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ISO SC4 TC184 65th Workshop IMAGINE inputs for Future Architecture


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Presentation to ISO TC184 SC4 standard expert of the IMAGINE project Aeronautic Living Lab

Published in: Engineering
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ISO SC4 TC184 65th Workshop IMAGINE inputs for Future Architecture

  1. 1. Linking standards for Dynamic Manufacturing Networks Contribution of IMAGINE Aeronautic Living Lab 65th ISO SC4 TC184 workshop
  2. 2. • Network of enterprises involved in industrial programs – Risk sharing partners – Integrator OEM – Equipment providers – Standard part providers – N levels for complex and global dynamic supply chain • Cross organizational and private end to end processes – With data/information flow between partners concerning the Product and the capabilities involved for supporting systems (design, production, support) – For each phase dedicated standards • PLM data interchange during industrial program design phase (ISO TC184 SC4 Standards) • Enterprise/integration data during production phase (ISA 95, B2MML) – Supply Chain Management and System Engineering standards SCOR, ISO 15288 • Network of underlying applications supporting the processes and COTS realizing the applications – Enterprise modeling standard ArchiMate2 – ICT standards Networked Collaborative Product Development Event - Place 25 September 2016
  3. 3. • Network dedicated services – Management of the nodes and their interconnections • Enterprises • Applications • Software systems and Devices • Supporting methodology for Dynamic Manufacturing Network management • Enabling Platform Infrastructure based on open standard based framework and MDA approach • Business processes and services cPlatform on the middle Event - Place 35 September 2016
  4. 4. • A process framework, produced jointly by INCOSE and ISO • Related to System engineering, and widely used in Aerospace and Defense industry • Considering • The system of interest: e.g. the Aircraft • The enabling systems used for designing, producing, supporting and recycling the system of interest: e.g. design capabilities or production capabilities of the enterprises involved in an industrial program • Each of these systems has its own lifecycle. • The lifecycles are to be synchronized by Program Management • The lifecycle models are to be manage by the enterprise to support programs • The standard is not focusing information system using ICT => only business processes, business objects (the systems) and business actors/roles SE process framework (ISO 15288) Event - Place 45 September 2016
  5. 5. E.g. an Aircraft E.g. Plants E.g. Design offices E.g. Marketing departments All systems have a life cycle Design – Produce – Operate - Retire The roles are ensure by different companies. E.g. Aircraft Integrator will design, develop, produce partially and Airline company will use, while the support or the retirement can be made by other companies Model of the main ISO15288 systems , roles, process and relationships
  6. 6. Life Cycle Models Management - STRATEGIC Industrial program concerned by all the systems – the product and systems supporting ISO 15288 Processes with placement of different kind of standards AP233 AP242 AP214 AP209 AP239 ISA95 SCOR/BoostAero
  7. 7. 1. A standardized framework addressing Enterprise and production control system integration 2. It Separates business processes from manufacturing processes – Allow changes in production processes without requiring unnecessary changes scheduling and logistic processes 3. Provide a clear demarcation of responsibilities and functions 4. Provide a clear description of exchange information 5. Improved integration of manufacturing through communication by defining – A common terminology – A consistent set of models 6. Emphasize good practices for integration of control systems with other enterprise systems 7. Reduce cost and difficulty of integration of business logistics systems with manufacturing systems • Expected benefits – Better planning and scheduling through better information – Support for “capable to promise” strategy – Support for agile manufacturing and flow manufacturing strategies – Reduce errors in optimized supply chain operations What is ISA 95 (ISO 62624) Enterprise-Control System Integration Event - Place 75 September 2016
  8. 8. ISA 95 Derived from MESA Model
  9. 9. ISA 95 proposes a set of functions organized according Purdue Model hierarchy From OAGIS, ISA-95 and Related Manufacturing Integration Standards - A Survey
  10. 10. Adopted approach for structuring ISA 95 specifications What is in business/planning and what is in manufacturing operations? Definition of the functions in the domains The functions of interest are detailed The information flows of interest between the function of interest are definedThe information are categorized, and relationships with activity model is made Information model is defined, with: • 3+ 1 resource models (Personal, Material, Equipment, Segment) • 4 interactive models (capability information, product definition, production schedule, production performance)  Can be used as basis for formalized information exchange protocol
  11. 11. Similarity with ISO 10303 specifications structuration Application protocol domains Application Activity Model, based on IDEF0, for contextualization of information flow Conformance classes and Unit of FunctionalitiesApplication Reference Model and Application Implementation Model
  12. 12. Example 1 - ISA 95 Equipment hierarchy
  13. 13. ISA 95 Functional Enterprise Control model
  14. 14. ISA 95 hierarchy of functions
  15. 15. Combining Manufacturing standards, PLM and SE EADS IW PLM/SE/MI federated model ANSI/ISA–S95.00.01–2000 PLM strategic initiative PML4MBD CAD Virtual Product Management (PDM/VPM) PLM4CSPLM4Mfg Virtual Production System Management (ERP/MES) CAM Virtual Support System Management CA Log Authoring tools (levels 2,1,0 ISA 95) Business tools (Level 4 as for ISA 95) Business/Design operation and control tools (Level 3/4 ISA 95) (change requests and orders, configuration management) e.g. CATIA e.g. Delmia System of interest: Aircraft System for producing System for Supporting Detailed Design Phase Production Phase System Engineering (ISO 15288) Design capabilities and processes Production capabilities and processes System for Designing Industrial Program (e.g. A380) Integrated Logistic and Support capabilities and processes Design Phase Business Production Integration Aircraft as design Aircraft as built, as deliver, as maintain, as retired Customersupport Production DesignOffice Bill Of Material Changes
  16. 16. Imagine Future FactoryImagineFF Thank you for your attention! ImagineFutureFactoryImagineFutureFactory