people, equipment and premisesPlastics Quality: ISO 9001-2008 (certified since 2006)Free, no obligation advice and quotationsTo find out how Glow Plastics & Partners can help you call +1 8324263845 or visit
  7. 7. USA (Headquarters) VIETNAM (Operations and Manufacturing)POBox 440781 2276/1B Quoc Lo 1AHouston An Phu Dong Ward – 12 DistrictTX, USA. 77244 Ho Chi Minh City,Tel: +1 832 426 3845 VietnamEmail: sales@glowps.comWeb: