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Plano Csi


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Plano Csi

  1. 1. Plano CSI Discovered : Deceased Gator Date/Time: 10/24/04 – 9:27 a.m.
  2. 2. Crime Scene Evidence… Gator’s Internal Organs
  3. 3. After collecting evidence from the crime scene, and marking outline of the body we returned to the crime lab…
  4. 4. The forensics team got to work to investigate the cause of death…
  5. 5. Conclusion… Massive trauma to skull, violent removal of internal organs (guts).
  6. 6. Suspects Found at Crime Scene – Suspect #1: Sadie Zucco Suspected of killing one stuffed green frog Sadie Z. - #2179 Sadie Z. - #2179
  7. 7. Suspect #2: Sandy Zucco Possible abduction of rubber steak. Still missing Sandy Z. - #3025 Sandy Z. - #3025
  8. 8. Suspects currently undergoing extensive interrogation. We are also awaiting DNA and paw-print results from the lab. Investigators have yet to determine the guilty party… A conviction is expected early next week… Stay Tuned