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Creating and sustaining international projects between schools

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  • How an international partnership Raises standards and achievementDeveloping and sustaining a partnership
  • Raising standards slide
  • Keep it simple
  • Curriculum benefits – language geography critical thinking
  • Pride in cultural identity – religious and cultural ed
  • Two slides ofGdocs
  • Connecting Classrooms - Projects

    1. 1. Connecting Classrooms The Story of a Partnership
    2. 2. Rabindranath TagoreThe famous Bengali Nobel Laureate, poet,philosopher, educationalist and author of theNational Anthem for Bangladesh ‘Amar ShonarBangla’‘Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time’
    3. 3. Global Citizenship for AllShared ValuesEducation for Sustainable DevelopmentPeace EducationGender EducationCitizenshipWorld StudiesMulticultural CelebrationBreaking down StereotypesHuman Rights
    4. 4. The First Steps in Building the RelationshipComplete profile on CCO and add a photographEnthusiastic initial greeting, introduction, background andexperience.Name of school and type of education offered with age range ofstudents to be involved in the partnership.Suggested project outline with expected outcomes.Potential curriculum areas to be addressed.What your school can offer to potential partners to create anequal partnership.Suggested first steps with a way forward.Indicate where the response can be posted.
    5. 5. First CommunicationDear Fatima,I was very interested in your suggestion for a partnership between our two countries. My nameis Anne Jakins and I am an experienced and enthusiastic teacher from Sackville School EastGrinstead which is in the UK I am keen to involve my students in a Connecting Classrooms Onlineexperience. My school is situated in an rural area with many of the students involved in farmingand working on the land with their parents.I am currently working with a group of 14 year old students who would like to get involved in aproject with your school.I am interested in starting a project on the importance of rivers to the local community whichwould compare and contrast the way rivers are used in our regions. Our students are currentlyinvolved in a Geography project and would value this opportunity to learn more about yourcountry while showing your students how industry and tourism fits into our culture. We can beflexible though and would be very interested to hear your ideas.My students and I are looking forward to your response on the CCO forum.Regards
    6. 6. Curriculum DevelopmentScienceLiteracy and LanguageGeographyMathematicsEnvironmental StudiesTechnologyReligious StudiesCultural Education
    7. 7. Raising StandardsRaising standards in literacy and languageUsing an additional languageEnhancing technologiesProblem solvingBuilding self confidence and a sense of personal identityMeeting the Global Millennium TargetsEnhancing health and well-beingExchanging ideas in the Expressive Arts The First Steps inBuilding the Relationship
    8. 8. An Educational Opportunity for EveryoneStudentsTeachersHead-TeachersNon- Teaching StaffParentsWider Community
    9. 9. Exploring Stereotypes: before and after the partnership What do we know about each other’s countries? What do we know about each other’s lives?What have we learnt?How have our opinions changed?
    10. 10. Learning about Distant Localities Where is this place? What does it look like? What is it like to live there? How is this place changing? What are the issues affecting people who live there? Why is this place special?
    11. 11. Villages in Bangladesh and the UKLearning outcomes Looking for opinion and bias Empathy towards others globally Growing interest in events globally Growing respect for difference and diversity Understanding of the relationship between people and their environment
    12. 12. Perceptions
    13. 13. All About MeLearning IntentionIncrease awareness of similarities and differences between students so they gain a sense of self worthActivity I really like...... Something that makes me happy is ...... One thing that is important to me is ...... Something I would like to change is ......
    14. 14. The Story of a PartnershipAfghanistan/UK Digital Diary Dialogues Kites for Kids Custom and Tradition
    15. 15. First Steps to a Successful Project 1. Develop a partnership over time – keep it simple and make learning fun. 2. Get to know each other. 3. Join in much as possible.
    16. 16. First Case Study :Digital Diary Dialogues
    17. 17. Digital Diary Dialogues an eTwinning mobile learning projectDigital Diary Dialogues is a creative ‘student voice’ focusedinnovative ‘mobile learning’ eTwinning project. The focus of thisproject is cross curricular, multi age and stage with peer to peerlearning activities at the core and is based on the use of theNokia N95 as a ‘learning tool’ for students in Finland, Scotland,England and Afghanistan creating and exchanging micro blogsand learning objects.
    18. 18. ChallengesFinding meaningful connectivityOvercoming unreliable electricity supply and lack ofInternet accessCreating opportunities for effective culturalexchange. Professional development for teachersDeveloping creative solutionsEngaging external organisations to provide support
    19. 19. Digital Diary Dialogues Effective use of mobile phone technology as a learning and communication tool Using international links as a creative means of motivating students Mobile phone safety Sharing pedagogies across the partnership Extended learning
    20. 20. Digital Diary Dialogues Week 1 Getting to know you 8am 11am 1pm 4pm 8pm
    21. 21. Digital Diary Dialogues Week 2 - Life in a Week Monday - sports and games Tuesday - school clothes and environment Wednesday - curriculum and school activities Thursday - friends (who and where) Friday - family and home Saturday - clothes and social life Sunday - food
    22. 22. Digital Diary Dialogues Week 3 What makes me happy. What makes me sad.
    23. 23. Digital Diary Dialogues Week 4 – Spring Y10 students created and micro blogged learning objects via the mobile phone Images of the signs of spring created by students using mobile phone digital video and stills exchanged Text message haikus expressing their thoughts and feelings about the coming of spring.
    24. 24. The Second Stage1. Learn from each other2. Use opportunities as they arrive3. Work together on joint interests4. Use local community and newspapers to generate interest
    25. 25. Second Project
    26. 26. Kites for Kids eTwinning and Connecting Classrooms
    27. 27. Kites for Kids Following instructions Design and construction Mobiletechnology and QR codes Science and maths Technologies explored Literature Values
    28. 28. Kites in the Curriculum
    29. 29. The Kites are FlyingMichael MorpurgoWriting skills, self confidenceStudents sharing learningBreaking down barriers – support ASC
    30. 30. Third Case Study: Custom and Tradition
    31. 31. Google Docs and more
    32. 32. ...and finally1. Find things that you have in common and respect the differences2. Ask lots of questions3. Take an interest in people and their lives4. Keep in regular contact - technology can help