Sps ottawa 2012 slides - "my SharePoint is a production platform! not facebook!"


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Slides from my session @ SharePoint Saturday Ottawa - 2012

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  • At the end of the day, please ensure your evaluation is signed and handed in for door prizes. The draw takes place in Room 102A.
  • Be ready to invest time, resources, and moneyGet champions to help you with roll-outThink about adoption strategies early onPay attention to the usefulness, usability, and design of your solution Make sure your solution is compatible with existing systems Start gradually with small deployments/numbersPromote the solution and provide training if neededImplement improvements based on end user feedbackManage expectations – not all the goals can be achieved at onceTrain people that it’s coming and that you need to get on the train
  • Sps ottawa 2012 slides - "my SharePoint is a production platform! not facebook!"

    1. 1. “My SharePoint is a productionDecember 1st, 2012 platform! Not Facebook!” how to use SharePoint 2013 social features to create user centric systems #spsottawa #R119-4Nicolas GeorgeaultSharePoint Senior ArchitectPCG Canada@ngeorgeault
    2. 2. Thank you to all of our Sponsors!!
    3. 3. Spread the word!!
    4. 4. Who am I?Nicolas Georgeault• SharePoint Senior Architect @ Public Consulting Group Canada• SharePoint Server MVP• Consultant & Speaker – ngeorgeault@club-sharepoint.fr – http://ngeorgeault.club-sharepoint.fr – http://www.facebook.com/nicolas.georgeault – http://ca.linkedin.com/in/nicolasgeorgeault/ – @ngeorgeault• 1rst year in Canada• Mojitos and Horse-Ball addict :P (www.fihb-horseball.org)
    5. 5. Sorry about…My weird accent… but… I’m french…
    6. 6. Agenda• Social??• User Centric?• What’s new?• Planning• Education features• Search• Anything to recommend?• Questions
    7. 7. SOCIAL??
    8. 8. What is “social”?
    9. 9. Professional Use of Social Media Percent of Respondents 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Marketing 57% Internal collaboration and learning 39% Customer service and support 29% Sales 25% Human Resources 21% Strategy 16% Product Development 14% Other 31%Source: survey by Mzinga and Babson Executive Education.
    10. 10. Social Networking pillars?1 - Identity • link people sharing2 - Relations personal interests or3 – User Experience similar professionals.4 - Share • Bring to share content and5 - Discover to enrich the collective6 - Presence knowledge.7 - Exchange • Knowledge organization8 - Reputation and management
    11. 11. Social Networking pillars?1 - Identity User Profiles2 - Relations Following3 – User Experience Personalization4 - Share Communities5 - Discover Search and tagging6 - Presence Instance Messaging7 - Exchange NewsFeed8 - Reputation Notations, evaluation
    12. 12. My Sites in 2010
    13. 13. USER CENTRIC?
    14. 14. It’s not only Identity
    15. 15. My site page• 1rst page for the user• Content aggregation• Task management• Needed corporate tools• Knowledge capitalization Continuous Crawl
    16. 16. WHAT’S NEW?
    17. 17. Personal Sites- The landing page
    18. 18. Personal Sites- What others see?
    19. 19. SkyDrive Pro • One place to create, share, collaborate and follow important documents • It is “the” document library for private documents and documents shared with others • It is a set of views that show content and whom has access: • All: provides an overall view of documents in the My Documents
    20. 20. Offline Libraries: SkyDrive Pro• Provides quick and easy access to Document Libraries in the familiar Windows Explorer experience – Works for any SharePoint 2013 Document Libraries.• Makes your documents accessible online, offline or in-between and your changes are automatically synced – Syncs libraries across multiple devices• Fully integrated with Office Document Center: every file that gets uploaded through SKyDrive Pro is shredded• Replaces SharePoint Workspaces
    21. 21. My Tasks Personal Timeline Editable and automatically color coded by project Important tasks Tasks you’ve marked as top of mind. These automatically fade out to keep your list from getting out of hand Upcoming tasks Tasks due recently or in the near future.
    22. 22. Newsfeed in Team Sites• Team Sites have the site feed feature enabled during provisioning – Provides a Site Feed page in the site that shows microblogging posts related to that site – It also provisions a Microfeed list within the site and the Newsfeed web part – Can also be activated on other sites
    23. 23. Communities
    24. 24. DEMO
    25. 25. PLANNING
    26. 26. Identity• Where is your people data stored?• Is the people data fresh?• How will you import the data?
