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Payforce online brochure


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Payforce online brochure

  1. 1. ADP Payforce®What if there was a smarterway to manage your payrolland HR processes?
  2. 2. ADP Payforce is suited to organisations frommany industry sectors. It provides businesseswith a comprehensive payroll and HR solutionthat streamlines administrative processes andimproves efficiencies.BenefitsCompliance – payroll system is updated by ADP withapplicable payroll and tax related legislative changesLess Risk – full disaster recovery and backup systemsfor the database with off-site Data Centre facilitiesBetter Security – confidential data and record protectionthrough superior IT security standards (eg encryptedprotocols, sophisticated firewalls, restricted user accesslevels and secure User ID authentication)Accessibility – easy to use with 24/7* access to the systemvia the internetIncreased Productivity – potential savings in time, labourand costs by better utilising your staffs’ core skillsExpert Help – support is available during business hoursby email and phone access to the Client Support Help DeskCore Featuresƒƒ Payroll Data Captureƒƒ Costingƒƒ Leave Managementƒƒ Employee/Manager Self-Serviceƒƒ Web Pay Advicesƒƒ Web Payment Summaries ƒƒ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)**ƒƒ Employee Recordsƒƒ Organisation Management (Managed Services only)ƒƒ Reporting – includes over 170 standard reportsƒƒ Standard General Ledger Interfaceƒƒ Tax File Number Declarations and PaymentSummary Lodgementsƒƒ New Zealand Payroll (optional)ƒƒ Inland Revenue Reporting (NZ) (optional)Additional HR Functionality^This extra functionality provides the capacity to make useof an integrated HR system within the Payforce ManagedServices (or Processing Services) offering.ƒƒ Organisation Management (Processing Services only)ƒƒ Training Managementƒƒ Remunerationƒƒ Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)ƒƒ Recruitment ƒƒ Performance ManagementChoose From Two Levels of ServiceADP Payforce®Processing Services (PS)Payforce PS is a service where ADP hosts and managesyour payroll application off-site, reducing the need foryou to find, build and maintain a network infrastructure.The service is accessible via the internet through a secureweb interface. With Payforce PS, ADP maintains thepayroll system to ensure optimum performance, whileyou run the actual payroll process as an internal functionthat you manage and control. Expert help is also on handas you are supported by a dedicated Client Support Teamduring business hours.ADP Payforce®Managed Services (MS)Payforce MS adds another level of service to the ProcessingServices model. As a Managed Services provider, ADPimplements, manages and supports your payroll functionas well as providing Pay Office Administration servicesfrom a centrally managed facility. With Managed Services,once the transactional and employee data is forwardedto ADP, our experienced and professional staff processthe payrolls including all associated reports, payslips andEnd of Year requirements.ADP®’s Smart Payroll Service Solutions• Are you spending valuable resources on payroll and related administrative tasks?• What if you could streamline your processes using a comprehensive, cost effectivepayroll service and system?• Imagine having a functionally rich, payroll service solution with the potential to saveyou time, labour and costs.*Subject to system maintenance times.** Additional fees may apply.^Additional fees apply. Please note that the administration of the HR modules is theresponsibility of the client and does not form part of the Payforce service offering.
  3. 3. Summary of Key ActionsProcessing ServicesResponsibilityManaged ServicesResponsibilityADP Client ADP ClientGeneral Payroll Setups, Updates, ReportsSet up new pay calendars and produce payroll timetables for the year ✓ ✓Update system with Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and/orfor New Zealand, Inland Revenue Department (IRD) legislatedtax requirements✓ ✓Update other statutory tax rates (eg payroll tax) ✓ ✓Data Collection, Input and ValidationSupply payroll data in ADP agreed format ✓ ✓Input data (eg fixed and variable pay data, uploading pay data entries,applying pro-rata values etc) ✓ ✓Validate data (eg checking payroll calculations, reviewing absenceresults, overall testing etc) ✓ ✓Payroll Calculations and ReportsProcess the pay run including retrospective pays ✓ ✓Produce standard payroll reports ✓ ✓Reconcile payroll monthly ✓ ✓Calculation of termination payments (eg redundancies) ✓ ✓Post-Payroll Services**Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) disbursement of net wages#✓ ✓ ✓Distribute payslips or online pay advices ✓ ✓ ✓Electronic Payment Services (EPS) disbursement of third partypayments inclusive of Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) tax files sent to ATO ✓ ✓ ✓Production of standard General Ledger interface files ✓ ✓ ✓Client SupportProvide central point of contact for employee queries regardingpayroll calculations, payslips, bank account details etc ✓ ✓Provide advice on maintenance of system parameters, technicalsupport and general troubleshooting queries ✓ ✓Employee/Manager Self-Service Administration (EMO)Provide EMO password reset service for employees, timesheetmanagement (create, update, etc) and hierarchy or organisationalstructure maintenance✓ ✓End of Year Services**Produce, print and deliver End of Year Payment Summaries andlodge information with ATO ✓ ✓ ✓Archiving ServicesTake secure backup of essential client data to facilitate recoveryif needed, as well as meeting regulated statutory requirementsfor record keeping✓ ✓Tax File Number (TFN) DeclarationsGenerate electronic lodgement of newly completed statutoryTFN Declarations and remit to ATO ✓ ✓ ✓Business Process Review (during implementation)Consulting service to review clients’ current payroll processes andrecommend/implement process efficiencesN/A N/A ✓**Additional fees may apply.#This service is where ADP disburses your employee wages and addressesthe management and handling of the EFT process with a clearing house.
  4. 4. Office locations:AdelaideUnit 5/217 Portrush RoadMaylands SA 5069BrisbaneLevel 1, Building 2Gateway Office Park747 Lytton RoadMurarrie QLD 4172Melbourne9-11 Miles StreetMulgrave VIC 3170PerthThe GatewayG2/59 Albany HighwayVictoria Park WA 6100SydneyLevel 4, 15 Bourke RoadMascot NSW 2020Contact us:1800 000 729Visit our ADP®ƒƒ Globally ADP is the market leader inpayroll and HR services with 60 yearsof experience in the businessƒƒ Payroll experts in the local market –working with Australian businessesfor more than 35 yearsƒƒ Approximately 7,000 clients in Australiaand New Zealand producing around10 million payslips per annumƒƒ ADP in Australia employs over 300 staffbased in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne,Perth and Sydneyƒƒ ADP globally is one of the mostfinancially stable organisations inthe world, being one of only a handfulof companies that have the highestAAA credit rating by Moody’s andStandard & Poor’sFor enquiries go to call 1800 000 729.The ADP Logo and ADP are registeredtrademarks of ADP, Inc. ©2012 ADP, Inc.