LSM Capabilities Overview (10 2009)


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Presentation highlighting Liquid Soul Media\'s Capabilities, Case Studies, and Sample Work

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LSM Capabilities Overview (10 2009)

  1. 1. Presented by: Liquid Soul Media LLC
  2. 2. Liquid Soul Media About Us Liquid Soul Media LLC is an award-winning, full-service lifestyle marketing agency specializing in entertainment (film & television), sports, non-profit organizations, faith-based and corporate brand marketing. Lifestyle marketing is a modern competency that focuses on building relationships for products and brands with hard-to-reach niche market groups in ways that naturally attract, build and maintain affinity. How We Do It We use modern marketing strategies that allow our clients‟ products and brands to fit seamlessly into the everyday life of the consumer. We place emphasis on doing the research necessary to know and understand the core target audience for our clients and then craft marketing messaging and develop executions that create a connection between the brand and the consumer. Review of Capabilities Marketing Advertising Interactive Publicity (BazanPR – Partner) o Lifestyle o Print o Websites o Mainstream and Grassroots o Grassroots / Non-Traditional o Radio o HTML Email o Screenings o Market Research o Internet o Social Media/Networking o Press Junkets o Experiential / Event o Television o PR Strategy o Influencer o Billboards Consulting Creative Media o Modern Marketing Tactics o Art Direction o Media Campaigns o Entertainment o Print o Digital / New Media o Faith Based Marketing o Graphic Design / Illustration o Viral Media o Brand Development o Non-Traditional Outdoor o The BIG Idea o Traditional o Premiums and Placement 2
  3. 3. Targeted Approach Awareness • Targeted Focus & Unobtrusive Solutions Association • Trusted Sources & Integrated Approach Acceptance • Consumer Buy-in & Relationship Affinity • Brand Evangelists Action • Turn-key Activations & Measured Results 3
  4. 4. What We Do - Breakout Integrated Viral 360° Marketing Programs Marketing Marketing Strategy Marketing/Social Brand Development Media Account Management Market Research Digital Platform Report Card Faith-Based (Churches) E-mail Marketing Black College / HBCU Mobile Marketing Urban Professionals Social Networking Influencer Programs Social Media Applications Acculturated Hispanics Sports & Entertainment Lifestyle Marketing Tour Management Branding Event Planning & Production Art Direction In-market Awareness Graphic Design Street Teams Website Design & Development Screenings (Film & TV) Web Marketing Experiential Call-To-Action Programs Media Production Marketing Creative 4
  5. 5. Film and TV Track Record * This is a partial list of film and TV projects 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. Case Study – Notorious Objective: Fox Searchlight wanted a deep, penetrating grassroots campaign with a focus on advance ticket sales for the hip-hop biopic NOTORIOUS. Challenges • Desired deep Hip-Hop reach during the holiday season • Iconic music legend with a violent death. We had to bring out the more human, warmer side of Christopher Wallace aka Notorious BIG to attract women • Expensive broad-stroke awareness campaign Solutions: • TURN-KEY SOLUTION - Advance Ticket Sales Program • Promotional Incentive Card Program – NOTORIOUS CARD • HBCU Football Classic Media Program • National Barbershop Grassroots Outreach • Viral E-mail Campaign • Social Media Campaign and FACEBOOK Widget • Grassroots Public Relations Results: • Over $1 Million in Advance Ticket Sales via LSM/ Promo and NOTORIOUS CARD • #4 Opening Weekend Box Office Position • $21.5 Million Opening Weekend Gross on only 1,638 screens • Highest Per Screen Average of $12,514 • Total Box Office Gross $36.5 Million 7 Notorious Card Front Notorious Card Back
