Divisional Playoff Observations


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Divisional Playoff Observations

  1. 2. Now that New England has been eliminated from the playoffs, receiver Randy Moss apparently has taken an analyst job with the NFL Network. But something just seems different… Ooohhh, that’s right, TV adds 10 lbs.
  2. 3. San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson debuted his new music video, “Electric Slide” back when the Chargers still had fans earlier this week. Sorry, no video, just pictures---the Pictures say it all, really... But look it up on youtube.com (when not at work, of course…)
  3. 5. It was revealed that Ravens safety Ed Reed had accidently killed Colts receiver Reggie Wayne’s pet snake while they roomed together at the University of Miami. Reggie Wayne tried to convince people he did not hold a grudge, but may face fines after his post game actions.
  4. 6. It was announced former Florida University QB and 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow and his mom will appear in a Super Bowl ad brought by the Christian Group Focus on the Family . The commercial themed “ Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life ” is believed to be a sort of anti-abortion ad since the ad is said to feature Tebow’s mom discusses being sick while pregnant, and being recommended by doctors to terminate her pregnancy to which she refused. Upon hearing this, Pro-Choice groups are trying to raise money for their own Super Bowl ad that features someone that proves their point in protecting a woman’s right to choose...
  5. 7. Pepsi-Cola has heavily advertised “Pepsi Throwback”, which is made with real sugar like it was made originally. Of course, this is much different than the sweetener Pepsi uses now.
  6. 8. Both Fox and CBS mistakenly revealed that Arizona Cardinals kicker, Neil Rackers and Indianapolis Colts kicker, Nick Folk are secretly married. But hey, Congratulations!
  7. 9. Welcome to BB’s Fashion Minute , with me, Bucco Bruce, and Pat Patriot. We’re in front of CBS Studios to see what’s In & Out in fashion. What’s IN?! Flag Pins! It may not be 2004 anymore, but CBS announce team sports US Flag pins looking H-O-T! Nothing says, “ Patriotism ” like copper and enamel mixed with the finest Chinese lead. What’s O-U-T?! Hello! It’s NOT 2004 anymore Bill Cowher and Shannon Sharpe. That’s Fierce!
  8. 10. I do not want to say the Saints killed the Cardinals… … but Saints owner, Tom Benson did bring a Priest with him!
  9. 11. I do not want to say the media overhyped the Vikings-Cowboys game but… The English Patient felt less long and boring… The 2008 Chicago Cubs failure was less predictable.… At least Mall Security cops have more help from The Segway than Romo had from his offensive line.
  10. 12. The Cowboys-Vikings game can be summed up by the talent of celebrities that have been in their luxury boxes. Dallas Cowboys: Jessica Simpson Minnesota Vikings: Prince To be fair, it’s not like Romo did not try to better himself this season… Hey, uhhh Prince, are you sure we can’t hang out? Umm, call me?
  11. 15. In Week 15, Jets coach Rex Ryan said the thought the Jets would have been good in the playoffs…but “were obviously eliminated.” Even after both the Colts and Bengals “laid down” for them, Ryan said the Jets “ should be favorites ” in all playoff games. The Jets go on the road and beat the Bengals and Chargers for the Jets first two win playoffs since 1982. Ryan later found out they were not eliminated. Now the Indianapolis Colts will face the team they let in the playoffs. I just peed in my pants. Oh crap. We created a monster.