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Coca Cola Presentation


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Business@school Phase 1 - Research Education Programme

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Coca Cola Presentation

  1. 1. The Story… Glorious days Coca Colavs. Challenging future Members: Nguyen Duy Tri Le Viet Anh Nghi Nguyen Duy Tin Arjun Arora Rishabh School: Raffles Institution 1 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  2. 2. 1886-1892 1892-1904 1905-1918 1919-1940 1941-1959 1960-1981 1982-1989 1990-1999 2000-NOW1886-1892 1893: The Coca-Cola trademark is registered in the U.S. Patent Office 1894: The first syrup manufacturing plant outside Atlanta opened in Dallas, Texas. 1899: The 1st bottling plant under the new contract was opened in Chattanooga. 1919: Ernest Woodruff purchased the Coca-Cola Company for $25 million. 1924: 1st appearance of the six pack carrier 1926: Established the foreign department, which in 1930 became a subsidiary known as The Coca-Cola Export Corporation 1928: Coca-Cola and the Olympic Games began their association 1930: Santa image was 1st used by Coca-Cola Company 1933-1937: The implementation of the new automatic fountain dispenser 1916: the unique contour bottle design was approved. 1887-1904 1905-1918 1919-1940 1941-1959 Become a symbol of FRIENDSHIP 1941: “every man in uniform gets a bottle of Coca-Cola “- Woodruff 1955: First king-size and family size bottles are introduced 1960: Minute Maid Corporation merged with the Company New Soft Drink FANTA 1961: SPRITE 1963: TAB, the 1st low-calorie beverage. 1971: “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” 1982: Diet Coke – The 1st extension of the trademarks Coca-Cola 1985: The 1st change in the secret formula  Not accepted by the customers  returning the original formula 1993: "Always Coca-Cola" campaign 1st started 2001: The “Fridge Package” is launched in U.S 2003: “Coca-Cola … Real” campaign 2004: E. Neville Isdell is elected chairman of the Board and CEO of the Company 1960-1981 1982-1989 1990-1999 2000-NOW 1886: J.Pemberton invented Coka-Cola 1888: Asa Candle brought over Coca-Cola from J.Pemberton 2 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  3. 3. • Official Name: The Coca-Cola Company • CEO & Chairman: Neville Isdell • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia • Industry: Food & Beverage – Soft Drinks • Products: Over 400 brands • Operating Groups: North America, Africa, East, South Asia and Pacific Rim, European Union, Latin America, North Asia, Eurasia and Middle East 3 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  4. 4. E. Neville Isdell Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Board of Directors Coca Cola Products 4 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  5. 5. Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation 5 Market Share Coca Cola Market Revenue $ 24.09 Bn $ 102.1Bn Market Capital $ 108.08 Bn 241.51Bn Stock Price $46.68 N/A Stock Volume 1,699,6900 2,730,6800 Market Share 62.7% N/A
  6. 6. Performance Metrics 2006 2005 2004 Net Asset Turnover 2.58 2.08 2.13 Return On Sales 27.3% 28.95% 28.6% Return On Investment 70.6% 60.12% 60.8% Return On Equity 30.5% 30.18% 32.3% How well is the company performing? 6 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation Unit Case Volume N/A N/A N/A
  7. 7. Performance Metrics Coca Cola Pepsi Net Asset Turnover 2.08 3.41 Return On Sales 28.95% 19.60% Return On Investment 60.12% 66.85% Return On Equity 30.18% 29.24% How well is the company performing? 7 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  8. 8. Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation Coca Cola MarketProfits Return on Equity 30.53% 18.20% P/E 21.59% 25.70% Net Profit Margin 11.43 8.1 Dividend Yield 2.90% 2.41% EPS N/A N/A 8
  9. 9. What has made Coca Cola so successful? Its marketing strategy, especially through TV Ads1960s-adpt to the youth market, used popular- music artists to perform. 1971-the most successful television ad and campaign, the Hilltop Commercial. Mid 1970s- “Look up America” was born, to set the direction of the whole nation, and remind Americans of their country’s positive values 1993-Coca Cola begins computer designed Ads by the innovative “Always Coca Cola Ad” with the Polar Bear. 2000-most refreshing Ad “First Experience”, which says “The first time drinking Coke is like kissing a girl” 9 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  10. 10. Encourages people making positive choices everyday Create own positive reality, be spontaneous, listen to our hearts and live in full color Reflects the simple, optimistic moments in life. Coca-Cola is refreshingly honest and uplifting. The Coke Side of Life 10 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  11. 11. Branding Coca Cola products in new markets- the 6-step master plan Branding Coca Cola products in new markets- the 6-step master plan Begin with Summer Refreshment Kill the thirst with Coke when you are outside with friends -Ice cold & sensory experience. Promote Connection and VitalityPromote Connection and Vitality Key Local Seasonal Occassion The best choice for celebration with Family and Friends-experience of Specialness Promote Connection and ReunionPromote Connection and Reunion Establish Everyday Relevance A great habit after hours of hardworking, when you can enjoy colleagues and family The feeling of Relaxing and RevitalizingThe feeling of Relaxing and Revitalizing Teen outing- a natural way of socializing and entertaining Continue Everyday Relevance Olympic, World Cup or other entertaining events such as American Idol Increase excitement, specialness and strong memoryIncrease excitement, specialness and strong memory Continue Everyday Relevance Everyday Football and Sport-when you watch TV or playing games at home Boost amusement and invigoration, delight and specialnessBoost amusement and invigoration, delight and specialness Link Coke & Meals The best suit complement for meals, not matter out of home or weekend meals Makes your meals ever better than beforeMakes your meals ever better than before 11 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  12. 12. What make us stand out from the rest? 12 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation
  13. 13. The best fit will survive, others will perish! 13 Business@school 2007 - Phase 1 Presentation