Ym2 asm 4.1 - van tien


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Ym2 asm 4.1 - van tien

  2. 2. Context The journey Our journey starts here Target Insight Message Seeing and defining Creative Platform idea Hero Execution Awesoming through strategy Engagement strategy Ecosystem
  3. 3. START FORM HERE Big Idea INSIGHT BRAND ROLE BIG IDEA - message Pure delight Emotionally Useful Fuctionally Useful
  4. 4. Strategy Product truth Consumer truth Cultural truth Strategy
  5. 5. Strategy Creative platform Propagation Generousity Multifacetedness Responsiveness Key message Phase 3 Key message Phase 2 Phase 1 Hero execution Key message Key hook Key hook Key hook Media Media Media
  6. 6. Engagement Strategy Strategy Key visual Consumer journey Channel matrix Campaign roll out Campaign architecture Campaign ecosystem KPI
  7. 7. Strategy Think of media as a canvas Desired code of behavior Where your people are Ecosystem Where your idea live, interact, play Core idea
  8. 8. Insight Example Brand role Men desire for a daring innovation to take him to the lead of the mating game despite of his being less attractive than others Give men the edge in the mating game Concept: Astronaut is a daring innovation and Axe own the image KH: Launch the contest, training Media: TVC, PR with Ngo Thanh Van KM: the journey from zero to hero of the astronaut KH: 3 finalists becom celebrities Media: Ngo Thanh Van’s MV, event, PR Phase 3 KM: Be aware of the hotness of Astronauts Phase 2 Axe apollo Vietnam campaign Phase 1 Big idea: Axe Apollo - bring the next Vietnamese man to the space KM: The explosion of finding the next Vietnamese astronaut KH: Final gala’s explosion Media: event, PR
  9. 9. Creative without strategy is called “art”. Creative with strategy is called “advertising.” - Jef I. Richards
  10. 10. 2. What is a Creative Brief? Creative brief is a document but not a boring document to be passed upon. It’s not a list or a form to fill-in, it’s a proper “lift-off” that: o Tells us WHY we are doing this in the first place. o Ensures that we are asking the RIGHT questions before attempting to answer the PROBLEM. o Provides us with vital information that helps us set our direction. o Helps us limit the scope of our search so we don’t run off track. Creative brief is a process to spark imagination & creativity. (also connecting business needs with right target audience, right message and right media)
  11. 11. How? Do some original thinking How? How to write a Creative Brief to transform from Consumer Insight to Brand Strategy & Big Idea? How? Ask & answer questions
  12. 12. A Creative Brief should include: Background - What are we creating? (A banner campaign? An email? A website?) - Where & when will it be seen? Objectives - Marketing objective? - Communication objective? Target audience - Who are they? - What is the barrier? - What is the key insight to overcome this? Single minded proposition What is the single most motivating and differentiating thing we can say about the brand or product to the target audience to make them act in the desired way? Single key message What messages do we want to get across? Reasons to believe - Why should people believe this? - What is the supporting evidence? Desired brand character - What is the tone of voice? - How do we want people to feel about the brand after they’ve seen the advertising? Key response - What do we want the prospect to do as a result of the advertising? - What beliefs, attitudes, opinions, behaviour do we want to change? Mandatory inclusions - Logos - Phone numbers - Taglines - Call to actions.