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  • Handbook distributed
  • Evaluation – online/meeting/evidence
  • Havering initiative

    1. 1. Havering Initiative Ambassadors Handbook A Mentoring Model
    2. 2. Agenda 9. 15 Registration and coffee 9.30 Introduction to the Ambassador’s Handbook and discussion on the role of the eTwinning Ambassador 11.15 Coffee 11.30 Embedding eTwinning in the whole school development plan - presentation followed by discussion with regard to the Havering Pilot Discussion on the way forward with the Havering Pilot with details of the evaluation – Question and Answer Session – distribution of the Mentoring Model as set out in the Ambassadors’ Handbook 12.30 Finish
    3. 3. Aims • • • • • • To promote consistent good practice for eTwinning ambassadors by introducing the Handbook for Ambassadors. To develop ‘The Mentoring Model’ with the focus on involving school leadership and whole school development To assist Ambassadors with extended mentoring in Havering with the creation of lead teachers and neighbourhood lead schools To provide eTwinning Ambassadors with a strategy which identifies the level of support required ensuring that eTwinning is embedded in the curriculum and whole school development To provide guidance on how to produce quality projects which link directly with the curriculum while enhancing teaching and learning. To explore the range of skills necessary for eTwinning Ambassadors e.g. the Ambassador as presenter, workshop organiser and mentor
    4. 4. The Havering Schools Ambassador Matching The Handbook – Why?
    5. 5. Mentoring Model What do you think?
    6. 6. Implementing a Whole School Approach The Impact of International Collaborative Education
    7. 7. Southwater Infant Academy The Primary Model Southwater Infant Academy is situated in rural West Sussex with 270 pupils and 14 teaching staff. Southwater was rated Outstanding by OFSTED ‘ When we started we didn’t know just how significant eTwinning was going to be in our development as a school’ Sue Winn Headteacher
    8. 8. The Lead Teacher and the eTwinning Team • • • • • Total commitment of Head Teacher essential. Inclusive approach to international work. Appointment of a lead teacher to support the teaching staff. All staff registered on the eTwinning Portal. EVERY teacher in the school has one ‘performance management’ target to engage pupils in an international project.
    9. 9. An Example Project ‘An Exploration of Playground Games’ Partnership school in Northern Italy – Taking a PE theme – integrating practical skills with team work and recording. – An exchange of playground games with a visual emphasis – Pupils decided on the skills they wanted to share. – Invented playground games without specific equipment – Use of videos, digital images, presentation software.
    10. 10. Impact and Benefits for Pupils ‘eTwinning has given us a different tool to bring learning to life for our pupils’ (class teachers) – Pupils in both classes shared their work informally with other children in the playground. – Creative use of ICT to exchange ideas and images – Presenting information clearly – Absorbing cultural similarities and differences – Opportunities for pupils to showcase project work.
    11. 11. Impact and Benefits for Staff • School Governors were persuaded to increase the school’s computer hardware • eTwinning promoted the culture of sharing ideas, expertise and concerns. • Positive impact on gaining promotion for teachers • Leading the way with other schools in the locality. • Link to all that the British Council has to offer.
    12. 12. The Secondary Model Shawlands Academy is situated on the south side of Glasgow. This is non-denominational school catering for 1,250 students and approx 100 staff. ‘Etwinning supports young people to understand diversity, learn for each other’s cultures and create social cohesion. Our work here is testament to that’. (Deputy Head Teacher)
    13. 13. The eTwinning Team The core team: Deputy Head Teacher Lead Teacher ICT teacher reg. for eTwinning – Total number of staff active on the Portal: 16 – Timetabled meeting once a week for core team. – Meetings scheduled for all registered teachers. These include subject leaders and classroom practitioners. – Specific ICT support available for all staff involved
    14. 14. Partnerships and Project Work ‘Embedding the use of ICT and integrating international work into the curriculum is seen as key to its success and sustainability’ • Food Technology – creating an eTwinning recipe book • Drama – film on Internet safety • Geography – collaborative project on volcanoes
    15. 15. Impact and Benefits for Students and Teachers Innovative pedagogy grows and develops to the benefit of students. Use of simple ICT tools When supporting a project – teacher to teacher SKYPE from home. ICT curriculum for Yr7-Yr9 based on eTwinning partnerships Impacts favourably when applying for promotion Contributing to a culture of good communication between school staff.
    16. 16. http://goo.gl/pmX52M
    17. 17. Discussion Baseline assessment Evaluation
    18. 18. Where next? Actions – School – Ambassador – Evaluation