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The Fourteenth Protocol- Amazon Top 100 FBI / terrorist thriller novel


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Novel- An Amazon Top 100
The Fourteenth Protocol -

What would it take to infiltrate a terror cell and eviscerate it? 
Waseem Jarrah is the new, ruthless face of terror in the United States, and the CIA will stop at nothing to break him. But how far is too far? As the lines blur between good and evil, fledgling FBI agent Jana Baker thrashes in the midst of an epic battle to prove her worth, not only to fellow agents, but to herself. In this spider's web of conspiracy and intrigue, Agent Baker's struggles against evil and her own fears take her to the edge of the abyss, and the clock is ticking. 

The Fourteenth Protocol, a tale of loss, corruption, and the power of the one. 

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The Fourteenth Protocol- Amazon Top 100 FBI / terrorist thriller novel

  1. 1. What would it take to infiltrate a terror cell, and eviscerate it? Fledgling FBI PROTOCOL agent Jana Baker thrashes in the midst of an epic battle to prove her worth. ..and the clock is ticking. amazon Top 1001' hriller NATHAN A. GOODMAN ”f-Yjpe yyifh SPENSE. /NTR “TUE, anc/ F5! / E F/ H CONH —, -/Jonas} 1__»_1:}'_§, -r, 3 ‘oez: t1v»': Il£fi2jl; §;'{>7:iaIan , _. I D33ney, -ax. ;Jn1/a $230
  2. 2. THE The Author Nathan A. Goodman is an author living in the Atlanta, Georgia. area with his wife and two daughters. His belief is that stories are living. breathing beings that are not simply created. but are buried deep within. waiting only to be excavated from the depths. Ripped from the headlines with daily threats from ISIS and other terror groups. we as Americans must provide an example to the rest L of the world that although they might attack us. they can‘! take away who we are What is the novel about? its an FBI I NSA terrorist thnller in which a terror cell has metastasized across the United States and is carrying out lone wolf attacks. The main character is Jana Baker. a fledgling FBI agent. caught in the midst of the most trying time in her life. and caught inside a sweeping govemment conspiracy that threatens countless lives. inlouding her own. Why did you write The Fourteenth Protocol? My goal was to wnte a story of triumph that would illustrate to my young daughters just what they will be capable of in their coming lives. I wanted to show them a strong female that would scrap her way through a man's world, and come out an equal. The main character is surrounded by a double standard. She‘s a young woman in the boys club of the FBI. so not only does she have to deal with the dangers, she’s got to deal with male coworkers who value a female agent less as compared to a male, I wanted my girls to see that these stereotypes exist, and yet, with guts and detennination. they can blast though them. My novel strives to say. life isn't about not trying. it's about doing. Life isn't about whether you fell down or not, it's about whether you got back up. When you read The Fourteenth Protocol. you should walk away feeling exhilarated. like there's a hope out there no matter what What makes The Fourteenth Protocol different from other thrillers? The Fourteenth Protocol centers on real people. Women readers identify with Jana because she has the same life experiences as many other women. and thus Jana feels real to them. As young Agent Baker privately rages against the male—dominated world of the FBI. women all over the world feel Jana‘s struggle as they identify identical struggles of their own in their everyday lives. But, The Fourteenth Protocol isn't just about the situation. It's about Jana facing down loss. facing down her parents expectations. proving herself. and rising above her worst fears. We witness her fight back and utter the words "not on my watch " She teaches us there's nothing worse than having not tried and looking back with regret because in her mind. regret is poisoned soup for the weak Author email list: NathanAGoodman. oomIemai| a m a z 0 n Contact the publisher: Thought Reach Press, support@thoughlreach. com Follow the author on Twitter: @NathanAGoodman
  3. 3. 5 star 4 star 3 star 2 star 1 star The Fourteenth Protocol: (an FBI terrorism thriller) oct13. 2014 by Nathan A Goodman Kindle ECITIO". $0.00 unlimited Subscribers read for free Learn more $2.99 to buy Au: o—delw'ered '. -xirelessly ‘MU Paoerbaclw $14.94 usec & new «$5 offers) ‘110 4.4 out of 5 stars “I Kept me on the edge of my seat through the whole book! " Glenda I Rubenstein I 30 reviewers made a similar statement 65 27 . I I I I 12 “ Great story line with very interesting characters. ” Amazon Customer I 26 reviewers made a similar statement Pu “ Hell the story and descriptions are so good, I feel like I lived it and know the characters personally. " ThinkGadget I 4 reviewers made a similar statement See all 110 reviews v Irrl l u». ... ... ... . . . arriarri lr1rr l")L