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Ds ngencim phone_q109_na

  1. 1. nGen Phone Merge Cross-Channel Interactions into a Single Desktop THE BUSINESS PROBLEM NGEN PHONE BENEFITS Telephone calls are an expensive way to Increase Customer Satisfaction:  communicate with your customers, and can Furnish agents with history and cross- often lead to customer frustrations. Quite application context, route calls to often, customers only have one or two the proper agent automatically; quick questions they need assistance with. personalize each call with agent Long wait times aggravate customers, screen pops challenge agents, and diminish satisfaction. Furthermore, once a customer connects Boost Agent Productivity:  Single- “We have over 250 with a real person, unorganized data in window data view, minimize holds agents in three call multiple systems and limited access to and multi-application look-ups, centers. [nGen] interaction history puts the agent on an reduce agent downtime with expert island. Faced with this environment, the queuing and routing Phone helped reduce mandate to cut costs and improve customer agent callbacks by satisfaction is difficult to achieve. Measure, Manage, and Succeed: over 25%.” Improve SLAs easily with dashboards, THE NGENERA CIM SOLUTION timers, and reports; leverage deep nGen Phone empowers companies to cost- integration with existing --nGenera CIM effectively merge data from disparate infrastructure for cross-platform Telecom Client systems and thread the entire interaction reporting history. Agents can instantly see all previous contacts and relevant data across Central Desktop Control: CTI all channels. Customers interact with integration, includes screen pop agents who can put all previous calls in to context, building on previous interactions. Productivity increases, transfers and callbacks decline. This holistic customer view not only improves customer satisfaction, it truly enables long-lasting relationships. 
  2. 2. KEY FEATURES Soft Phone Functionality Productivity Tools Hardware neutral, leveraging previous CTI screen pop investments Integrate with other systems in a Caller ID enabled screen pops single window nGen Phone presents Accept, reject, transfer, hold, and Single agent sign-on conference calls Multilingual desktop caller ID, history, and Automatically update agent status in Threaded caller history across all other records in one the ACD system and the reports interaction channels window. Record and retain date and time Supervisor Tools stamped call files with agent notes Full timer and load-level dashboards Web call-back, enables customers Non-technical management of agent to be contacted when they choose permissions, roles, and team assignments Extensive real-time, historical, and custom reporting Email delivery of scheduled reports