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The pet health project


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The pet health project

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  3. 3.
  4. 4. Home Remedies • Almond Oil • Olive Oil • Place several drops into the ear canal and massage the base of the ear gently • Wipe debris clean with a cotton ball or tissue
  5. 5. Pet Depot Dental Care
  6. 6. Similar to humans, your pet’s dental problems can lead to life threatening infections and issues with the heart, liver, and kidneys.
  7. 7. Doctor Foster and Smith
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Ottawa Valley Dog Whisper
  10. 10. Tips for Cleaning Your Pet’s Teeth: Do not use regular human toothpaste because the fluoride is extremely poisonous to dogs. Try mixing a little garlic powder in lukewarm water and then brush your pet’s teeth.
  11. 11. (Alexander, 2010) Nail Care
  12. 12. Nail Care: Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed is important because the nails can snag or break when running or jumping. This can cause bleeding, pain, and a possible infection.
  13. 13. Vaccinations
  14. 14. Types of Vaccinations: Rabies: A viral disease of the nervous system that is both fatal and transmissible to people. Parvovirus: A viral infection that can affect many body systems including the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. Distemper: A viral infection that can affect several body systems including the respiratory and nervous systems, especially blood cells produced in the bone marrow in cats.
  15. 15. All these vaccines require booster shots up until the animal is a year old, and then a vaccine every year, or sometimes every three years.
  16. 16. Affordable Solutions: -Purchase the vaccines online and administer them to your pet yourself -Low Cost Vaccination Clinics -Pet Health Insurance -Pet Care Credit
  17. 17. Diseases that are passed from animals to people Zoonoses
  18. 18. A List of Zoonotic Diseases: Rabies Tetanus Cat Scratch Disease Plague Anthrax Tuberculosis Ringworm Toxoplasmosis
  19. 19. Methods of Transmission:  Contact with urine, feces, or respiratory secretions of an infected animal  Contact with items in the infected animal’s environment  Disease can also spread through scratches or bites from a animal  Disease can spread by insects that carry the infection from animals to humans
  20. 20. Prevention:  Make sure your pet is vaccinated  Research the health risks involved with your pet  Wash your hands before and after handling your pet  Minimize contact between wild animals and your pet  Use insect control products
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