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Championship Observations


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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Championship Observations

  1. 2. Last week, Chargers receiver, Vincent Jackson was penalized at a key point of the game for kicking the challenge flag that Jets coach, Rex Ryan threw. Jackson was heavily criticized for a “ boneheaded play ” since the Chargers lost. However, for Jackson, this was personal…. Challenge Flag, what are you doing with my girlfriend?!
  2. 3. Now came news that Taco Bell founder Glen W. Bell Jr. died this week at his home in Rancho Santa Fe, CA at 86. Late last year, Gidget, the dog who starred in the Taco Bell commercials died . While Bell takes credit for introducing to Americans fast Mexican food that does not taste like Mexican food… Glen Bell will be most remembered for accomplishing his most devious goal… … changing the shape of Americans to actual bells.
  3. 4. San Diego veteran lineman Jon Runyan has retired once again to run for New Jersey’s 3 rd District Congressional office. Runyan has come under fire for taking tax breaks for selling firewood and four grazing donkeys. The policy is often criticized in New Jersey because they can lower tax bills for wealthy landowners who don’t make their living in agriculture. When auditors visited Runyan they were concerned there were only 3 asses. Runyan assured them there were four.
  4. 5. Featured on ESPN's First, Jets fan Tom Schonberg named his son " J ake E dward T homas S chonberg," so that he'd have the initials J.E.T.S. Schonberg had previously delayed his honeymoon for a Jets game, and had an ice sculpture of a Jet at his wedding. Of course after Sunday, Schonberg will now rename his son, L arry O swald S tephan S chonberg. Brad and Angelina, please adopt me.
  5. 6. 79-year-old Minnesota Vikings fan, Emmett Pearson hasn't shaved since 1974, when the Vikings lost the Super Bowl to Pittsburgh Steelers. Pearson vowed to not shave until the Vikings won the Super Bowl. Pearson said he thought it would be 10 years at the most. Of course, this is nothing compared to Cleveland Browns fan, Robert Khushnaseeb.
  6. 7. Many people are wondering why Vikings running back, Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball so much. Perhaps we need to look at the Viking’s locker-room before the game! Man guys! The water in New Orleans smells like butter! Yum! Butter! I’m SO rubbing this all over my body!
  7. 8. In consecutive weeks, the New Orleans Saints eliminated two of the oldest quarterbacks in the NFL. This inspired Miramax Pictures to produce a new film starring Saints QB, Drew Brees. Boy, that Brees is creepy…
  8. 9. Peyton Manning’s father, Archie Manning played 11 of his 13 years in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints. Experts predict you will hear that anywhere from 1 to 2,984,933,064 times before the Super Bowl.
  9. 10. Let the conspiracy theories begin as both teams with a Haitian player make the Super Bowl!
  10. 12. Brett Favre ends his career for the second time in three years throwing his final pass… an interception . Tonight, John Madden still cries.