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Wave belleville park sector 25 a noida, wave villas 9899888159


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Wave Belleville Park area unit designed on the idea of 'Green Living'. Keeping in mind a healthy life-style for its residents, Wave Villas Noida is associate degree eco-friendly luxurious unloved community with rain gather solar/hybrid water heating and waste management systems. You ought not to worry regarding the protection of your youngsters taking part in, as there's no automobile, bike and significant vehicles allowed on the bottom level. Additionally to make sure, a healthy and pollution lifestyle, solely slow moving inexperienced transport vehicles like golf carts, bycycles etc allowed on the bottom level.

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Wave belleville park sector 25 a noida, wave villas 9899888159

  1. 1. Afterthe grand Success - Wave Vasilia,Amore,Truciaandmanymore residential Projects,Wave InfratechPresentNewResidential LowFloorrise Residence withUnique Name - Wave Belleville Park Villasmaybe a secure andan luxurygatedcommunityengineeredanddesignedinaverymethodthat facilitatespotencyandconvenience whilepamperingyouwithluxuryall around.Livingin'Tranquility' that mergesextremistamenitieswithluxuriousareasisourideabehindmetrothatprovidesyouand your familyachance to have Wave Villasandcreate itall yours. Wave Belleville Parkareaunitdesigned on the ideaof 'Green Living'.Keepinginmindahealthylife-style foritsresidents,Wave VillasNoidais associate degree eco-friendlyluxuriousunlovedcommunitywithraingathersolar/hybridwaterheating and waste managementsystems.Yououghtnotto worryregardingthe protectionof youryoungsters takingpart in,as there'sno automobile,bikeandsignificantvehiclesallowedonthe bottomlevel. Additionallytomake sure,ahealthyandpollutionlifestyle,solelyslow movinginexperiencedtransport vehicleslike golf carts,bycyclesetcallowedonthe bottomlevel. Snapshoot:- Location Sector25A Noida Type Residential Options LuxuryGated Community Sizes 300, 370 & 500 Sq.yards. Features & Amenities:-  Commonareasmanagedand maintainedbyWave  Housekeepingondemandtobe available fromthe bestprofessional housekeeping service providers  Wi-Fi enabledluxuriousgatedcommunity  Builtuparea of 8000 Sq.ft.andabove on sizesrangingfrom373 Sq.Ydto 500 Sq.Yd.
  2. 2.  Uniformfacade  310 Sq.ft.(approx.) splashpool ineachVillaatterrace level  730 Sq.ft.(approx.) terrace openspacesineachVilla  Barbeque andbonfire pitonthe terrace  Eco-friendlyluxuriousgatedcommunitywithrainwaterharvesting,wastemanagementsystems and pollutionbasedonthe conceptof 'GreenLiving'  Entire projectgetsfullycompletedatthe same time ensuringnoconstructionactivitywhenyou move inand all facilitiesfullyoperational If you are make an Interest in Wave BellevillePark Villas, Call For Best & ConfirmBooking – 9899888159 | 9999999237 For More Details: - Wave InfratechPvtLtd, a favorite real estate designer,hasproperlylearntthisspecificideaand afterwardspresentedagoodultra-luxuriousresidential areawhere bywonderfully woodVillascanbe foundinseveral dimensionandoptions.CalledseeingthatWave Villas,thisspecificdeluxe edifice can be essentiallylocatedinthe midstof Wave CityCentre Noida,fromIndustry25A Noida.