  8. 8. Case Study – Stomp The Yard Challenge: In January 2007, Sony Screen Gems and Rainforest Films presented the box-office #1 hit film “Stomp The Yard”. This Historically Black College and University (HBCU)-centered film chronicles the tail of a troubled youth who leaves Los Angeles after the death of his younger brother to attend Truth University in Atlanta, GA. Liquid Soul Media was presented with the opportunity to develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign to build a ground-swell of support from Afro-centric churches, faith- based organizations and civic organizations in support of the film. Marketing Program included: • Marketing Strategy and Consulting Results • Public Relations • # 1 Box-Office Film for two (2) weeks in a row • Special Advance Screenings for the NAACP, Urban (January 12-15, 2007 and January 19-22, 2007) League and 100 Black Men of America. • With a $13 Million budget, the film grossed • Event Production of the East Coast Film Premiere in $26 Million during the Opening Weekend. Atlanta, Georgia, complete with Red Carpet, Film • Total Box Office Gross: $75 Million Celebrity Presentation and Celebrity After-Party. • Total Domestic, International and DVD Gross: • HTML E-Mail Campaign distributed to faith-based, HBCU $100+ Million and civic organization members 8
  9. 9. Case Study - CNN Challenge In July of 2008 CNN aired its historic Black in America documentary series hosted by reporter Soledad O'Brien. Black in America, one of CNN’s most watched programs, chronicled the various issues regarding African-Americans, Results and included a study on issues facing the African-American • HUGE SUCCESS with BIG RESULTS! community, and a look at the culture of African-American • AA viewers jumped from 19% - 24% on CNN families, men and women. during 2008 • Black in America was CNN’s second highest Solutions rating documentary and one of its most watched programs - drawing an average of 2.6 • Liquid Soul Media developed a 360 ° integrated grass- million viewers and outperforming the network's roots marketing program for CNN, targeting the African- year-to-date averages for 9-11 p.m. by double American Faith-Based , HBCU and Urban Professional and triple digits communities. • 4.7 million viewers for BIA in July 2008 • National Influencer Marketing Campaign with church • 8.1 million viewers for the Obama Acceptance and community leaders Speech at 2008 DNC • Hosted local market public screenings in 7 top African- • Carry over success from BIA to DNC to Elections American DMAs • Identified and build lasting relationships with • Viral Campaign via e-mail, SMS and social media African-American niche audiences "We were ahead by a considerable amount. There wasn't anybody even close last night," said CNN U.S. president Jon Klein. "We had African-American viewers, a lot of female viewers. We were just the channel of choice. That is what we set out to do in covering this campaign." 9
  10. 10. Case Study - CNN 10
  11. 11. Case Study - First Sunday Objective Sony Screen Gems’ President of Marketing says “First Sunday’s theatrical awareness is tracking ok, but first option is low! I need HELP and NOW!!!! “ Challenges • Disjointed campaign messaging • Conflict between film title and key art characters • Expensive broad-stroke awareness campaign Solutions • Identify specific niche audiences within the AA target market with messaging that resonates • HBCU, Urban Club-goers and Faith-Based • Pulled Director/Writer to the forefront to reach niche audiences • Integrated Marketing Campaign (IMC) approach • Online / Offline Media • Viral Campaign (E-mail and video) • Influencer / Word of mouth screening Results • Ranked #2 Box Office Open at $18 Million with $8K per screen average • Exceeded expectations with a total gross of $38 Million 11 Sources:
  12. 12. Case Study - First Sunday 12
  13. 13. Case Study – This Christmas Challenge: Develop high awareness with the core demographic for the holiday film, This Christmas through the delivery of a media and experiential marketing program at 10 Black College Classic Football Games and Homecomings. Execute on-field activations with talent from the film and present creative media throughout each game. 13
  14. 14. Case Study – This Christmas Solutions: • Lead Marketing Agency for Lifestyle /Grassroots Marketing • HBCU Media and Experiential Marketing Tour • Jumbotron, digital media and PA Announcements were used throughout the game to increase awareness. • Product Placement • Faith-Based Marketing Program • This Christmas opened at the #2 position in the Thanksgiving 2008 Box Office and has generated over $50 Million. 14
