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ARMnet Special Servicing


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How ARMnet can support special servicing solutions for Mortgage or Loan Administration, Collections and Arrears providers in the US, UK or Canada.

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ARMnet Special Servicing

  1. 1. 2010 Axcess Canada Business Development Team [COLLECTIONS & SPECIAL SERVICING IN ARMNET FINANCIAL SOFTWARE] A brief summary and screen shot analysis of some of the Collections Functionality within the ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solution
  2. 2. Axcess Canada 2 Collections & Special Servicing in ARMnet Financial Software Integrated Financial Product Management Solutions The purpose of this document is to highlight on a high level basis some of key components of the ARMnet Integrated Financial Product Management Solution as they relate to Special Servicing and Collections in the Canadian banking, lending and related financial services markets. Why ARMnet is Vital to Your Firm’s Success • ARMnet is a customer centric application tying together all financial product management needs for credit/risk decisioning and servicing, collections and arrears including all associated electronic data (i.e. documents, scanned images, tasks, emails) to provide full end to end processing for the life of the loan. • Efficiently enforce quality, traceability, and improve client support through data centralization and secure permission structuring. • Eliminate time wasted inputting the same data into different applications to support client needs. By centralizing data, reporting, statement generation and document creation, response time to the client’s needs dramatically improves. • Reduce operational costs through the reduction or elimination of running legacy systems that are inflexible to meet changing credit/risk decisioning or servicing environments and require costly programmer intervention for even the simplest of changes. • Protection from unauthorized access or alteration locally or remotely through our encrypted database structure. Highlights of the ARMnet Financial Products Management Solution • Solution provides total collaboration under client space for email, tasks, documents, and scanned images. This data is also tied directly to client underwriting and servicing management providing one seamless space for all client communications. • System workflows automate client contact at steps in the process when collections or servicing issues arise. Points of notification can include email with follow up documentation. Workflow automates production of this and auto generates tasks for CSR team monitoring portfolio. • The solution completely integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office XP, 2003 or 2007 for document creation and automation. Templates can be easily and securely created to validate proper legal documentation is included in every document. • This system allows the client to flexibly alter decisioning criteria on any workflow structure within their institution as market forces change without the need for expensive programming like many legacy systems require. • Incredible security model is totally permissions based allowing you to define by user what fields, documents and workflow they have access too. • Documentation for collections/ arrears and other servicing all included out of the box for both commercial and retail clients. Ability to add to this easily by creating or editing templates easily available. • System reports for collections or other servicing needs already in the system. Report wizard also allows you to either edit and/or resave existing reports to refine further or create new ones easily. • Workflow toolset allows for the client to edit or enhance and screen views in the system to their needs easily.
  3. 3. Axcess Canada 3 Collections & Special Servicing in ARMnet Financial Software 1 3 2 The core summary screen in one area allows the user to validate: 1. Loan Status as well as possible arrears amounts 2. Loan Funder to define who the institution is 3. Loan Balance including principal, interest and potential arrears.
  4. 4. Axcess Canada 4 Collections & Special Servicing in ARMnet Financial Software 1 2 3 Collections Overview screen also allows you to view 1. Facility Summary gives a complete outline of the mortgage or loan product, associated security and client details. 2. Collection Actions allows the user to log all contacts with the client and define when they are complete what the results were. 3. Loan Information provides a complete history of actions taken on the account including litigation, arrears fees etc. Each of these screens can also be edited easily to add or remove additional workflow to any of the screens as desired.
  5. 5. Axcess Canada 5 Collections & Special Servicing in ARMnet Financial Software The collections allocation screen allows management to have a high level overview of all outstanding collection issues, who they are assigned to, their status SPV and Tranche attachments etc. Again, the fields that have been added here are completely editable “out of the box” so adding; changing or altering fields a client wishes to view are not onerous. This then allows a manager to assign or reassign collection tasks by account or blocks of accounts as they see fit.
  6. 6. Axcess Canada 6 Collections & Special Servicing in ARMnet Financial Software In respect to documents associated with collections and servicing there are a significant number of tailor made documents in the system available “out of the box” as noted below. The documents can be generated in a variety of formats including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML to name but a few. Workflow can also be attached to the documents so that the system auto generates them as an EOD process. This eliminates the need for these types of documents to be manually generated for clients when they occur. Document templates tied to the ARMnet system will allow these to be effectively created with the proper legal structure effectively. Reports are also available within the system which allows us to monitor the status of loans through the workflow properly based on the arrears points you as the client feel are important. There are a large number of different system generated reports in ARMnet and there is also a full report wizard which can allow the user with proper security permissions to edit existing reports or create new ones as required. These can be text or graphical in nature. Bar Coding: The system also allows us to add bar coding to each of these reports or statements if desired. Bar code reading technology has been imbedded into the application so that we can integrate with a faxing solution that converts faxes to TIFF or PDF and routes them to a specified folder. ARMnet can read the folder, identify the bar code and import the document correctly into the client space. This eliminates any manual intervention with scanning paper faxes and manually imaging them into the document area in a contact.
  7. 7. Axcess Canada 7 Collections & Special Servicing in ARMnet Financial Software Collection documents within the system follow any workflow desired. Structure of processing of this documentation can be mapped to generate manually or on EOD run automatically. Documents can also be pushed to the web client to notify outside brokers or clients of pending release. Document templates can be customized to reflect multiple institutions allowing BPO Outsourcing firms to easily replicate any institutions requirements. Security level on the documents can be set to allow editing at a variety of levels based on permissions. Adding additional documents can be easily achieved to insure flexibility to adapt to changing market trends, legislation changes or workflow alterations. ARMnet Integrated Financial Product management Solution Tomorrow’s Financial Product Management Solutions, Here Today. For a demonstration of our solution please contact us at or contact us at 1-705-719-5660.