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Beacon lighting pf case study


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Beacon lighting pf case study

  1. 1. Beacon LightingPayforce®Case StudyBackgroundBeacon Lighting was established inMelbourne in 1974 and is proudly anAustralian, privately owned business.The store network grew first in theMelbourne metropolitan area andthe first franchise store was openedin Victoria in 1989. The expansioninterstate began in 1998 when thefirst store was opened in Jindalee,Queensland.Beacon Lighting is Australia’s leadinglighting retailer with 59 stores in allcapital cities and regional centres.Beacon Lighting’s payroll team is madeup of Payroll Manager Liliana Yott andan assistant who provides a payrollservice to 40 company stores acrossAustralia, plus six commercial divisionsand a distribution centre in Derrimut,paying a total of 430 staff across thecompany.ADPBeacon Lighting commenced usingADP in November 2006. Prior to movingacross to ADP, Beacon Lighting hadexperienced strong growth, increasingtheir employee base from approximately200 to the current 430. “The mainreason for moving across to ADP wasthe company was growing and thepayroll system we were using was nolonger meeting our requirements,”Liliana says. “The previous systemrequired the managers of each storeto fill in the timesheets for all theemployees then they would have tosend them via email to us in payroll, wewould then reconcile those timesheetsback to the information held in thesystem and make changes accordingly.That was taking far too long.”ADP’s Payforce solution met this needwith its ability to set up timesheets inthe payroll system. “When we wentlooking for a system, we were tryingto find one that would incorporate thetimesheets as well so that they wouldlink to payroll. Most other systems havepayroll and then have to go to a third-party supplier to get a timesheet systemthat would work with payroll. WithADP’s system we can setup rosters forevery full-time and part-time employeein every store which are available tostore managers online. The managersdon’t need to worry about anything, allthey need to do is go online and recordchanges to the rosters if someone is onannual or sick leave, as well as enteringcasual shifts. They find it easy to use andit has made life a lot easier,” Liliana says.The ADP Logo and ADP are registered trademarks of ADP, Inc. ©2011 ADP, Inc."Having the Award Interpretermakes it easy as all you need to dois link the person to the right award(agreement) at the setup stage andfrom then on the system will knowwhat to do and how to pay them. Asa result, our payroll staff’sproductivity has increased."Liliana Yott – Payroll Manager
  2. 2. to pay them. As a result, our payrollstaff’s productivity has increased. Wenow have more time to spend on otherimportant tasks.”Increased EmployeeSatisfactionAccording to Liliana, “we have less payqueries with ADP. When we do havequeries it’s not normally due to thesystem but rather the person enteringthe information into the system atthe stores.“Data AccuracyBeacon Lighting has benefited frommoving to Payforce – a completepayroll and HR system. “We haveexperienced less human error withADP,” Liliana says. “If you put the rightinformation in you get the right output.And as the system has been setupcorrectly for our needs there is lessopportunity for wrong calculationsor errors, especially when calculatingtermination payments.”Reporting“With reporting, the data comes straightfrom the system, so all the numbersadd up. When you do reports fromdifferent systems, you need to dolots of cuts and pastes and canTime SavingPayforce allows your key staff to spendmore of their time on activities thatare important to the success of thebusiness. “Part of the challenge wasreducing the amount of time spent atthe stores doing the timesheets andreducing the amount of time at thepayroll office processing the payroll,”Liliana explains. “Payforce saves thestore managers quite a bit of time asonce they create the timesheet fromthe system – which takes less than aminute – all they need to do is makechanges for annual and sick leave plusentering any casual shifts. Comparedto our previous system it saves themapproximately 30% of the time theyspend on payroll.”Award Interpreter“We have introduced differentagreements to cover the need ofthe business: stores, warehouse,administration, commercial and wehave been able to incorporate them intothe Payforce system,” Liliana says.“Having the Award Interpreter makesit easy as all you need to do is link theperson to the right award (agreement)at the setup stage and from then on thesystem will know what to do and howget in a lot of trouble, you often can’teasily reconcile numbers which wastesa lot of time. We don’t have that problemany more,” Liliana says.“The fact that we can run reports anddownload them into excel spreadsheets,so that different people can use themfor different purposes, makes it a lotsimpler for everyone in the business.”Recommendation“I would recommend ADP to retailers,”Liliana says. “The biggest benefitsof Payforce are the link between thetimesheets held at different locationsand the payroll system; the reportingwhich is a huge benefit; and theamount of information we can get outof the system.”“Our relationship with ADP is very good.I appreciate the fact that I can contactpeople who know what they are talkingabout. When I have a problem, theright person gets back to me with theanswers."Payforce®Case Study – Beacon LightingWould you like more information?For further information relating to our products, please contact our team on:Phone: 1800 000 729 Fax: 1800 880 729 Email: