Motivation whatitiswherefromhowtosustainit


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Motivation whatitiswherefromhowtosustainit

  1. 1. “Motivation: what it means, where it comes from and how it can be sustained.” MATE Middle School Conference, Tiznit, May 4-6, 2012. Abdellatif Zoubair Email: Web: Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  2. 2. Outline1. Define the concept of motivation2. State the main features underlyingmotivation3. Explain how some potential factors impactmotivation 4. Discuss possible ways of sustainingmotivation 5. Reflect on the pedagogical implications oftheMid Sc Conf,TiznitMATE ideas aboveMay12
  3. 3. What is it?1. “In general, the driving . . . . . . in anysituation that leads to . . . . . ..”2. “A combination of the learner’s . . . . . .., desires, and willingness to expend effort inorder to learn the second language.”MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  4. 4. 3. “Some kind of internal . . . . . . . whichpushes someone to do things in orderto . . . . . . . something.” 4. “It also includes the need for the . . . . . . .to be known and to be approved by others.”MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  5. 5. 5. “A state of . . . . . . . arousal which provokes a decision to act, as a result of which there is a . . . . . . . intellectual and/or physical effort so that the person can achieve some previously set . . . . . . ..”MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  6. 6. 1. “In general, the driving force in any situation thatleads to action.” 2. “A combination of the learner’sattitudes, desires, and willingness to expend effortin order to learn the second language.”3. “Some kind of internal drive which pushessomeone to do things in order to achievesomething.”MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  7. 7. 4. “It also includes the need for the self to beknown and to be approved by others.”5. “A state of cognitive arousal whichprovokes a decision to act, as a result ofwhich there is a sustained intellectual and/orphysical effort so that the person can achievesome previously set goal.”MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  8. 8. Related notions1. An orientation: a class of reasons forlearning a language2. Integrative orientation: a willingness to belike valued members of the community.MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  9. 9. 3. Instrumental orientation: aims at morepractical concerns, e.g. getting a job orpassing an exam.4. Intrinsic motivation: involves enjoyment oflearning itself5. Extrinsic motivation: driven by externalfactors such as parental pressureMATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  10. 10. Key features1. Feeling2. Goal3. Action4. Attitude5. Willingness6. Effort7. Challenge8. ...MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  11. 11. Contributing factors1. The goal: clearly defined? . . .2. The society we live in: status within thecurriculum? Associated cultural images? . . .3. The people around us: Parents? Peers? . . .4. Curiosity: Initial motivation crucial, but should besustained?MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  12. 12. Five-stage model for sustaining motivation1. Affect: Students’ feelings? . . .2. Achievement: success versus failure?3. Attitude: Do learners have confidence in theteachers? In their professional abilities? . . .4. Activities: Do they involve enjoyment? Dostudents see the point/utility of the tasks? . . .5. Agency: Are students involved in decisionmaking relating to their learning? . . .MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  13. 13. Pedagogical implications?1. Reflect on how you can incorporate the notions above into your teaching practices.2. Share your thoughts with the group.MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  14. 14. REFERENCES: Blackburn, B. & Abbigail, A. February/March. “Motivation: It’s All About Me.” Momentum Journal. National Catholic Education Association. Brown, H.,Douglas (2007) Principles of Language Learning and Teaching. Pearson Education. Harmer, J. The Practice of English LanguageTeaching. Pearson Longman Fourth Edition. Richards, Jack C. & Scmidt, R. 2010. Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics. Longman.MATE Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12
  15. 15. Thank you for your your attention!N.B. Refer to slideshare Mid Sc Conf,TiznitMay12