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doc: Domen Gazvoda

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. 00_Intro The project is based on the interaction between nature and technology. It tries to save Eisenerz with the help of this interaction. The mountain has been eaten up by man-made machines in the fury to collect iron. So the machines and constant explosions of dynamite have formed the mountain in to one big grid of horizontal terraces. Onto this grid the project wishes to project the so called QR-code, which is a new interaction between graphical language of the pixel-like barcode and information - in our case the internet. So the project wishes to establish a connection with the mountain and the website on which all projects of the IDEM17 workshop would gather and give other people or visitors of the Erzberg the information about how to save this industrialized region in the heart of beautiful nature and mountains surrounding it. 01_Concept The first idea was to paint a colossal QR-code on the grid-like terraces of the mountain that could be visible from a great distance. Then was chosen a precise location of some deserted stairs in the middle of the platform that were chosen as the primary looking-point. From this looking-point you would easily take a picture of the mountain’s QR-code with your mobile phone and it would immediately connect you to the website of the IDEM17 projects. 02_Realization To present this concept was built a steel construction with a transparent window containing a print of the QR-code, through which you can look and get the impression that the code is really projected or painted on the mountain. If you take the picture of this window you get the same effect - connection to the website. Further on there were created transparent give-away cards containing the QR-code and the precise coordinates of the location to enable visitors to return to this spot and to make sure that when leaving this looking-point visitors could always have access to the website.
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