  15. 15. Case Study - The Secret Life of Bees Challenge In October 2008, Fox Searchlight released the box-office hit The Secret Life of Bees. This film is an adaptation of the best selling novel of the same name, written by Sue Monk Kidd and starred Queen Latifah, Dakota Fanning, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys. Solutions • Integrated Marketing Campaign included: Fox Searchlight hired Liquid Soul Media to develop a 360° • Women‟s Events and Promotions grassroots marketing program targeting African-America • Viral HTML and social media women between the ages of 18-35. ( • Custom MySpace page ( Results • National Adopt-A-Theater / Advance Ticket Sales Program • #3 Box Office Opening Position at $10 Million ( • #1 Per Screen Average during opening weekend • Local Market Film Screenings (7 markets) • Over 10.5 Million low and high-touch impressions • Local Market Community Events at the Shrine of the • 1,300 organizations and churches registered for the Black Madonna (Atlanta, Detroit and Houston) LSM Adopt-A-Theater Program • Grassroots Publicity Campaign • Adopt-A-Theater produced $175,000 in advance ticket sales 15
  16. 16. Case Study - American Cancer Society Solutions • Liquid Soul Media developed a co-branded Black College Football Classic program with the Universal Pictures film The Express that included in-game media, on-field activations, on-air commercials and co- branded premiums Challenge • Past Heisman Trophy Winners presented signature game balls to cancer survivors on-field. During the Fall of 2008, The American Cancer Society • Radio, Broadcast TV and in-game Jumbotron (ACS) looked to increase its brand presence and interviews with ACS Executives and Heisman Trophy bring awareness to the growing epidemic of cancer Winners in the African-American community. Specifically, ACS looked to engage African-American men to promote prostate cancer screenings and healthy living. Results • 6 million targeted media impressions • 20,000 opt-in e-mail database created during activations • 5,000 co-branded premiums distributed • ACS Executive involvement was well received • Relationships with 100 Black Men of America and other African-American organizations established 16
  17. 17. Case Study – The Gospel Challenge: In early 2005, Sony Screen Gems and Rainforest Films set off to create The Gospel, a faith-based film about the transforming power of faith and forgiveness. Liquid Soul Media was presented with the opportunity to develop an Integrated Lifestyle Marketing Campaign to build a ground-swell of support from the African-American church in support of the film. Film marketing inside the church was unfamiliar ground for Sony Screen Gems. Marketing Program included: • Title treatment and Key Art Design • Nationwide Buzz Screening for: Faith-Based Leaders (Pastor, Bishops, etc.), Elected Officials, Newspaper, Radio and TV Media, Entertainers, Local Tastemakers & Trendsetters. • Website Design and Development ( ve/thegospel/) • “Adopt-A-Theatre” Grassroots Program • HTML E-mail Campaign • Faith-Based Marketing Campaign • Promotional Church Fans and T-Shirts sent to mega-churches • Event Marketing at Gospel Music Concerts and Conventions • 10 Film Screenings and Premiere 17 • Marketing Strategy and Consulting
  18. 18. Case Study – The Gospel Results: • $4 Million Film Budget • Top 5 Opening Weekend Box Office Position • $8 Million Opening Weekend Gross on only 969 screens • Highest Per Screen Average of $7,764 • Total Box Office Gross: $15.7 Million Article Quotes: – The Humanist Magazine wrote: Later this year, Screen Gems is releasing The Gospel, a film with a black cast about a young singer who „turns his back on God and his father‟s church.‟ We can assume he pays for this sin, as the marketing is squarely aimed at the Christian consumer: the tagline is ‘See it! Live it! Spread it!’, there is an email form to tell others about the film, and an ‘adopt-a-theatre’ map of America for advance purchase of group tickets. This kind of grassroots viral marketing is part of what made Mel Gibson‟s film The Passion of the Christ such a big hit. 18
  19. 19. Clients 19 *Past and Present Clients
  20. 20. Testimonials According to Marc Weinstock, Sony Screen Gems' President of Marketing, “part of the success of This Christmas is attributed to LSM‟s overall effectiveness in exposing the film to its targeted audience using non-traditional marketing methods. Sony Screen Gems constantly looks for new and creative ways to reach audiences and LSM has consistently been a go-to partner to help in achieving this goal.” On THE GOSPEL, Clint Culpepper, President of Screen Gems explains “Liquid Soul Media‟s approach to ,"There was a grassroots thing, because the people who made the each of these projects has proven movie were all involved in churches," Culpepper explained. "We went to