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Research into music artists

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Music video research

  1. 1. Research and Understanding<br />Take That <br />Pop band <br />Represented as young, fashionable, fun which is shown through their clothing, style and the pictures they are in<br />Represent friendship through the closeness of the group and they are always pictured together (never as individuals)<br />Their costumes, setting and stance are connected with the album title, track names and lyrics<br />Generally don’t use props as can be seen in the above images and this is probably because their stance tells that audience a lot about them as a person and the settings used are enough to attract the audience without the need to use props<br />They often look as though they have a lot of power just from the way they are positioned as a group or in a line and they look focused<br />The colours used on their digi packs are at different extremes – some have very artificial colours in an artificial setting like the cover for the ‘Greatest Day’ but some are natural and soft lit like the cover for ‘rule the world’<br />The sight lines of the artists are always looking away from the viewer. They are never looking directly at the viewer to give them more power<br />The fonts used are all very similar. The artist name is always in the same font most probable to make it recognisable to the audience and then the album name is in which ever font suits the name for example ‘The Circus’ is written in a bold simple font like a circus is to the rest of the world<br />An article written about Robbie Williams rejoining them is shown below. (news article taken from <br />Robbie joins Take That on stage Williams and Barlow sang with other artists during the finaleRobbie Williams has joined his former Take That bandmates on stage at the Children in Need charity concert, but there was no reunion performance. Take That opened the show at London's Royal Albert Hall before Gary Barlow introduced " old friend" Williams, who then performed solo material. However, Williams and Barlow were later back on stage singing alongside the show's other artists during its finale. Sir Paul McCartney and Dame Shirley Bassey were among other performers. <br />The event was organised by Barlow, with more than £500,000 raised from ticket sales, which were allocated by ballot. <br />After Take That's opening performance of their song Greatest Day, Barlow told the 4,500-strong crowd: " What a perfect night for us to introduce an old friend." <br />Williams, who left Take That in 1995, then appeared on stage before moments later being left to perform songs from his new album, Bodies and You Know Me. <br />Afterwards, he said: " I started tearing up just before I came on, and the lads were singing and knowing it was just about to happen and knowing what the reactions were going to be like, and then all my team were like 'Please don't cry'. <br />" And I think we should have milked it for a lot longer than we actually did. I think Gaz, in his wisdom, went, 'Right, we should get off now, let the lad do his singing.' <br />" I was trying to get them back to do a bow and everything. That's the first time in 15 years, we should have at least stayed there for 10 minutes." <br />Of speculation about him performing with the band again, he said plans were " shaping up to be very exciting" but added that he did not know where, when or how it would happen.<br />" I just hope people don't get bored of the idea before it actually happens," he said. <br />Williams and Take That returned to the stage with all the other artists to round off the show with a performance of The Beatles' Hey Jude. <br />Other acts on the bill included Leona Lewis, Lily Allen, Mika, Muse, Dizzee Rascal and Katherine Jenkins. <br />Among " one-off" duets planned as a key feature of the show, Dame Shirley sang This Time accompanied by Barlow on piano, before rapper Dizzee Rascal joined her to perform her classic song Diamonds Are Forever. <br />Cheryl Cole appeared with Snow Patrol, with the Girls Aloud and X Factor star singing Martha Wainwright's lines from the guitar band's song Set The Fire To The Third Bar. <br />Frontman Gary Lightbody had told the Spinner Music website that some people had " raised an eyebrow" when they heard about the collaboration. <br />" Everyone doing that gig has to duet with someone from the gig," he said.<br />" Everyone gets a partner, it was like getting a partner at school. We got the prettiest girl in the class. <br />" People have raised an eyebrow now and again when we've mentioned we're doing it with Cheryl Cole." <br />Other duets saw Lily Allen joining Take That on the boy band's song Shine, while Dizzee Rascal and Noisettes' Shingai Shoniwa performed Dirty Cash (Money Talks). <br />Barlow also dedicated a performance of Rule The World to his father, Colin, who died last month. <br />" This song is dedicated to everybody who's lost somebody they love. Dad, this one's for you," Barlow said. <br />Take that music video analysis of ‘Rule the World’<br />The music video is about the band and all the instrument players in a recording studio and they are recording their track. It shows all the key people involved and all the equipment that is used. <br />The artists are represented in the same way as discussed above. They are dressed in smart casual and each band member has their own style. There is no real image portrayed in this music video as its more about the recording of the track although the artists are shown during much of the video. Again the artists are grouped together in so much that they are lined up in sound booths and not each in a separate recording studio. The video itself is quite dark with low key lighting around and spots on the artists which makes then stand out as the stars.<br />The main camera movement within this music video is panning. Its pans from the instrument players round to the artist and focuses on each artist as it moves across. Also when the instrument players are shown the artists are still shown as their faces one by one are over-laid. This ensures that they are still in the spot light.<br />Coldplay<br />Alternative rock<br />The images above from Coldplay’s albums show that they do not place themselves on the front covers so it is hard for the audience when buying the album to get a picture of the band and also see how they are represented<br />The images on the fronts of the albums are in some way linked to the album title but this is not always clear for example the image of what looks to be like a globe is not a straight clear link to the album title ‘Parachutes’<br />Most of the colours on the digi packs are plain and simple however they do range from bold and bright (X&Y) to dull browns and greys (Viva La Vida)<br />The fonts used on the digi packs also range from one pack to the next depending on the image displayed and the size to how clear it is to read<br />News article about Coldplay excited about becoming number 1 written in 2008 (<br />Coldplay 'excited' about top spot By Damian Jones Newsbeat music reporter Coldplay have admitted that they are " excited" about the prospect of scoring their first ever number one UK single this weekend. Early sales of Viva La Vida, the title track from their fourth album, suggest that the band could finally shoot to the top of the singles chart on Sunday. The song was available to download before this week to those pre-ordering the band's album. Chart rules prevented it from counting towards the top 40 until Monday. The track has already given the band their first number one in the US after it shot straight to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. I'm quite excited about it actually. I can't really believe it but then it's probably not going to happen anyway, is it? right0Coldplay guitarist Jonny Buckland on a possible UK number oneThe last British rock band to top the US chart was Def Leppard who reached the top spot with Love Bites 20 years ago. Coldplay came close to scoring their first number one in the UK in 2005 with Speed Of Sound but they were denied by Crazy Frog's single Axel F. Guitarist Jonny Buckland is hoping Coldplay can go one better this time. He told Newsbeat: " I'm quite excited about it actually. I can't really believe it but then it's probably not going to happen anyway, is it?" Promotional tour The band have played three free gigs for their fans this week including a show at Brixton, Barcelona and the BBC Television Centre. " It's been really fun playing these free gigs and it's nice to come back like this because there's not too much pressure," he admitted. Coldplay tour the UK in December after gigging in the US and Europe" You don't have to be great if nobody is paying any money." The Coldplay guitarist also said the band decided not to play any festivals this year because they felt it was too soon. He added: " We thought about coming back and doing the festivals but we wanted to leave it this year because it feels like we've only just done them. " You can't just keep coming back ploughing the same furrow. " As for next year we're not sure at this stage because we have only planned up to our UK tour in December which I'm really excited about because it's a long time since we've done a full tour." He went on: " I never initially liked playing the big arenas and I much preferred intimate gigs like the ones we've played this week. " But now that we haven't done big arenas for a while I'm kind of missing it so it'll be good to go back and play them especially in Liverpool because it's near my hometown." <br />Coldplay music video analysis – ‘Life in Technicolour ii’<br />The artists in this music video are presented as puppets. It is about a kids puppet show and they decide to have ‘time for music’ and the Coldplay band come on as puppets and the puppet stage is made into a fake music stage. This music video could be aimed at all different audiences from small children as shown in the video to adults to the elderly because of how different it is from any other music video. The artist sends wants to portray a fun and different image for the audience and they have done so through the use of puppets. The puppets however are very similar to the actual artists and so this gives the audience an image of the artist. The use of puppets however makes me feel that the artists are trying to hide their identity because they do not put images of themselves on their digi packs and don’t reveal fully who they are in this video. The only real focus throughout this music video was of the stage and the instruments that were playing however there were jump cuts to the audience watching the puppet show to see their reactions and also jump cuts to puppet members of the stage crew to show what their job is at a real stage show.<br />The use of puppets makes the artists different and their puppet selves portray how we see the artist. The way the puppets are dressed is fairly casual however the main singer has some solider looking outfit. They represented as young men who take pride in what they look like and what they are doing while in front of an audience. This video defiantly has a positive effect on young people because of the use of puppets rather than being a real people. It also seems like its a way to get young people interested in music by making it fun and showing other young people within the music video. The use of sound over the soundtrack like that audience reaction made the sound track to the viewing audience more interesting and help create the same reactions within the audience.<br />However the one critisim I had was that I felt it was not that easy to hear the lyrics and therefore was not sure when actions were made how they linked to the lyrics.<br />Justin Bieber<br />Pop-R’n’B<br />He’s young and fashionable and is out to attract a teen audience which can be seen through his style of clothing (which ranges from hoodies to hats to shirts) and the images used on the covers of his albums. Also this can be seen in his music videos because they all have girls in that he likes to look at<br />He is always pictured as an individual to make him stand out to his audience and to make himself more appealing to his female audience<br />He has a fairly relaxed stance, although it can be see that he is posing, which shows he is a relaxed type of person and he also fills much of the digi pack cover which means that he wants to be seen<br />The setting cannot easily be seen because of the size of the image of him which shows he wants to be important<br />He doesn’t use props as can be seen in the above pictures and this is probably because of the colours and style used on the cover which makes the cover stand out over others. Also again as the image is so big of him, this itself helps to attract the audience<br />The colours used on his album covers are quite variant – for example the cover for ‘Love me’ is made up of bright bold colours and the design has been drawn on around him whereas ‘My World’ has fairly soft, low key lighting<br />The artist in most of the images above seems to be looking straight into the camera which gives him some control as it is though he is staring at the target audience and possible buyers which makes them more reluctant to buy it – it could also represent the need to make sales<br />The font used on most album covers is very similar to each other – the artist name has close lettering and is also placed so that one word is above the other and keeping it constant makes it better for the audience because it is always recognisable. The font used for the album name is whatever suits the image given on the cover so ‘Love Me’ is written on a curve going from small to large to fit with the curve of the arrow it is written on<br />News article about Justin Bieber releasing his biography from the Guardian<br />(<br />Is Justin Bieber really old enough for a biography?<br />The teen sensation is set to publish his first memoir and be the subject of a biopic. Is it really the right time?<br />As if Justin Bieber's supernova status were not already bewildering enough for anyone past the age of majority, the baby-faced Canadian singer, who looks even younger than his 16 years, has just announced his first memoir, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, via HarperCollins. He may not be the youngest celebrity to write an autobiography – Drew Barrymore and Charlotte Church were both 15 when they published, respectively, 1990's Little Girl Lost and 2001's Voice of an Angel: My Life (So Far) – but he is the only one who can also boast a forthcoming 3D biopic (apparently helmed by the Oscar-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth, no less) about his prodigious rise.<br />Explaining this explosion in Bieberology, the singer gave potential readers some idea of the kind of pulse-pounding prose they can expect: " My fans have played such a large part in all of this and they help me live my dreams every day . . . This is just another way to say thank you to my fans." <br />He has a lot to thank them for. A long, long time ago, in early 2007, Bieber's mother posted on YouTube a clip of her 12-year-old son performing Ne-Yo's So Sick at a singing contest in Stratford, Ontario. The clip's phenomenal popularity won him a deal with Island Records and his 2009 album My World gave rise to commercial superlatives, making him the youngest solo male US chart-topper since Stevie Wonder in 1963, the first artist ever to score seven hit singles from a debut, and the star of the most-viewed YouTube clip to date (Baby stands at over 270 million views).<br />Bieber is a distinctly modern celebrity, discovered and nurtured by fans on the internet. He was a Twitter trending topic for months until Twitter changed the rules in May to reflect spiking popularity rather than consistent mentions. When Lily Allen made the mistake of mocking Bieber on the social network, she was quickly savaged by some of his 4 million followers. (Judging by his Twitter feed, First Step 2 Forever will be generous with the exclamation marks!!)<br />The Bieberholics' fervour is not in doubt. The singer's manager was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal nuisance after fans mobbed a Long Island mall while waiting to see their idol. The anti-Bieber camp is active too, hacking his YouTube clips, spreading death rumours and hijacking an online poll to choose a " bonus country" for his world tour (half a million wags voted for North Korea). But there's nothing his detractors can do to halt Bieber's march, nor the inevitable blockbuster sales of First Step 2 Forever. The question is not if there will be a sequel, but how soon he can get away with one.<br />Justin Bieber music video analysis of ‘Never Let You Go’<br />This music video is about Justin meeting a girl and not wanting to let her go. Its got lots going on in that there are three or 4 different settings used and some he sings in and some he acts in with a girl. The artist is represented in the same way that is discussed above and throughout the video with each different setting comes a new outfit and when these are overlaid with each other it gives an interesting affect. Sometimes the scene with the girl is overlaid with him singing which gives the audience some action to watch rather than just the artist singing.<br />I think that the artist wants to show that he has a girl and this links in with the song of never wanting to let her go. The lighting used is fairly low key but in the scene with the girl there is an aquarium in the background which is lit up well which creates background lighting for this scene. The other scenes are low key but Justin stands out from the dark background through his costume which catches the light in different ways. <br />Most of the shots with the girl in are close up two shots or long shot two shots to make sure that they are both in the shot together and to show the audience what they are doing. The other shots and the overlays are mostly close-ups of Justin singing however the one at the beach in mostly shot from behind with him on a cliff looking out over the beach and turning to face the camera to sing. Also occasionally there is over the shoulder shots used to show the two of them and the way they look at each other. Also a clip of swimming fish is sometimes used to switch from one scene to the next smoothly.<br />