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Wild Card Obs

  1. 2. Showtime debuts the Kevin Rafferty documentary “ Harvard Beats Yale 29-29 ” which is about the 1968 matchup between the undefeated Harvard and heavily favored undefeated 16 th rank Yale. Perhaps this opens the door for my just as relevant football documentary on the 2004 Lingerie Bowl I matchup between the Los Angeles Dream and the New York Euphoria. The film boast such celebs as George Bush, Tommy Lee Jones, Doonesbury's Gary Trudeau (whose cartoons are not funny even back then!), and a player who dated Meryl Streep.
  2. 3. Indianapolis Colts QB, Peyton Manning wins a record fourth NFL MVP this season by a landside over other vote getters like Drew Brees, Philip Rivers, and Brett Favre. This news came just less than three weeks after Peyton was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Local TV Series !
  3. 4. Okay, Joe Gibbs—here they are so you will not keep getting confused: Rex Ryan Buddy Ryan
  4. 5. Carson Palmer The Jets upset the Bengals in the first playoff matchup of the weekend, beating them for the second week in a row. It appeared that Bengals QB Carson Palmer could not pass nearly the entire game. Not being able to pass seemed to a trend for Palmer this week. Like on Tuesday, driving. Or on Friday’s Algebra Finals.
  5. 6. The temperature reached a chilly 20 Degrees in Cincinnati for the Jets-Bengals Playoff game. This weather forced Jets QB, Mark Sanchez to dress warmer for the game than normal.
  6. 7. To insure the Dallas Cowboys do not embarrass themselves any longer in the playoffs; NBC played a rerun of their Week 17 matchup against the Eagles. Thus, the Cowboys won their Wild Card game without having to play football at all. Eagles fans will not be happy their team never got on the field. I’m so going to hear about this.
  7. 8. Initially, Minnesota defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier refused to be interviewed as he felt he was a “token interview”. Luckily for the Seahawks, Frazier agreed to be interviewed on Saturday. This week, Seattle Seahawks fired Jim Mora only after one year as head coach. Within minutes after that story, it was reported that USC’s coach Pete Carroll would be hired as replacement. But before any deal could be finalized, Seattle would have to interview a “minority” coach to be in accordance to the NFL’s “Rooney Rule”. Whatcha’ talkin ‘bout, Seattle Seahawks? If Frazier did turn them down, the Seahawks would have went to their only other option to comply with the rule…
  8. 9. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Saturday the spirit of the Rooney Rule on minority job interviews had not been violated by the Redskins or Seahawks. Then last week, Redskins hired Mike Shanahan shortly after firing Jim Zorn. To comply with the rule, the Redskins interviewed Assistant Coach Jerry Gray before Coach Jim Zorn was even fired. To say Redskins owner Dan Snyder had no intention of hiring Jerry Gray would be unfair; however, the interview was a bit unusual. Jerry! You still here? Man, I just had this dream I hired Mike Shanahan instead of you!
  9. 10. The New England Cheatriots could not overcome vicious defense and running game of the Baltimore Ravens. Tom Brady was reported to having a broken finger, and injured ribs last week, but after this game he was left in a heap. I can’t believe this, I even wore my cute, fuzzy hat.
  10. 12. The Cardinals defeated the Packers in Overtime 51-45, and was the highest scoring the game in playoff history. But based on how both teams scored those points, should it count?.