    27. 27. Profile Sync Performance Improvements
    28. 28. Profile Sync Performance Improvements• Performance improvement goals are to reduce full import time from 2 weeks down to 60 hours for very large directories (i.e. 200K users, 600K groups) • Recent anecdotal evidence: 300K users, less than 7 hours for full import• Some of those improvements included: • Adding indexes to certain user properties that eliminated full table scans • Importing data from BDC in batches rather than one by one • Removing unused provisioning steps • Cleaning up unused historical data • Move resolution of some objects out of SharePoint and into the sync system
    29. 29. New properties• 68 properties in 2010• 93 properties in 2013
    30. 30. • Moved – Social data moved to My Sites – Social feeds come from content database – Social features more scalable than SharePoint 2010• Removed – Eliminated the social database bottleneck
    31. 31. Synchronization “modes”Lightweight LDAP Forefront Identity User Profiles Webapproach internal to Manager Services and ObjectSharePoint Modela.k.a Direct AD Import
    32. 32. New Profile Synchronization Option• Active Directory Direct Import – Active Directory forest with multiple domains, one connection per domain – Selection of OUs from which to import – Import User and Group objects – Simple text-filters written in LDAP syntax – Full and incremental import – You can switch back between FIM and AD Direct
    33. 33. DEMO
    34. 34. ADImport Limitations• We do not process links across forests via the AD contact object• Mapping multi value to single value or vice versa is not supported• Mapping to system SharePoint properties (those that begin with SPS-…) is not supported• Mapping two different AD attributes to the same SharePoint property is not supported• It does not support importing additional user properties from BDC!
    35. 35. Social Feature Architecture • Likes, Posts, Replies, @mentions • Birthdays• Community Posts Personal Sites
    36. 36. Social Feature Architecture User Profile Service Social DB Content DBProfile DB (per-service) (per- service) (site collection(per-user) Content DBs per-user)People and User Site and Personal tag profile Social tags Feed posts document storage following properties following space
    37. 37. Distributed Cache• Dedicated vs. Collocated Mode• Feed cache vs. Last Modified Time Cache – recent conversations and activities of entities – maintains the last modified time for all items in the Feed Cache.• Installation should be done by Prerequisite installer• 10 Percent of Total Physical Memory (doesn’t recalculate) – Set-CacheHostConfig cmdlet – Why is the number divided by 2?• No greater than 16GB• Why stop it? – Installation reconfiguration – Updating Server and only one cache box?
    38. 38. Distributed Cache• Collocated Mode Services that should not be running – SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2012 – Search service – Excel Services in SharePoint – Project Server services• Do not use Dynamic Memory when running Virtual!!• Can skip it with PowerShell during deployment – skipRegisterAsDistributedCachehost
    39. 39. Distributed Cache• What happens when you stop it? – Tags and Documents are only saved to Feed Cache. – Repopulation Timer Jobs, how often do they run? • Load last modified time information for recent conversations and activities. • Load recent conversations and activities.• Feed Cache Repopulation Job timer job runs every 5 Minutes• Run the Jobs first but if force is necessary – Update-SPRepopulateMicroblogLMTCache. This cmdlet must be run first. – Update-SPRepopulateMicroblogFeedCache.• Graceful Shutdown (Takes up to 15 Minutes) – Stop-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstanceGracefullyOnLocalServer – Remove-SPDistributedCacheServiceInstanceOnLocalServer
    40. 40. Public Page, Personal Site, Social Features• SP2013 social features mostly rely on data on the person’s personal site and in the Distributed Cache• Two lists provide social features: Microfeed and Social List• My Documents (SkyDrive Pro)• Profile Database is still used for following peoples and tags as it was in 2010 Personal Site Microfeed Social My Documents Private Public Sites Docs MFs Social Profile DB DB
    41. 41. Site Feeds• My Site web app and Team Sites Web App – Same App Account – Same Farm• Following Content Feature for Site Feeds – Stop following and re-follow post upgrade• Notifications require Outgoing Email Configuration
    42. 42. Topology Considerations• A single User Profile Application provides the best Social experience – Multiple User Profile Applications may cause delays in notifications• Think about Muti-Tenancy instead of multiple User Profile Application• Community sites need to live in the same farm where My Site Host and Personal Sites are provisioned – They can live in different web applications• If in different farms, community notifications in the Newsfeed will not happen
    43. 43. 2010 Newsfeeds• 2010 Newsfeeds are deprecated• Can be made available by … during upgrade?• Not migrated to the new format
    44. 44. Outlook Social Connector• Connects to the My Site• Implications on performance
    45. 45. Search and Security Trimming• Conversations are Public and show up in Search Results• Site Feeds can be used and follow team site permissions• Incremental Crawl frequency impacts conversations in results.
