Week 14 Observations


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Week 14 Observations

  1. 2. Despite having the best winning percentage in Dallas Cowboys history, Wade Phillips says he still doesn’t get any respect. However his critics argue Philips has a 0-4 playoff record all time—with the Cowboys and Bills. The Cowboys could prove it on the field, but since they just lost ANOTHER December game (now 3-8 in December)… … Philips will just don an Aretha Franklin hat and sing to the audience during pre-game warm-ups. R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me! Just give me a little respect ! Juss’ a lil’ bit.
  2. 3. Only problem is that if the Saints did so, they would be the second team to do it – following the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal predicted that the Saints would go “not only undefeated, but all the way through the Super Bowl, something that’s never been done before.” When informed of this, Jindal said he then predicted man would land on the moon, something that’s never been done before! WHAT?! Really?! Stop it! Lights to control traffic? A candy that mixes wafers with tasty chocolate?
  3. 4. Going into December, the Stealers lost 3 straight. Coach Mike Tomlin declared, " We will unleash hell here in December because we have to. We won't go in a shell. We'll go into attack mode, because that's what's required .“ However, when the Stealers “ unleashed hell ”, someone for forgot to unlock the door! Is someone going to at least open a window?!
  4. 5. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison's mother, Mildred Harrison, 62, is one of three people facing charges of felonious assault after a brawl broke out during a watch party for the Steelers' game against the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night. Police say it was a large-scale fight in which people were struck with fists and beer bottles inside a VFW hall in Akron. Four people were taken to a hospital for treatment. It is unknown if this incident will be included in Mildred Harrison’s new biographical film…
  5. 6. New England QB and Dark Sith, Tom Brady and wife, Gisele had their second baby this week… Who Darth Brady appropriately named, “Baby Fett”.
  6. 7. The Indianapolis Colts go 13-0 in yet another win over the Broncos. The Colts also won a record breaking 22 nd game in a row. Many in the media pointed out how the Indianapolis Colts are often ignored. Hopefully, this will change.
  7. 8. It wasn’t all bad news for the Broncos, WR Brandon Marshall broke the single game receiving record making 21 catches, one better than Terrell Owens record 20 catches. Marshall said he was happy about the record, but “… we have goals, and our only goal is to win games. I'd definitely trade in a couple of those catches for a win.". So on Monday, the NFL announced Brandon Marshall only had 19 catches and gave Denver the win over the Colts. No NO NO!! Wait, just kidding!
  8. 9. This week, Seahawks coach Jim Mora mentioned that the Seahawks neon green jerseys will never be worn again. It is bad news for fans of the jerseys, but good news for advocates of the Seahawks new uniforms!
  9. 11. While Eli Manning and the Giants lost in an exciting shootout with Donovan McNabb and the Eagles on Sunday Night… Eli will always know in his heart he is the better dancer!