Tourism to Dalian, China and to Sønderborg, Denmark


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Presentation given to a delegation from Sønderborg municipality that visited SII in Dalian, China in April 2012. They wanted to know about Dalian as a tourism destination. Also, They wanted to know about the latest trends in Chinese outbound tourism. Finally, they wanted to know about Sønderborg's chances of becoming a destination for Chinese tourists.

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Tourism to Dalian, China and to Sønderborg, Denmark

  1. 1. Sønderborg Delegation 26th April 2012Welcome to Dalian
  2. 2. Main attractions in DalianDalian discovery Kingdom: An amusement park– the biggest in Liaoning Province
  3. 3. Main attractions in DalianGolden Pebble Beach & Golden Pebble international golf course
  4. 4. Main attractions in DalianXinghai Square – East Asia’s biggest square & Xinghai Beach
  5. 5. Main attractions in DalianTiger beach Ocean park – penguins, polar bears,whales and dolphins – large aquariums
  6. 6. Main attractions in Dalian The Russian street
  7. 7. Who goes to Dalian? Recognised as one of the best tourist cities in China.Very popular with the Chinese because of its beaches, mild climate and fresh air. Country Number of tourists China 34 million Japan 500.000 South Korea 120.000 Russia 60.000 USA 40.000 Germany 20.000 Dalian Statistical bureau, 2009
  8. 8. Dalian tourism productSun, sand and seaNature - mountains, hillsTheme parks – leisureSports tourism: athletics, hiking, water sportsEducationHistorical heritage: dark tourism: prisonFestivals – Beer, Fashion, marathonMulticultural – Korean, Russian, Japanese Zhongshan squareSeafood
  9. 9. Where do the Chinese tourists go?Top Ten Destinations of Chinese Outbound Travelers Top Ten Most Popular Destination Cities 1 Hong Kong 1 Hong Kong 2 Macau 2 Bangkok 3 South Korea 3 Seoul 4 Malaysia 4 Singapore 5 USA 5 Tokyo 6 Japan 6 Taipei 7 Thailand 7 Osaka 8 Taiwan 8 Kuala Lumpur 9 Singapore 9 Macau 10 Russia 10 Rome However, the Chinese are very interested in Europe. Attracts around 25 % of all Chinese outbound trips. They mainly visit Italy, France and Germany (COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, 2011)
  10. 10. Are Chinese still following a tour guide?• Yes, that is still about 25% of the outbound departures, but couples and families also make up about 25% each, and 10% do VFR• Now the Chinese tourist is also a young wealthy well- educated professional who wants individual experiences• Most Chinese now travel for private purposes• 32% of Chinese tourists’ expenditure goes towards shopping• They are the biggest spenders among tourists – typically luxury goods that are heavily taxed back home – spend many times that of a Danish, German or Dutch tourist
  11. 11. Trends• 2012 China will overtake USA and Germany and become the biggest of outbound travellers• 2011: 70 million overseas trips made by Chinese – 2012: 78 million – 2015: 100 million• What encourages traveling: Appreciation of RMB, expansion of middle class and less strict procedures with visa applications• Chinese tourists are becoming more affluent and independent – looking for slower pace and more meaningful experiences – in-depth experiences• Only visit one destination on a holiday
  12. 12. Trends• Island destinations are becoming more popular such as phuket, maldives, Hawaii and Bali – relaxation is getting more important – Honeymoons as well• The Chinese consumer is increasingly searching and booking trips online – important to set up Chinese websites in China, use Baidu and Chinese social networks• The outbound tourism business will be open to joint ventures and foreign investors. Opportunity for Danish tour operators to influence the travel patterns
  13. 13. Everybody wants a piece of China• Most countries are relaxing the strict visa rules, such as USA which now welcomes more tourist groups from China• Most destination has been increasing the number of direct flights and improving their services. Air France is gradually offering Chinese passengers ground services in Chinese, Chinese broadcasts, employing Chinese flight attendants as translators, providing Chinese food on flights• On the ground, Spain has put forward the “Spain Tourism China Plan”, within which efforts are being made such as establishing more tourism offices in China, publishing travel guides in Chinese, and developing more products aimed at Chinese tourists.• Hilton and Starwood hotel groups are planning to have at least one Chinese-speaking employee in the majority of their hotels, and to put teapots and slippers in each room, as well as supplying Chinese breakfast and chopsticks, all key services for Chinese customers
  14. 14. Sønderborg opportunities Students Theme parks Delegations MICE Niche markets Stronger interregional cooperation Schleswig Holstein (Vækstcentret)
  15. 15. Thank you