    46. 46. Activities Integration• Enable activities in My Site newsfeed flag – Enables activity gatherer (timer job) that consolidates following activities for followed people: • Status Message (About me) • Note Board post • Tagging content (tagging posts is real-time) • Job title change • Workplace anniversary • Now following person • Birthday – Activities above get consolidated and written in the Microfeed list – Activities provided by custom 2010 gatherers is still written in the SocialDB / ConsolidatedFeeds Table • “Enable SharePoint 2010 Activity Migration” option, makes those “custom” activities to show up in Microfeed List too • potentially impacts performances because it forces Newsfeed WP to query SocialDB / ConsolidatedFeeds Table EVERY REFRESH
    47. 47. Permission Management (Central Administration)• Permissions to create Personal Sites• No Permission to create Personal Sites will have a ‘profile only’ experience. – They CAN: • Visit and edit their profile, and enter any information about themselves that they want, including adding a photo. • Follow people, and through their People page can see and reply to the latest Microblog posts * • Visit other people’s profiles • Have people @mention them (which will result in them getting an email). – They CANNOT: • Create any root Microblog Posts • View Microblog posts of people they following in the consolidated feeds web part – they will be redirected from the Newsfeed page to their Profile page • Follow content • Follow tags* • Aggregate tasks • Upload documents (or do any Personal Site activities) • @mention somebody
    48. 48. Privacy Settings• Central Administration in the User Profile Service Application• Administrators govern profile information – Users can always override Admin settings regarding activities and following people privacy settings.• Simplified compared to SharePoint 2010 Policy settings: – Privacy setting is now “Only me” or “Everyone”
    49. 49. Privacy Settings• Admins can also enable a “default“ privacy setting to make people following information and activities public.• When enabled this blocks administrators in CA to control privacy settings of newsfeed activities in policies – Message informs that policy control is override• If unchecked there are basically no system activities in Microfeed.
    50. 50. Privacy Notification
    52. 52. What is it??• Set of site Templates to build a Learning Management System• Not only for schools• Multi-tenant aware• Need a Full AD sync (FIM) to work• Ready to build your own Khan Academy?• Just try ‘Install-SPEduSite’ powershell command
    53. 53. SEARCH
    54. 54. Content Social Search
    55. 55. Person Social Search
    58. 58. SharePoint Newsfeed apps “enables you to interact with your organization’s SharePoint social network.”• Helps you keep up with important discussions from anywhere• Easily navigate between the newsfeeds that are important to you• Capture and share information that can be relevant to a number of your peers• You can easily get to everything you are following
    59. 59. WINDOWS 8
    60. 60. EveryoneEveryoneFollowingMarketing teamSF-based employeesRoad warriorsFood and Wine SharePoint
    61. 61. SharePoint
    62. 62. WINDOWS PHONE
    63. 63. Easy swipe for your content• “me” pivot shows you all your following content• Several filters for your newsfeeds: following, company, @mention, activities• Read and “like” your colleagues’ posts• Quick jump to your SkyDrive Pro
    64. 64. IPHONE AND IPAD
    65. 65. Get to the content you are following• Pivoted views of the newsfeed: Following, Everyone, Mentions and Activities• Auto-completion for #tags and @mentions in a post or a reply• See the list of people you are following and the ones following you• Stop and start following someone directly from the app• Upload pictures
    66. 66. aka.ms/spwp aka.ms/SharePointMobile
    67. 67. YAMMER
    68. 68. External service currently But…
    69. 69. Here is the Roadmap
    70. 70. TAKEAWAYS
    71. 71. 10 Essentials for Social Initiatives• Invest time, resources, and money• Get champions• Adoption strategies• Pay attention to the usefulness, usability, and design of your solution• Compatibility• Start gradually• Promote and animate• Improve periodically on end user feedback• Manage expectations and give visibility• Train people
    72. 72. Cultural Challenges• Fear by management over loss of control• Fear by employees over loss of personal value• Confusion over the business impact of new social tools• Hesitant about change and breaking away from existing conventions
    73. 73. Recommendations for IT• Phased approach – don’t overwhelm the users• Implement improvements/new features regularly• Organize incentive operations• Animate the network• Make governance policies easy to find• Organize Change management and support
    74. 74. What to Measure?• Number of connections per user• Cross posting of blogs, subscriptions to RSS and other feeds• Average number of participants with Wikis• Effective use on major projects• Reduction in e-mail traffic and Exchange databases size• Range of adoption (departments, topics)• Does a new policy or idea get adopted easier. Can you track the spread?• Search metrics: fewer similar queries=right information faster
    75. 75. Any Questions?ngeorgeault@club-sharepoint.fr @ngeorgeault
    77. 77. Remember to fill out your evaluation forms to win some great prizes! & Join us for SharePint today!Date & Time: Dec 1st, 2012 @6:00 pmLocation: Pub ItaliaAddress: 434 ½ Preston StreetParking: On street with meters $Site: http://www.pubitalia.ca/