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IBM - Massimo Leoni, Cloud Computing, Milano 2 luglio 2009


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IBM - Massimo Leoni, Cloud Computing, Milano 2 luglio 2009

  1. 1. Il Cloud Computing di IBM: costruzione ed uso Massimo Leoni Executive IT Architect
  2. 2. Agenda • Cloud Computing – Service and Business Aspects of Cloud Computing – Architectural Concepts • IBM Solutions Portfolio • IBM Capabilities & Initiatives
  3. 3. Cloud Computing is an emerging style of computing in which applications, data, and IT resources are provided as services to users over the web • New applications are made available by highly efficient virtualized computer resources that can be rapidly scaled up and down in a flexible yet secure way to deliver a high quality of service Service Consumers IT Infrastructure Access Monitor & Manage Services & Resources Services IT Cloud Service Catalog, Component Vendors/ Component Software Publishers Cloud Library Administrator Publish & Update Components, New innovative models: Service Templates  Acquisition – Service  Business – Pay for use  Access – Standard network (eg. Internet)  Technical – Scalable, Elastic, Shareable
  4. 4. Cloud Computing services stack Computing Cloud Business Process as a Service • Businesses can easily experiment with new services (BaaS) • Time-to-value of new services greatly decreased Software as a Service • Improved consumability via Web delivery of apps and services • Web-resident development, deployment, update, app management (SaaS) • Easy app composition reduces development costs Platform as a Service • Deployment technologies uncouple service deployment from hardware. (PaaS) • optimized middleware – application servers, database servers,.. etc.) Infrastructure as a Service • Ensembles simplify hardware (server / stg / network) management. • Virtual image management contains scaling costs of update, etc. (IaaS) • Power and heat management reduce energy costs / emissions
  5. 5. Cloud computing delivery models Cloud Enablement Opportunity Cloud Consumption Opportunity Enterprise Services Services Services Service Integration Service Integration Service Integration Traditional Public Private Cloud Enterprise IT Clouds Hybrid Cloud The emerging forms of “Private” and “Public” Cloud delivery are generating the opportunity as workloads are migrating accordingly. For example: ● Mission Critical ● Test Systems ● Variable Storage ● Packaged Apps ● Pre-production ● Software as a Service ● High Compliancy ● Developer Platform ● Web Hosting
  6. 6. Where to enter in the cloud? XaaS User • Producer-Consumer Model • Different Business Models Web Applications SaaS Provider MaaS/Cloud User … as a SaaS with private IaaS cloud App server / DB Server etc. web IBM LotusLive Management MaaS Provider … as MaaS consuming a IaaS Cloud User IBM AMIs for Developers HW and OS as a Service (Utility Computing) … as IaaS Amazon EC2 Cloud Provider (IaaS)
  7. 7. Architectural model for Cloud Computing Service Service Request & GBS/ IT Infrastructure & Application Planner / Creator Operations GTS Provider Green End User Service Requests TSAM Creation Cloud Service Management and Planning & Operators User Request Management Service Automation Management Rational Image Imag e Life c yc le Pe rformanc e Availability /Bac kup / RSA 7.5/ Mgmt Mg mt. Pro vis io ning Mg mt. Re s to re Zephyr/Alpine Security: Ide ntity, Integrity, Us ag e Lic e ns e Isolation, Compliance Ac c o unting Mg mt. Design & Build Service Oriented Architecture Information Architecture … WebSphere Optimize d Middle ware (imag e de plo yme nt, inte g rate d s e c urity , wo rklo ad mg mt., hig h -availability ) Cloudburst / WVE Image Service Catalog Virtualized Infrastructure Creation Request UI & Capture Image Virtual Re s o urc e s & Ag g re g atio ns Operational UI STG Mgmt Server Virt. Storage Virt. Netw Virt. ork Ensembles S ys te m Re s o urc e s SM Servers P Blades Storage Servers Storage Netw Hardw ork are
  8. 8. Agenda • Cloud Computing – Service and Business Aspects of Cloud Computing – Architectural Concepts • IBM Solutions Portfolio • IBM Capabilities & Initiatives
