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Alumni re org

  2. 2. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln UniversityHistorical OverviewAfter meeting for their 35th graduation anniversary, several members of the Class of 7T6 began meeting via teleconferencing to discuss various issues and deficiencies on Lincoln’s campus brought to their attention through observation, conversation and personal experience. Two concerns dominated the conversations initially:5. The state of the Langston Hughes Memorial Library7. The apparent movement of campus life to a point farther south of the traditional main entrance.
  3. 3. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln UniversityAfter much deliberation, the team agreed to move forth with a commitment to exercise due diligence in gatheringfacts, information, and opinions about the afore-mentioned issues. Several of the team members attended the LUBoard of Trustees meeting on 17SEP2011. They had in-depth and informative conversations with LU’sleadership including President Ivory Nelson, Vice President Michael Hill, AALU President Tracy Hunter Hayes,and Trustee member Terrence Farrell to name a few. Several team members also had conversations withmembers of the faculty and staff. Overall, the conservations were mixed—some flattering and some not soflattering.
  4. 4. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln UniversityOur team has resolved to focus its energy, experience and knowledge on an effort we have characterized as Re-Organization And Reaffirmation of AALU. The AALU is in dire need of resuscitation. The AALU mission andvision need to be updated. Its operational capacity needs to be augmented and its ability to communicate andinteract with alumni, university officials, students and the community at-large needs to be totally restructured andprofessionalized. In order to effectuate a serious revitalization of AALU, we need to take a harder look at definingthe value proposition for anyone participating in the Association, for anyone desiring to attend Lincoln or foranyone interested in providing financial and other resource support to the school. Once more clearly defined, webelieve that AALU will be more a palatable organization to the general body of the alumni.
  5. 5. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln UniversityStatement of ConcernCurrently, there is only one functional chapter in all of AALU, the Philadelphia chapter; when, by definition the by-laws and graduation data support the establishment of over 200 chapters nationwide. Also, only three of seven elected AALU officer positions are filled; and, only two of five appointed officer positions are filled. The AALU by-laws provide for elected officers to represent various regions of the country -- East, West, South and Central. There is nothing stated to define which states comprise those geographic areas. There are six alumni seats on the LU Board of Trustees but there is not a structure in place to allow for input or guidance for alumni Trustees on issues of concern from alumni. Of the 10,000 known LU alumni, less than 1% of those individuals are dues paying members of AALU.
  6. 6. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln University Solutions 1. Gain greater role and influence on AALU board of directors a. First, the current vacancies on the Board must be filled immediately. We need to identify nominees and press for their immediate appointment. Our interest is to enhance AALU by having committed, creative passionate people serve in positions of leadership. b. It should also be our priority to interact with the existing officers to build a better bridge to the association’s future. We need to understand their goals and priorities as we work to energize the situation. c. We need to conduct a critical review of the existing AALU by-laws for near term strategic purposed and for improvements over time. We also need to have a clearer understanding about the current association meeting and event schedule and the financial commitments that accompany that schedule. d. Our team also needs to devise a fact finding instrument for circulation to as many fellow alumni as possible to gauge their priorities and interests. e. We must continue to interact with LU administrators, staff and faculty to insure relevance and inclusion in policy and operational matters affecting the school.
  7. 7. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln University 2. Increase Alumni membership a. We must solicit our former classmates to become members of AALU. b. We must refine the AALU marketing strategy to reach a broader number of people on a more consistent basis.
  8. 8. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln University 3. Increase Alumni giving to LU a. The fundraising aspect of our agenda must first address the financial survival of the AALU. An annual budget to operate the association is in order and an annual financial commitment by the association to contribute to LU must be established. b. Our recommendation for discussion purposes calls for raising the bar on alumni contributions to AALU. We must press alumni to buy in to giving AALU a monthly contribution for 60 months (the time period between 5year reunions). This strategy serves dual purposes in that it gives the AALU a strong enough revenue stream to actually plan and execute events pertinent to its growth and survival; and it has the potential to generate a substantial pot of funds to contribute to LU on an annual basis separate from what individual classes may contribute every five years.
  9. 9. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln University 4. Increase Alumni presence in campus a. Here again, the ROAR Plan has begun its focus on this topic. The Development Office and the Career Services office have endorsed our initial proposal to factor more alumni into activities and events on campus as student mentors and career counselors. Having already secured initial administration approval for this plan, we should work to find approving faculty to assist in fleshing out the program as it relates to their support. b. It should be the task of whoever is charged with this aspect of ROAR’s plan to secure effective liaison with both administrative and faculty counterparts to plant the program on campus and to coordinate it with any other ongoing programs seeking the same audience. It would do ROAR well to find and solicit presenters, mentors and engagers from amongst the general alumni for the effective execution of AALU’s participation.
  10. 10. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln University 5. Support LU academic and recruitment goals The AALU must commit to building strong chapters wherever five or more alumni reside. These chapters are the eyes and ears of the national and the university. AALU must develop a cogent strategy for reaching out to prospective students wherever and for including the university to secure top candidates for entrance to the university. Each chapter must be challenged to identify and attend local academic events that showcase students and to present LU as a viable option for continuing their education. The AALU should establish chapter goals for student recruitment. Strong AALU chapters should exhibit an infectious alumnus pride that catches the attention of focused high school students who seek to be a part of something positive and uplifting. The AALU will work with the LU Alumni Relations office to provide local chapters with promotional materials.
  11. 11. Re-Organization And Reaffirmation Plan for the Alumni Association of Lincoln University Value Proposition Put your ideas here regarding value of membership • Giving back to the University through fundraising and Alumni programs that support the students • You get to vote and have a say in the administration of the University as the AALU is endowed with 6 positions on the Board of Trustees • Build-up fellowship through local chapter activities like recruiting talented students as well as participation in athletic events, Annual CIAA Tournament, Homecoming and Annual Alumni Picnic • Ultimate plan and execution in renovating or restoring historic buildings on campus • Support in the development of an Alumni center on campus.