nGen CIM Suite, Superior Customer Service Software


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nGen Customer Interaction Management (CIM) Suite is exceptional customer service software that offers email management, live chat, document management, online customer service and knowledge management solutions.

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nGen CIM Suite, Superior Customer Service Software

  1. 1. nGen CIM Suite The Foundation for a Truly Exceptional Customer Experience THE BUSINESS PROBLEM NGEN CIM SUITE BENEFITS All over the world, customers are relying Channel Choice: Provide customers more and more on the Internet for their the channel of their choice—Self- purchases, submitting payments, re- Service (Knowledgebase), Email, ordering, and most of the time consumers Chat, and Phone. Deliver cross- are simply searching for online customer channel interaction history to agents, assistance. Companies have spent millions improving customer satisfaction. on CRM databases and focus primarily on customer data management, but what is Information Access and often overlooked is how to manage the Aggregation: Organize internally- interaction once the customer is gained. and externally-facing knowledge More established enterprises are providing repositories and provide access to “With the nGen CIM online technologies to enhance the legacy system information. Augment Suite deployed across customer experience, but quite often what current customer relationship our major business consumers expect to find often falls short management systems with multi- of their expectations. In the customer channel interaction management. lines, staff have a 360- service industry, what is powering the degree view of each critical customer interactions that actually Measure and Optimize: Improve client, enabling us to formulate a positive ongoing relationship? insights with cross-channel reporting. Optimize the relationship between provide a coordinated THE NGENERA CIM SOLUTION the customer and the agent through team effort to deliver a richer customer incident summary. The nGen Customer Interaction greater value to our Management (CIM) Suite enables companies Scalable, Reliable, and Secure: clients.” to deliver a truly exceptional customer Handle millions of interactions experience. The nGen CIM Suite enhances seamlessly and cost-effectively. customer satisfaction through self-service, --Terry Kennerly, Protect critical information with the assisted service, and proactive service latest security advancements. Assistant Vice offerings. With CIM, it’s simple. Customers choose the communication channel they President, prefer. Agent productivity and response CoastCapital Savings quality increases through automated functions, knowledge-enhanced solutions, and an organized, single-window view. Management gains access to both in-depth tactical dashboards and big-picture strategic reports, driving consistent   improvements.  
  2. 2.   NGEN CIM SUITE FEATURES   nGen Self-Service: Enable web site visitors to nGen Click to Call: Allow your web site instantly access reliable answers to visitor to request a call-back. Click to Call   routes the request to the most commonly-asked questions, decreasing   reliance on other more resource-intensive appropriate agent based on the business channels such as email and chat. rules and parameters of your choice. “Our commitment is to deliver an unrivalled nGen Customer Interaction Hub (CIH): nGen Email: Efficiently respond to high email customer experience. volumes accurately with sophisticated email Present a unified view of customer communications to the appropriate agent With nGenera CIM, our routing, automated responses, and customer- that enables intelligent dialogue, staff has the right specific auditing. increases productivity, and reduces tools to better manage training time. Supervisors can centrally nGen Answer: Enhance and accelerate email manage departments, teams, and roles to client relationships response management using an intelligent improve overall efficiency and and exceed system that filters incoming email and performance. expectations.” generates automated acknowledgements or responses. nGen Analytics & Reporting: Track and evaluate critical data and metrics to --Terry Kennerly, nGen Chat: Offer live service and initiate co- assess productivity, monitor service Assistant Vice browsing sessions to fulfill specific online levels, and evaluate customer preferences and behaviors. President, inquiries. Leverage proactive and reactive capabilities to facilitate rapid resolution at CoastCapital Savings the point of service and drive up-sell and nGen Integration: Leverage the nGen CIM cross-sell initiatives. Suite’s flexible architecture for seamless integration between the Suite and other critical business applications. nGen Knowledgebase: Build a comprehensive online knowledge repository to deliver timely, nGen Phone: Properly manage phone accurate information to customers, partners, interactions with a single-window view and employees. Leverage the sophisticated workspace housing critical information content creation system, easy-to-use such as caller ID, customer history, and workflow processes, and flexible reports. caller-specific scripts.