  9. 9. Building Blocks • TSAM (Tivoli Service Automation Mgr.) – Cloud Services end to end management • TPM (Tivoli Provisioning Manager) – Software and virtual image provisioning • IBM Virtualization technologies – Systems Virtualization and management – PowerVM, System x + VMware/kvm, zVM/ZLinux – IBM Director, TPC – Ensemble (*Future) • Rational System Architect (Telelogic)
  10. 10. TSAM: Concepts of Service Automation  Roles and Responsibilities  Service Definition (Template) ● Open concept of user and roles ● Open Cardinalities ● Different views on the service ● Variants  Topology based on roles ● No assignment of components ● Template of best practices ● Topology Node represents one or more IT resources which can be provisioned and managed Tivoli Service Automation Manager Service Requester Service Definition Service Definition ---- ----- ---- ----- ---- ----- ---- ------ ------ ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ OS Management Plan ● Orchestrates operations ● Defines Control Flow (what Database comes next as well as the data Automation Script Lib JavaLib assets flow TPM WF ● Mapping of data to operations WebSphere Operation Implementation ● Executes e.g provisioning ● Integration of external systems ● Intgration of customer scripts
  11. 11. IBM Cloud Solutions (accelerators) • IBM CloudBurst • WebSphere CloudBurst • LotusLive (SaaS)
  12. 12. IBM CloudBurst: An Integrated Service Delivery Platform Workload Optimized, Integrated, Flexible, Provisioned by Request, “Built for Purpose” IBM Platform ● Pre-integrated (but configurable) server, storage, network, Datacenter Fabric Integrated IBM Service ● Integrated service management Management system ToR switch ToR switch Embed a proven service Optimized for efficiency of specific ● ToR switch management system in workloads Compute Node Compute Node SVC an integrated offering to deliver significant efficiency and “Fit for Purpose” Multi -Operating ● Compute Node Compute Node Storage productivity savings as System Environment Storage well as the consistent, Compute Node Compute Node trusted service the market expects from BM Fully Integrated Virtualization and ● Compute Node Compute Node Storage System Management Capability Solution Properties: Common User Interface Business Value : Flexibility, ● Common Reporting Virtual I/O Server Platform Efficiency, Workload (VIOS) Security Shared I/O Manages Single Systems Optimization Scale to Complex Solutions Resilience and Automation Hypervisor Virtual Image Mgmt Hardware System 14
  13. 13. IBM® WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition OVF package • Preinstalled, configured, and tuned OVF • Open Virtualization WebSphere Profiles Format standard Parameters packaging WebSphere Application • Attended and unattended Server Binaries OVF activation System and • WebSphere Application IBM HTTP Server (IHS) Server 6.1 and 7.0 Network Parameters • Available as a stand- Operating System alone image, or with WebSphere CloudBurst
  14. 14. WebSphere Cloudburst 1. An appliance from IBM… 2. …that manages your on-premise Includes cloud… - hardware Bring your own Enterprise cloud - CloudBurst function - hypervisors - WebSphere Application Server images - storage - WebSphere Application Server patterns - network Users and OVF Patterns and Groups images Scripts 3. … comprising WebSphere Virtual Systems Web 2.0 UI, CLI, and REST APIs - Customize and extend images and patterns for your applications - Dispense and run in the cloud - Life-cycle management and optimization
  15. 15. IBM LotusLive Collaboration-as-a-Service • Provide essential business services every workgroup needs in a way that is simple to acquire and easy to use • Integrated collaborative & Collaboration and Communications Applications and social networking content management and social software integration services • Seamlessly work with people – outside or inside your company • Create a business network of connected businesses IBM LotusLive 2009 Offerings Web Conferencing Collaboration eMail LotusLive Meetings LotusLive Engage LotusLive Notes LotusLive Events LotusLive Connections LotusLive iNotes
