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nGen’s CoBrowsing software is a customer service solution that helps you browse your website with customers to quickly guide them to the answer they’re seeking. Improve customer service with CoBrowse.

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CoBrowsing Software, Connect with Customers

  1. 1. nGen CoBrowse Create a Visual, Memorable Online Experience for Your Customers THE BUSINESS PROBLEM innovative. The technology enables agents to balance end-user acceptance Whether your customer needs help with corporate security standards; it is completing an order form or can’t find the fully browser-based and does not product they’re looking for on your Web require software installation by the site, sometimes the nature of the inquiry customer or opening of firewall ports. requires an agent to “reach through” and nGen CoBrowse is available for both on- provide a visual connection to the premise and hosted deployments. customer’s answer. Phone and email channels provide little to no visual NGEN COBROWSE BENEFITS “We are very pleased assistance capabilities, and chat alone cannot accomplish the task. The customer Rapidly Resolve Inquiries: Guide to have created a customers immediately to their and the agent alike become frustrated, strategic partnership decreasing customer satisfaction and agent solution instead of stumbling over with nGenera CIM. productivity. Additionally, end users have drawn-out explanations via phone or been wary of co-browse solutions because email. They bring our of required software downloads as well as Increase Sales Revenue: Agents solution to the the complexities of Web site technologies. become an extension of your sales enterprise where its How can you empower your agents to force by pushing up- and cross-sell full array of features provide a visual solution to your customers’ opportunities when customers are inquiries while ensuring the safety and guided to their solutions in real-time. and functionality can security of your customers?  Improve First-Contact Resolution be truly utilized to and Customer Satisfaction Rates: THE NGENERA CIM SOLUTION increase agent Provide a visual and personal nGen CoBrowse helps you reach out to your connection to your customers’ productivity and customer when they need you most. answer, increasing the likelihood of revenue." Whether they require assistance completing immediately resolving the issue and their purchase or have a question about a improving customer satisfaction. product on your Web site, nGen CoBrowse --Igor Khalatain, Reduce Shopping-Cart gives a personal touch to customer service. PhD., Founder & Abandonment Rates: Engage Integrated with a chat or telephony customers using visual cues before CEO, LiveLOOK  implementation or as a stand-alone they become frustrated and vacate solution, it enables agents to reach out to your site. the customer in a non-intrusive, user- friendly environment.   Ensure Your Customers’ Safety while Giving Them Control:   LiveLOOK, the leading provider of real-time Constant notification of session is online interaction tools, has partnered with displayed, sensitive information is nGenera CIM to provide the collaborative not transferred, and your customer technology that makes nGen CoBrowse so can cancel the session at any time.
  2. 2. KEY FEATURES CoBrowsing Functionality Supervisory Functions Co-browse order forms, Real time, custom, and historical knowledgebase, Web sites, and reporting, featuring queue stats,  shopping carts with customers active sessions, and workload nGen CoBrowse is Teach visitors site navigation and Manage and monitor agent sessions promote access to future self-service for training and quality secure, easy to use, Agent has mouse and keyboard control Whisper and take-over and simple to deploy— of customer screen with customer’s functionality it adds value that will permission make a difference to Implementation Customer Experience your customers’ online Can be integrated into Phone and Chat No downloads required experience and your implementations or available as a Supports all standard browsers stand-alone solution Personal support at the point of bottom line. Skills-based routing capabilities need   Available as both on-premise and No sensitive information is hosted transferred Multiple simultaneous sessions per Customer can close session and agent regain control at any time Complete customer history with threaded interactions Not all features are available with Full timer and load level dashboard every nGen CoBrowse configuration.