Pre-K season poems


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Pre-K season poems

  1. 1. Pre-K Poems<br />Newtown Friends School<br />April 2011<br />
  2. 2. Winter<br />Warm waffles<br />Hot chocolate, pancakes, snow pants,<br />Jackets, mittens, hats, scarves<br />Sledding, snowmen, skiing,<br />Sledding, sledding, sledding,<br />Sliding down sledding down the hill, sledding<br />Fast, spinning, bumpy sledding,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like falling off while sledding!<br />-by Emma<br />Spring<br />Beautiful flowers, Easter bunny,<br />Leaves on the tree, flowers on trees,<br />Buds sprouting, baby foxes.<br />Baby foxes, baby foxes, baby foxes,<br />Soft, furry , warm baby foxes<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like watching baby foxes!<br /> -by Kate<br />
  3. 3. Winter<br />Drinking hot cocoa, watching movies,<br />Playing with Brynn. Snow. <br />playing in the snow with the neighbors, <br />Santa Claus, presents from Santa<br />Christmas tree, Christmas tree, Christmas tree<br />Green Christmas tree, tall Christmas tree,<br />Decorated, lighted, beautiful Christmas tree<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like to find presents under the<br />Christmas tree.<br />-by Lia<br />Summer<br />Flowers, swimming, going to the zoo,<br />Marshmallows, horses, ice cream, planting, short sleeved dresses,<br />Swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool,<br />Big Swimming pool, blue swimming pool,<br />Cool, splashing, wet, swimming pool,<br />Last of all, best of all, <br />I like jumping in the swimming pool.<br />-by Avery<br />
  4. 4. Winter<br />Snowflakes, snow, snowmen, igloo,<br />Snow pants, hot chocolate, <br />Playing pirates in the snow,<br />Playing with my dog in the snow.<br />Hot chocolate, hot chocolate, hot chocolate,<br />Chocolaty hot chocolate, hot. hot chocolate,<br />Steamy, sweet, yummy, hot chocolate,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like marshmallows in my hot chocolate!<br />-by Ethan<br />Fall<br />Leave falling off, yellow & orange leaves,<br />Football, Halloween, eating candy, Trick-o-treat<br />Football, football, football,<br />College football, National football,<br />Fast, exciting, tackling, football.<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like Stealers and Eagles playing football!<br />-by Cyril<br />
  5. 5. Summer<br />Riding bikes, green leaves, flowers<br />Playing on the playground -<br />My bike, my bike, my bike,<br />Shiny, fast, training wheels bike,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like riding my bike<br />by Lily<br />Fall<br />Red and yellow leaves, trees,<br />Halloween costumes, trick-o-treating, apples -<br />Apples, apples, apples,<br />Red apples, green apples<br />Crunch, juicy, tasty apples,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like picking apples!<br />by Jace<br />
  6. 6. Spring<br />Spring in my backyard - green grass,<br />Butterflies, green leaves on the trees,<br />Flowers on the trees, birds in the nest, <br />Baby birds chirping the songs -<br />Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies,<br />Colorful butterflies, pretty butterflies,<br />Flying, flapping , sitting butterflies,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like to chase butterflies!<br />by Estella<br />Summer<br />Soccer, ocean, baseball, beach,<br />Ice-cream, water ice, swimming pool,<br />Playing outside, fireflies, camping, fishing -<br />Fishing, fishing, fishing,<br />Ocean fishing, lake fishing<br />Slobbery, wet, smooth, fishing,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like flounder fishing!<br />by Drew<br />
  7. 7. Fall<br />Leaves falling down, red, yellow, orange leaves,<br />Raking leaves, piles of leaves,<br />Jumping in the leaves –<br />Leaves, leaves, leaves,<br />Red leaves, orange leaves,<br />Falling, raking, piling up leaves,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like jumping in the leaves!<br /> By Efram<br />Summer<br />Swimming pool, summer dresses, beach,<br />Bathing suits ocean, boogie boards –<br />Beach, beach, beach,<br />Big beach, sandy beach,<br />Warm, wet, fun beach,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like to play with my boogie board at the beach!<br />by Anya<br />
  8. 8. Spring<br />Flowers, trees, grass, <br />People playing outside, <br />Hopping bunnies, little birdies –<br />Birds, birds, birds,<br />Singing birds, flying birds,<br />Small, cute, colorful birds,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like hatching birds!<br />by Daniel<br />Fall<br />Colorful leaves, falling leaves, cool air, Halloween, raking leaves, pumpkins, apples –<br />Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins,<br />Small pumpkins, orange pumpkins,<br />Large, smooth, huge, growing pumpkins,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like pumpkin pie pumpkins!<br />by Chloe<br />
  9. 9. Winter<br />Snow, snowflakes, snowy hills, snowy playgrounds,<br />Scarves, mittens, jackets, <br />hot chocolate & warm food –<br />Snowy hills, snowy hills, snowy hills,<br />Big snowy hills, small snowy hills,<br />Cold, bumpy, shiny snowy hills,<br />Last of all, best of all,<br />I like to sled on the snowy hills!<br />by Harrison<br />Spring<br />Flowers, grass, bunnies, Easter,<br />Trees, green grass and rain –<br />Bunnies , bunnies, bunnies,<br />Brown bunnies, white bunnies,<br />Fluffy, cuddly, furry bunnies,<br />Last of all, best of all, I like Easter bunnies!<br />by Christopher<br />