  16. 16. Other IBM Cloud Offerings • IBM Smart Cloud Services – Test and Developer Cloud Services – Security Implementation Services for Cloud Computing – End User Cloud Services • Virtual Infrastructure Access – Scale out File Services • Others IBM Clouds – Computing On Demand – BPM BlueWorks – DeveloperWorks on EC2 (IBM Development AMIs) – Information Protection Services • Remote Data protection • Managed Data Protection for desktops and laptops • email management express (EMX)
  17. 17. Agenda • Cloud Computing – Service and Business Aspects of Cloud Computing – Architectural Concepts • IBM Solutions Portfolio • IBM Capabilities & Initiatives
  18. 18. IBM Cloud delivery capabilities • IT transformation consulting services • Business Process-as-a-Service • Software-as-a-Service • Project-based implementation services Public Cloud • Platform-as-a-Service and operation services Services • Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Consulting & Strategic Outsourcing Implementation Services Cloud Services • SO Managed Services System Virtualization & Service Management STG / Partner Technologies Cloud Services Built On Platform Management Tivoli Technologies Service Service Blue Cloud Architecture Virtualization Ensemble Request Lifecycle Manager Manager * Manager Manager * Image Server Service Provisioning Library Ensemble* Network Service Service Ensemble* Storage Availability Security Ensemble* Virtualized Resource Pools
  19. 19. China Cloud Center for Software Development and Test China Cloud Computing Center ● Built by IBM for municipal government of Wuxi, China ● Eleven parks to be created across China for software development S e rvic e Re que s t Capac ity Ope ratio ns Dynamic Mo nito ring Planning Catalo g UI UI S c he duling ● Accelerates transformation to a service-led S LA economy Request Driven Provisioning & Service Management Co mpany Co mpany Co mpany Co mpany Enabling Features A B C D Workloads ● Public cloud: Access through internet or secure connection Virtual Virtual Virtual Virtual Apps Virtual ● Promotes software start-up company Virtualization S e rve rs S to rag e Ne two rks & Middle ware Clie nts growth ● Accelerates development and test cycles Po we r S ys te m x , IBM Ne two rking through quick resource on-boarding Physical Layer S ys te ms Blade Ce nte r S to rag e ● Offers secure, network isolated "The China Cloud Computing Center represents a milestone in service- environments oriented computing," said T. W. Liu, the chairman and CEO of iSoftStone. "It will allow companies in the Wuxi Software Park to leapfrog to the newest ● Delivers backup/restore capabilities to computing models and will provide an efficient IT platform for software protect customer assets development."
  20. 20. IBM Worldwide Client Centers - Skilled professionals applying IBM and partner technologies to solve real customer problems Greenock London • Worldwide support centers Montpellier Mainz for thought leadership and Dublin, Boeblingen Tokyo / Makuhari Ireland expertise Seattle, WA Beijing, China Tokyo, Japan US, East Coast San Jose, CA Seoul, S Korea Poughkeepsie Middle East Wuxi, China • Decades of experience Silicon Valley Lab NYC Gaithersburg Hanoi, Vietnam harnessing new Tucson Raleigh Bangalore, Singapore Austin India technologies for Dallas mainstream business Rochester Guadalajara South Africa Sydney São Paulo, Brazil New Enterprise Data IBM Worldwide IBM Cloud Center Client Centers Computing Centers Leadership Centers Available Planned Active Planned 1Q 2009 High Business New Enterprise Industry Partner Data Center WW Executive WW Design Availability WW Benchmark Solution Innovation Leadership Briefing Centers Centers Center of POC Centers Centers Centers Centers Competency
  21. 21. Summary: Cloud Computing in IBM General Businesses SO Customers Service Providers Enterprises Internet/Intranet Business Process as a Service MBPS IBM BPM (BaaS) Offerings BlueWorks Consulting Services Cloud Ecosystem (Including OSS, BSS) Software as a Service Rational LotusLive AppScan (SaaS) Platform as a Service DB2 WebSphere AMI Rational (PaaS) AMI Cloud Burst Telecogic Infrastructure as a Service Computing Public Security Virtual Test On Demand Cloud Desktop Cloud (IaaS) Cloud Svcs Cloud Storage TSAM
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