generate an early “buzz” about to Christians like we always do. It's just that this time we had a movie our films. We're pleased with that appealed to them. Our stuff is always targeted. Whose our demo, everything we‟ve seen with this what do they generally watch?...” latest promotion and let‟s face it, numbers don‟t lie. Grassroots “Liquid Soul Media's radio program, Liquid Soul Elements was a dynamic marketing works and I haven‟t addition to our XM Satellite Radio Programming Line-up. The team at seen any other agency Liquid Soul Media delivered a professional radio program solution that successfully execute this style of not only entertained, but also educated our listeners. This ground marketing consistently like LSM," breaking program help define the Neo-Soul genre to our listeners. The said Will Packer, Producer of “This radio program and marketing efforts by Liquid Soul Media has proven to Christmas” and Chairman of be a true asset to XM Satellite Radio.” Rainforest Films. Steve Harris, Past-Vice President of Music Programming XM Satellite Radio Inc. “I had been following LSM for a while prior to engaging them on this project,” said David Talbert, writer/director of “First Sunday”. "I knew they were the real deal and this being my directorial debut, I wanted a team with experience that could reach my core audience. Liquid Soul did just that, especially during the final days before opening weekend.” 20
  21. 21. Liquid Soul Media Team Tirrell Whittley Nick Nelson CEO | Principal COO | Principal Armed with 12years of marketing and 14 As a Certified Project Management years of corporate experience, Tirrell sets Professional (PMP), BS in Public Relations the vision for LSM and has led the and Masters in Advertising form The Ohio company to year-over-year growth by State University, Nick oversees the delivery diving into market spaces void of of all marketing and creative services. breakthrough programs using lifestyle Nick has a deep project management marketing strategies. Tirrell is LSM‟s main background and has managed a customer engagement principal and number of multi-million dollar projects . oversees business development. He is LSM satisfied his craving to get back into constantly on the forefront of new media, the creative world where he has modern marketing and lifestyle marketing experience in promotions, contract strategy discussions and panels. negotiations, client relations and strategic marketing consulting. Edward Reynolds Chris Hayes Felicia Chandler Director of Business Development Creative Director Account Director Having worked for IBM, Honeywell, Coca- Mr. Hayes is know for bringing the FIRE that Since 2002, Felicia has worked with LSM to Cola and General Mills in sales management, LSM has been known for in its creative develop and manage non-traditional marketing and business development , Ed design and direction. His creative and lifestyle marketing programs for our keeps LSM on its toes. He works closely with credentials stand out as he is a Certified diverse range of clients. Prior to joining Founder, Tirrell Whittley on client pursuits and Adobe Flash Design and Subject Matter LSM, Felicia had 15 years of business manages NETWORK LSM. NETWORK LSM is a Expert, who authored 2 well known Flash marketing, advertising, e-commerce and vast resource of marketing, pr and creative Design books and has earned his BFA from print/web design experience. She is a relationships that have joined forces with the Xavier University and MFA from Savannah marketing communications specialist lifestyle marketer to delivery programs. Ed College of Art and Design (SCAD). Chris with a BS in Marketing and Mass works closely with the Principals to set the teaches Flash Design monthly and is a Communication from Texas Women‟s company‟s strategy and works closely with regular speaker at creative conferences. University. At LSM, Felicia manages all of the Account Director to manage relationships Chris has a hands-on approach to the marketing programs, account that help LSM deliver services. everything creative and strives to always managers, event managers, social media satisfy the customer. and pubic relations activities. 21
  22. 22. Contacts LIQUID SOUL MEDIA “DRIPPING WITH CREATIVITY” Tirrell D. Whittley ● CEO| Principal ● 678.637.2888 Nick F. Nelson, PMP ● COO | Principal ● 678.612.4780 Edward Reynolds ● Director of Business Development ● 678.898.3786 Felicia Chandler ● Account Director ● 770.634.4812 22