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Vietnam is a country with enormous economic potential. But at the same time, we have hundreds of thousands of disabled children. Unfortunately, many of them are from poor family, their parents cannot give them good condition to live, to study or to access medical services like other normal children. Moreover, there are not enough school for the disabled.

Our organization, Hands of Hope is trying to help these unlucky lives by providing medical services and supporting their families as well. Most funding comes from The Koop Family, so our efforts are not enough, we need your contribution, your help to give them a sense of self-respect to be able to live an independent live.

Let's contact us if you really want to help them.

----Presentation skill lesson ----- :D

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  • Donald Koop:former chairman of Family Fare Supermarkets Family Fare Supermarkets:Regional supermarket chain in the midwest area of USARef link:http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2009/10/hands_of_hope_charity_hosts_fu.html
  • Hands of hope

    1. 1. Every child has a story …Hands of Hope Every lifetime has a dream …
    2. 2. Hands of Hope Staff – Vietnam office • Luân • ThuậnChief Representative Senior Project Officer • Lan • ĐứcProject Assistant Project Assistant
    3. 3. Outline • Introduction to Hands of Hope • Our Programs and Services • Activities and Achievements • Ways to give
    4. 4. Introduction toHands of Hope
    5. 5. Background • Non-profit Christian organization • Founded in 2000 by the Koop family
    6. 6. Background• The Koop Family:  Founder J.P Koop   Wife, Suzzane His   Father, Donald Koop His• Funding: Most funding comes from Family Fare Supermarkets Annual budget: $250,000
    7. 7. Our vision• Focus on the disabled in Vietnam  Over 1 million children with disabilities (1 in 6 households) 97% of them have no access to medical services (Mlive.com)
    8. 8. Our vision  Providing a better way of life for poor disabled children and their families.   Compassion, hope and the light of Christ can improve liveshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSrrEaXfXAE
    9. 9. Our Programs and Services
    10. 10. Our Programs and Services Medical servicesFamily Support Education/Training
    11. 11. Medical services  Healthcare check-up  Surgery and post operative care  Medical equipment: wheelchairhttp://www.handsofhopemi.org
    12. 12. Education/Training   Medical education and training for medical staffs  Scholarships for poor and disabled children  Primary and secondary educationhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSrrEaXfXAE
    13. 13. Family Support   training Job  Housing: new wells for save drinking water  Micro finance loans: crop loans, farm loanshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSrrEaXfXAE
    14. 14. Activities &Achievements
    15. 15. Activities & Achievements• Nguyen Dinh Chieu School blind students: Location: Ha Noi http://www.handsofhopemi.org  Program start: 2002 – on going  Reason to invest: ▪ The only school for blind students in Hanoi. ▪ Over 1,160 students, more than 100 are visually impaired.
    16. 16. Activities & Achievements• Achievements(2006):   students attended a musical training. 32  Have clean water for daily use.  Create nine master textbooks in Braille.  Talking books have been added to the voice library.• Many other programs in:   Nang Da   Chi Minh Ho   Tay Ha   Phong Hai
    17. 17. Activities & Achievements http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSrrEaXfXAE
    18. 18. Children with disability in Vietnam
    19. 19. Ways toGive
    20. 20. Ways to give• Mail in your donation: Hands of Hope Intl 4265 Corporate Exchange Drive Hudsonville, MI 49426 U.S.A.• Dong A Bank Account no.: 2341-616-896-4847• Further help: My number: 0905 6x7 7x3
    21. 21. http://www.handsofhopemi.org