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Next usb profile

  1. 1. Presents USB Flash Drives Connect, Share, Everywhere!! … A WOW initiative Next USB is known as the leading provider of high-end USB promotional gifts and customized USB Sticks — at sensible prices. Our commitment isgive second to none service to our ever-expanding customer base. And it’s growing rapidly!
  2. 2. Introducing customized USB The coolest gadgets ever created in the memory storage domain; Practical, hi-tech, high quality USB Flash Drive. I’m Cool! Offering in flamboyant color and design, the USB is perfect for even the fanciest logo design. The USB surface leaves plenty of room to put branding, and could even be used to create a mini-poster for your product or idea, one that is bound to be shown around! I don’t get lost! Sitting alongside your ID, wallet and family pictures, the USB drive couldn’t be any safer. By easily fitting into your pocket, the USB Card naturally stays in the one thing you always keep an eye on, rather than just rattling around. I like to travel! Unlike a bulky laptop or CD, you won’t even know your USB flash drive is with you. It weighs next to nothing, can be discretely stored and will even fit into a shirt pocket if you are stuck without your wallet, keeping your hands free and minimizing the chance it will get left behind. I fit in easily! The USB drive fits any PC or Mac USB port. It will also come formatted to transfer data easily between PCs and Macs, is plug & play, and doesn’t even need any drivers to be installed on machines running Windows XP or Vista. I’m there to stay! Comes with a warranty, high quality USB drives will stay and make your brand visible for a long time. You cannot throw away a USB drive even if it contains a logo! Can you? I’m Different! The USB drive is still a relatively new idea, so it’s a great way to really stand out. USB flash drives are utilized as a promotional item, given the flexibility they offer. When’s the last time you saw one, either being offered to you or that had been given to a friend? At the same time, if you did receive one I bet you’d show everyone?Best value, quality and service! 022 6528 4444 |
  3. 3. The coolest gadget ever created in the USB flash drive domain; Practical, hi-tech, high quality USB Flash Drive Classic USB Flash Drives Unique USB Flash Drives Special USB Flash Drives Contact us for more … 022 6528 4444 |
  4. 4. Call: +91-22-6528 4444 Email: WOW Retail Private Limited439, IJMIMA Complex, Interface, Malad(W), Mumbai – 64, India (022) 6528 4444 | 09594 990 594 |