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* Source: Standard & Poor’sThe ADP Logo and ADP are registered trademarks of ADP, Inc. ©2011 ADP, Inc.Do you want to simpl...
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Eps brochure


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Eps brochure

  1. 1. * Source: Standard & Poor’sThe ADP Logo and ADP are registered trademarks of ADP, Inc. ©2011 ADP, Inc.Do you want to simplify the wayyou handle super payments?Need a quote or more information?For enquiries go to or call 1800 000 729.Please note that ADP holds an Australian Financial Services Licence No. 312078 for our electronic payment service. Please read ourProduct Information Guide available on our website to help you determine if EPS will meet your business needs. ADP® Electronic Payment ServicesADP Electronic Payment Services (EPS) aims atreducing the administrative overhead that you mayexperience in meeting your superannuation andother deduction payment obligations foryour employees.Single process makes things easierƒƒ EPS simplifies the process of employee relatedcontribution payments such as superannuation,health funds, insurance, child support, leasepayments, garnishees etcƒƒ You make one electronic payment to ADP for allyour staff and we take care of distributing thepayments to the various recipients on your behalfEPS Reportingƒƒ An EPS report is provided at each payrollprocess so you know exactly who will be paid andhow muchƒƒ At month-end all deduction payments areconsolidated and a single debit is made fromyour account Key Benefitsƒƒ You deal with one single providerƒƒ Single process – data and payments aremade togetherƒƒ ADP matches data formats for differentrecipientsƒƒ You have a choice of four options for QuarterlySuperannuation Guarantee Reporting(ADP SPRS service) ADP® CredentialsADP is the global market leader in payroll and HRwith 60 years of experience in the business. It is oneof a handful of companies globally that have beenaccredited with the top AAA rating by both Moody’sand Standard & Poor’s. As a comparison, the ‘BigFour’ Australian banks all carry a long term ratingof AA*.This means that when you deal with ADP, you areassured of working with a company you can trustwith the best possible financial credentials.• How do you currently handle your employees’ superannuation deduction payments?• Is it an administrative nightmare dealing with a multitude of super funds?• What if there was a service that could manage your super and other payrolldeductions in one easy process?