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How to nail a 5 minute pitch at Startup Weekend


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Nezar Kadhem and Tomas Paulauskas prepared this Powerpoint to help Startup Weekend Paris (Tech Edition) participants on how to present a final pitch. Scroll through this presentation to learn how to convince a judging panel of venture capitalists, angel investors, and business professionals to pick your idea as the potential business success story. Participants can use this framework to present their validation, execution, and an easy to understand business model.

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How to nail a 5 minute pitch at Startup Weekend

  1. 1. HOW TO NAIL YOUR PITCH IN 5 MINUTES A quick guide to help you organize your presentation for the final pitch at Startup WeekendBy:Nezar KadhemTomas Paulauskas
  2. 2. In today’s competitive and fierce funding climate, entrepreneursmust stand out, and pitch their ideas in a convincing & compellingmanner. At startup conferences & Angel / VC meetings, all youhave is 5 minutes, yes, 5 minutes to step on stage and convinceyour potential investors, partners, and customers to pick you.Getting this presentation right is crucial as it can lead tofinancing, buzz, and growth; AND getting it wrong: doesn’t.
  3. 3. YOUR 1ST SEXY LOGOSLIDE• On your first slide, you will need nothing but a logo. • Plaster your slick & attractive logo that you created during the weekend• Introduce yourself. • Do you have some “star” players in your team?
  4. 4. PROBLEM STATEMENT• Nothing sounds better than starting your pitch with a problem statement.• And want your listeners to believe it? •  Start it off with a story.• How big is the problem? •  Can you relate it to someone who has the pain? How many of people are like this person?
  5. 5. SOLUTION• The Solution is… Your Product / Service• Right after name it, state your mantra • A Mantra is a tagline that summarizes your business in clear and concise framing of 2 sentences, not more.• Clearly explain how you alleviate the pain • Ensure that the audience clearly understands what you sell, and what is your value proposition to your customer.
  6. 6. HOW DOES IT WORK?• Clearly explain in steps how your product of service works • Users Open the app / webpage • Users login • How do they pick the service? • How do they pay? • Users use your service… And are satisfied.• Give examples. Showing off your prototype is extremely useful. Here you can show your progress & how your team was able to execute well under pressure.
  7. 7. THE FACTS!“As convincing as your business might sound to you, it’s important torecognize that it is still largely untested guesses & hypothesizes that willalmost certainly change” - Ash Maurya• Prove that your customers want you! Go out to the field. • Conduct surveys (Quantitative) • Interview / Talk to your customers (Qualitative) • Talk to your key partners• Want to impress? • Great to add quotes from people you spoke with “… I would definitely pay…” • Even better? Tell us how much they said they are willing to pay.
  8. 8. HOW DO YOU MAKEMONEY?• Clearly describe your business model • What are your main revenue streams? • Show the monetary inflow and outflow between your company and relevant stakeholders in exchange for value proposition. • Create a diagram that demonstrates the process between you, the customers, and key partners.•
  9. 9. YOUR MARKET• Who is your customer? • Specify your target customer persona• How big is your market? • Tell your addressable market size. • Explain how you got them• Who is your competitor? • How and why are you better? What is your secret sauce!?
  10. 10. MARKETING• What is your market-entry strategy? • How are your going to reach your early adopters? • What is your customer acquisition plan? • Be creative. Most investors dislike ideas that have a high burn rate for marketing• Even though your business idea is promising and scalable, you must elaborate on the small steps you will execute to successfully enter the market.
  11. 11. BUSINESS ECONOMICS• Don’t confuse the judges with excel tables!• Investors are looking for key numbers: • What is the initial required investment to start your business? • What is your pricing strategy? Can you back it with your customer surveys? • When do you forecast to breakeven? • How many products / services do you need to sell to breakeven? • Show a graph of where / when your • Costs (customer acquisition costs) are going to decline. Be ready to explain why. • Cash flow’s are positive
  12. 12. KILLER SLIDE!• Give a reason for us to believe that you are ready to… ROCK!• End your presentation by mentioning: • That you have successfully identified a customer pain point • That you have a prototype (landing page) that you created over the weekend. • That you found a clear market entry strategy, and that you need (x) amount of money to begin your venture.• And of course… Thank you!
  13. 13. WE WISH YOU THEBEST OF LUCK !If you have any questions…Nezar Kadhem  nezar@entertheclub.comTomas Paulauskas 