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Free Customer Interaction Assessment


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Contact a CIM representative today for a free assessment of your current customer service solutions and to see how nGenera’s customer service software can help.

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Free Customer Interaction Assessment

  1. 1. Know Your ROI Before You Buy Learn How to Save Costs and Improve Customer Service Before You Buy THE BUSINESS PROBLEM solution based on your unique business case, how to improve agent efficiency, As overall revenue forecasts become more and how to increase customer challenging, the imperative of delivering satisfaction scores. excellent customer service is soaring in priority for businesses. Every customer HOW THE ASSESSMENT WORKS service organization must use their resources to either maintain a loyal Enter your contact information into customer or establish a relationship with a the short form located here: At the conclusion of a new prospect. Current systems and An free, no-obligation knowledge resources may not be prepared nGenera CIM representative will assessment of your for this intensive scrutiny. Increased contact you via phone within one competition for budget with other deserving business day to briefly confirm your customer service projects requires identification of information and better-understand organization, you will continuous improvement plans in addition your customer service challenges. know your return on to risk assessments. A second follow-up call with an investment before Many systems and procedures within nGenera CIM Expert Services purchasing an customer service operations stay relatively Consultant will be conducted. The nGenera CIM solution unchanged, especially if the people who purpose of the hour-long meeting is first established the center are no longer to collect additional data about your in addition to responsible for it. In today’s business customer service organization so that understanding what environment, the triple-header goals of a detailed report with steps you can take to improving efficiency, promoting accuracy, recommendations can be generated. and delivering consistent quality are driving (All shared information will be kept reduce costs, improve all performance metrics. As you manage private and secure.) agent efficiency, and toward these objectives with the priority increase customer attention focused on generating ROI, is Within three business days the Expert there anything you have overlooked? Services Consultant will produce a satisfaction scores. unique report outlining your business THE NGENERA CIM SOLUTION problem, the ROI of potential nGenera CIM implementations, and nGenera CIM has made it easy to decrease additional recommendations the your risk in selecting a new customer consultant can make to improve your service implementation by offering a customer service center. complimentary assessment of your current customer service operations. By the end of Sign up soon for this valuable limited- the assessment, you will know the time offer! projected ROI of selecting an nGenera CIM