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nGen’s email management software provides customers with an efficient email response to their inquiries and users with easy email management. Contact us today to learn more.

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Email Management Software

  1. 1. nGen Email Offer Personal Touches with Professional Power THE BUSINESS PROBLEM NGEN EMAIL BENEFITS As more customers choose email as their Respond Rapidly, Accurately, and preferred method of communication for Securely: 24x7x365 communication, inquiry resolution, customer contact authentication and HTTPS centers will become inundated with connections, intelligent routing rules, managing and answering customer email automatic categorization, suggested inquiries. Consequently, response times responses, and managed escalations. will be measured in days rather than minutes and can cause immense customer Improve Agent Productivity: "[nGen] Email frustration. To assure customer satisfaction, Streamline agent operations with guarantees that our companies must prepare their contact expanded workspace capabilities. An centers by deploying an email management agent can view 50 emails at a time guests’ requests are solution that will both cut costs and and view up to 5,000 emails in their addressed in a respond to the increasing volume of email. mailbox. Support multiple email personable and chains in multiple mailboxes. Full- THE NGENERA CIM SOLUTION text indexing of emails increases the timely manner, as A component of nGenera’s Customer speed of email retrieval—and consumers expect Interaction Management (CIM) Suite, nGen decreases the time to resolution. emails to be treated Email is a flexible, cost-effective email Measure and Optimize as promptly as phone management automation system designed to administer large volumes of incoming Performance: Sophisticated calls." email. With an easy-to-use interface, reporting tools optimize contact agents see a complete view of each center operations, such as reporting on which preset responses are most -–Carnival customer’s history across multiple emails and multiple channels. nGen Email also commonly used. Real-time Cruise Lines enhances agent productivity and quality of management dashboards, agent interactions through automatic responses timers and extensive management using nGen Answer, pre-scripted responses, reports; ‘Quality Control Outbox’ and optional Knowledgebase integration. configuration. According to a Jupiter Research article titled Justifying the Costs of Technology, nGen Answer: Immediately reduce “Companies that deploy email automation the number of customer emails that systems are able to handle 54 percent more require agent action with automated email inquiries per hour than those with response technology. Reply to customer build applications, and 63 percent incoming email in less time with less more than companies using business overhead and fewer agents despite applications.” increasing volumes of inbound email.
  2. 2. KEY FEATURES Intelligent Rules and Routing Manager Functionality Configurable routing based on subject Customize agent and supervisor lines, Web form or email content desktops Automatic response and categorization Real-time, historical, and custom Intelligent routing, an engines reporting on active emails, inbox intuitive user Configurable transfer and escalation content, and response times interface, and rules Configurable “Quality Control Outbox” can hold selected emails powerful knowledge Productivity Tools for supervisor review and productivity tools Generate automatic Easy, point-and-click empower agents to responses/suggested responses administration of agents, Threaded history across all interaction permissions, and roles achieve high first time channels Automatically filter slang and resolution rates and Knowledge management integration undesired language and content improved customer Keyboard shortcuts, block editing, and spell check Audit Trails and Compliance satisfaction. Merge fields for easy personalization Content and author information is Agents can manage multiple emails on time-stamped and stored multiple timers Complete historical record Multilingual dictionaries improves customer interactions and regulatory compliance Optional Secure Message Portal